Name: Natália "Naty" Kardošová

Job position: Marketing Manager


Member of NEBBIA team from: November 2017

Favorite product: I think every piece is special, but I like classic 222 grey leggings the most.

What she likes about her job?

Fact, that I can rise and move forward.

What does she do in her free time?

EATING :D boyfriend, dogs, gym and sleeping.

Name of her pets: Brutus and Lady

Favorite sport: Skiing

Favorite food: Those who know me know that I eat everything and a lots of it :)

What did colleagues say about her?

„Woman in black alias Edna.“

„Who’s the fashion guru and knows every influencer by name? :D That’s our stylish Snowhite stuck in Kysuce. :D If you need cheering up, just go and let her tell her some story- might be even a regular morning with her dogs and it will definitely make your day better :) „

NEBBIA SK s.r.o., Grösslingová 17, Bratislava 811 09, +421 907 742 148,
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