Name: Jakub "Kubo" Novák

Job position: Technical Manager

Contact: kubo@nebbia.biz

Member of NEBBIA team from: February 2019

Favorite product: Pants 731

What did colleagues say about him?

„It seems to me that Jakub is a skilled guy, we will find out during Fibo if he can make it with ease.“

„Coffee lover.“

„Jakub is quiet but can solve any problem. When we are cold in the office we go to him, when the printer is not working or the toilet paper is missing we go to Jakub. :D And if you thought that there is noone who would prepare his turkish coffee on a little burner and jezve in his office, you might be wrong :)“

NEBBIA SK s.r.o., Grösslingová 17, Bratislava 811 09, +421 907 742 148, support@nebbia.biz
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