Name: Stanka Pecková

Job position: Chief Designer

How long do you work in NEBBIA: Nebbia is my baby so I'm here since the beginning.

Favorite products: All of them! Actually I'm now still dressing Art leggings - I love them ! :)

Favorite physical activity: Swimming and squash. Also Yoga - I start my day with yoga everyday.

What do you love on work in NEBBIA: It's awesome to do what you love. Making my dreams come true and and each day creating new designs. We have here one great team and also I'm still meeting new interesting people ... Who wouldn't love it??

Most funny storry from work: :) There is so many funny storries but I got as a first on my mind - when we were first time on FIBO in Köln with our Team. We were coming back to hotel, it was around Midnight and we were 6 in team dress (black clothing with big logos). Before that we drink some beers and to be honest, we just have fun and we were laughing on whole street :D Suddenly police car stop right before us, sirens, "stop and legitimate yourself please!!!" (of course they tell it us in German language so it take us a moment to realize what's going on). Suddenly my colleague start laughing - but really hard (that feeling when you know that it's not the moment to laugh but you can't stop), other colleague :" I have napkins from restaurant with me, what would happened with us if they found them?! " LOL!!! Then they explain us that they are looking for a group of suspects people - for a moment the situation looks like they will take us to police station but, thanks good, we explain them everything. Now when we're going somewhere in team dress we always smile "Beware! Police!" :D :D

Name: Martin "Maťo" Pecko

Job position: CEO

How long do you work in NEBBIA: I have always worked here :)

Favorite products: My favorite product is team T-shirt which is not in our offical offer. I have maybe six or even more at home and they are all the same. By the way, I'm glad for this question because I can explain everybody that NO, I'M NOT dressing everyday the sam T-shirt :D And from our official offer is my favorite shorts 944 - also now I'm dressed in that shorts :)

Favorite physical activity: run, becasue I clean my mind when I go running. But I do not despite with damaging supersede of deadlifts / Jerk pressure and supine.

What do you love on work in NEBBIA: my job is giving my totall freedom, I do what I love and that fills me with satisfy. However I need to be looking like I understand it :D

Most funny storry from work: I have many funny storries with our first business maneger Laco, from our early beggings. We were often driving across Slovakia and among other things we were joking from hitch-hikers on roads. We pick a hitch-hiker which has a lt of luggae and we stop the car 50meters behind him (so it looks like we didn't stop in time). Hitch-hiker run to us with all the luggage with happy face and as he touch the door handle, we get away from him. Honestly, Today I know it's not funny and I have o feel shame for it, but in past it was a great fun for us. I'm sorry to all of them! :)

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