Name: Marcelka "Marcela" Pecková

Job position: Head of Sales


Member of NEBBIA team from: 2013

Favorite product: I absolutely fell in love with high waisted leggings- my favorite ones are 604. Then of course 222- that’s classics and for regular wearing I prefer 255 Bubble butt pants :)

What she likes about her job?

I like the environment, the diversity of my work, because everyday I face new challenges and projects, I meet new people worldwide but I also love it daily at the office because my colleagues are great. 

What does she do in her free time?

I don’t have much of a free time but if there is I love to go to nature, have a loooooong coffee with friends or a nice dinner. 

Name of her pet:

Venn ("friend")

Favorite sport: Yoga :) I am not a running type, I am not really good at ball games and I can’t make myself go to the gym in the morning so I have found myself in yoga and swimming. 

Favorite food: Traditional Slovak meal - dumplings with sheep cheese. 

What did colleagues say about her?

„Marcelka is an inspirational young woman with a perfect feeling for design. We can call her influencer (go check her Instagram, you will be amazed: ) She will never let go of her red stapler, even though it’s best years are gone, she loves green plants and flowers (when courier brings a package with 15 000 pieces of Iceland’s poppyseeds – it’s definitely for her). To mention a sales department- it’s no surprise that Marcela is a boss- she finds a solution for every problem we have. (And we can be really annoying sometimes). She mostly brings a homemade smoothie made of beetroot and beetroot. :D Also she absolutely has the biggest number of cups, bowls, plates and vases :D "
„I think that our sales representatives, as in key position, do not have it easy. The whole business stands on monthly sales and earnings which can be frustrating from time to time, but I think, that as a whole team they are excellent. I would like to highlight Marcela- because I have noticed a big progress in her work by the time I work here.“ 

NEBBIA SK s.r.o., Grösslingová 17, Bratislava 811 09, +421 907 742 148,
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