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This April´s outfit inspiration was chosen by Sebastian Gunčík. The life of a coach and a successful athlete is an inspiration itself so we asked him a few questions  :)

Are you preparing for a competition at the moment?

I am currently Offseason, it´s rather a maintenance form so that I will have it easier on the pre-diet and therefore I am doing the best I can to always be in shape. Competition will be most probably possible in fall- I have to be careful because I have an injured shoulder now.

Why did you choose this outfit?

For me it´s one of the most comfortable outfits that you can find there! Both the coat and the pants. The AW pants have a little drop croch, and I have to say it´s not extremely low, so it´s making them really comfortable especially while excercising.

The spring coat has a longer cut while the upper part is more tight to the body, so it is nicely shaping the upper part which I bet many of you will appreciate. For me this is an excellent choice and I would totally wear it as a stylish outfit in the city. The last item is a AW Muscle Back t-shirt. This one is more tight to the body and the material is very comfortable and flexible. The cut is unique and extravagant and I have to say that it is a number one choice for whoever that is in summer shape, both to the gym or party.

Which body part you like to exercise the most?

That´s a tough choice because I like all of it, but if I had to choose just one it would definitely be chest- maybe because it´s my weak place and I do my best to see the progress with every training. Not that it wasn´t the same with the rest. J

And which would be the least favourite?

I really like them all but again if I had to choose one it would be probably bicep.

You obviously train a lot. How does your regular day look like?

Typical: I get up in the morning, have breakfast and I go to work to train with my clients and most of the time I train my training in between. After the training I go grocery shopping.
Again typical: Meat, veggies, fruit etc., you know how it is. J When I get home I eat and I cook. What would you say? Nothing else than boxes for the next day. JAfter everything is prepared I do some work on a computer, have my last meal of the day and I go to bed.

Did you change the preparation after the time you started with competitions?

Yes of course, i have changed almost everything from scratch- both food and training and I have to say that I am really satisfied and there is always some change needed. I have changed my perspective and mainly the approach but that´s what most of the people have noticed because it is noticeable on my shape.

What is your favourite cheat meal?

Well, this is by far the hardest question of all :D Those who know and watch me know how my cheat day looks like and I am not a small eater :D Maybe that´s why I got a nickname Tapeworm- I eat a lot because I love food and especially candy. But if I had to choose one cheat meal than for me its donuts or sushi. And if I could add more then it would be of course ice-cream, BurritoLoco and a Snickers bar cannot be missing. :D I am rather not going to add any more because then I would have to write my own cheatbible. :D 

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