Name: Deniska "Denda" Uhrinová

Job position: E-shop Care


Member of NEBBIA team from: January 2017

Favorite product: 652 leggings - black classics with a soft highlight :) From the older models I really like 214 - I torture them in the gym and they are absolute best! :)

What she likes about her job?

Our reclamation office :* , Capuccino with my fellow fighter Andurejka in the caffeteria J Morning teambuilding in the gym with the moral support by Katie J and the meetings with colleagues after work- but that’s about something else- something even better :)

What does she do in her free time?

As most of women it’s coffee and shopping but I also love walks with my little missie (frenchie) Mona :)

Name of her pet: Monuška, Moňa, Bambulka - you pick one :D

Favorite sport: Tour the bar :D just kidding its climbing- on people’s nerves :D

Favorite food: Dumplings with sheep cheese - I would sleep in them but „speenach smoothie“ is also okay :D :D

What did colleagues say about her?

„What characterises Denda the most : coffee, prosecco, frenchie and Karl handbag.“

„Denda’s identifying sign is definitely raised eyebrow. Nobody can raise it higher that she does. She might get unnoticed, because sometimes we can’t see her sitting in her chair from the back, but she is definitely heard. :D The most energetic Eastern-Slovakian girl! At first you might have a feeling that you want to hide from her but when you get to know her, you’ll see a cute little human being. She will never say no to cinema and nachos with double cheese salsa. :D Unfortunately, it’s not the same with veggies and nuts. :D Oh, and pink..... Pink is Denda’s color. :D „

„The greatest gym beast J „

NEBBIA SK s.r.o., Grösslingová 17, Bratislava 811 09, +421 907 742 148,
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