Vianočné darčekové inšpirácie od našich atlétov

Vianočné darčekové inšpirácie od našich atlétov

14.12.2018 2 minutes

Valerija Slapnik

"My favourite piece is definitely new bikini that Nebbia launched this summer. My all time favourite cut for rounder booty, perfect V shape, to make your legs longer and waist smaller.  New NS shorts are really my favourite ever! They suit perfect for your bottom, the sewing is again nicely done to make it more rounder. I adore them. You can see a lot of leggins from different companies, and all might look same or very similar. But those are really unique. And of course NS Leggins- mint and salmon! You can see a lot of leggins from different companies, and all might look same or very similar. But those are really unique. Believe me… all eyes on you, Gorgeous!" Valerija Slapnik IFBB Bikini Fitness.

Oksana Grishina

“These are one of my favourite from Nebbia. I love the quality and style, the fabric is very nice to the body and strong for any kind of workout. Not only you can workout in Nebbia clothes, you can also go outside the gym and feel comfortable and fit.” Oksana Grishina

Sebastian Gunčík

“I would recommend AW joggers with AW zip hoodie from the new unique collection. Soft, elastic and warm material that is practical during your workouts. Combined with Muscle back T-shirt it’s the most stylish outfit! The number one choice for me!” Gunčík Sebastian - IFBB PRO

Sabina Toth

"My favourite is the Signature line collection with its bright colours- salmon and burgundy. They are really womanlike. They look very elegant and chic with the mini logos. My absolute favourite training clothes are the One striped leggings and NS Leggings and Hoodie. These are high in waist and make my bottom well-shaped. They can be combined with stretching materials and any other types of clothes.  For street wear I really like Velvet pants and hoodie . It is very convenient and its material is fantastic. I love this casual style , it is sporty ,elegant and girly at the same time. I think these are great presents under the Xmas tree and every girl will be happy to recieve it!" Szabina Tóth

Sabina Doležalová

"I absolutely love mint and burgundy leggins because those colours are very unique and I always stand out of the crowd in the gym. They also have cute sport bras that you can combine which is so cool! Sabina Dolezalova - Bikini Fitness / Personal trainer / model

Ondrej Kmošťák

“Are you in shape? Show it off! You worked so hard on your form and the AW 90’s Muscle singlet is the best to make it visible! Drop crotch pants are the most comfortable from the whole collection thanks to its combination of design and material! They are my favourite not only for wearing them daily, but also for travelling. Combined with the Muscle back t-shirt its my favourite outfit!" Ondřej Kmošťák - IFBB PRO