TOP 5 by Jus Kunc

TOP 5 by Jus Kunc


124 - These tank tops are my top pick for training. The unique design with open back really brings out that V-shape and gives you extra motivation needed for training.


120 - I really like this T-shirt because of its quality. It is so light, it almost fells like I am shirtless when I wear this product. It is perfect for training and because of nice colors I wear it outside too.


108 - If you are looking for pants, these ones are definitely my top pick. Because of design and comfort, you can easily train in them, and because of the style, you can wear them anywhere. I like to combine them with Tank top when I train and with T-shirt or zip jacket when I am outside of the gym.


112 - This T-shirt is also one of my favorite. I always were it outside because of the design and I think it is more casual. You can combine it with jeans and white sneakers; it will look fresh and cool ;)


107 - If you are looking for a jacket with zip, these one is TOP! I like it because it is made of quality material and it fits perfectly, so it shows your body shape just right. It is also very stylish with unique stiches so I like to wear it outside of the gym and represent my aesthetics lifestyle.

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