THE WOMEN OF NEBBIA: These are our inspiring colleagues that stand behind the brand! (Part 1)

Women make up 54 % of NEBBIA staff, most of them are in executive, creative, and administrative positions. You’ve got to know our chief designer Stanka in this article. However, there are other important women and NEBBIA wouldn’t be what it is today without them. Each one of us is different, we have different hobbies and plans for our lives. If you ever thought that all NEBBIA employees are into bodybuilding or fitness, this article will prove you wrong. We have...

15.03.2022 6 minutes

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THE WOMEN OF NEBBIA: These are our inspiring colleagues that stand behind the brand! (Part 2)

Women make up 54 % of NEBBIA staff, most of them are in executive, creative, and administrative positions. You’ve got to know our chief designer Stanka in this article. However, there are other important women and NEBBIA wouldn’t be what it is today without them. Each one of...

15.03.2022 6 minutes

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You’d like to have big calves? Here is all the information you need

Men often neglect to do exercises for their calves which can lead to body asymmetries. We see guys at the gym with a huge chest and broad shoulders or big thighs, however, their calves often seem like they don’t belong to their bodies. You either hide your calves in a tracksuit, or you get inspired by our tips on how to grow your calf muscles and show them off this summer in men’s fitness shorts from...

23.02.2022 2 minutes

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Join us: We opened a new fitness group for women!

Whether you enjoy the adrenaline of cross fit, the sense of balance during yoga, or the strength while weightlifting, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. NEBBIA has built a strong community of determined women that love what they do, and we would like to make it official. That is why we’ve created a private group on Facebook; its members can inspire and help each other, share their fitness progress and experience with our clothing....

22.02.2022 2 minutes

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The woman behind NEBBIA: Read the Story of the Slovak Fashion Designer Stanka Peckova (INTERVIEW)

Stanka Peckova is a successful fashion designer. She’s been creating sports clothing since 1997, and over the years her love for fitness fashion only grew. She comes from a northern Slovakian town Zilina and she founded the famous fitness brand NEBBIA together with her husband Martin Pecko. Whether or not you’re interested in fashion, her story will show you that following your own path is worth...

14.02.2022 3 minutes

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Take Care of Your Heart: 7 Things Your Heart Will Appreciate

Valentine’s Day is here, it’s evident by teddy bears, couple mugs, flying cupids, and flower bouquets that are everywhere these days. Usually, all of these cute things have something in common they all have at heart on them. Hearts became a symbol of love in the 13th century, and we are convinced that honest romantic relationships are crucial for our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our hearts. Taking care of the actual heart that keeps beating in your chest should be your priority whether...

07.02.2022 4 minutes

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Get Stage Ready in 30 Days: The Surprising Truth about Fitness Preparation (VIDEO)

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to prepare for a bodybuilding or fitness competition? NEBBIA ambassador Rebeka Dudusova had two competing seasons in 2021 and she was able to get a handful of prizes. We have accompanied her during the 30 days before Grand Prix Dubnica. Follow the journey of a contestant who wants to step on the bodybuilding stage prepared and in the best form.The preparation before a...

29.01.2022 1 minute

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Running or weightlifting? Learn How to Combine Both

Have you been weightlifting for some years and now you’d like to add running to your routine? It’s time to get started! Many myths surround combining running with your weightlifting routine, probably the biggest one is that you lose muscle mass while running. If you read this blog, it won’t happen. On the contrary, you’ll improve both your strength and your physical condition. To motivate you even more we added 2 training programs that combine weightlifting...

21.01.2022 4 minutes

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For us in NEBBIA, year 2021 has been an incredible ride full of bends, challenging climbs and fun while going full speed. Let’s have a recap of what happened in 2021!FEBRUARYDreamy Bubble ButtWe started 2021 with a mini drop. Our Bubble Butt Leggings...

30.12.2021 4 minutes

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Top 5 Exercises For Butt and Thighs with Valerija Slapnik

Home workout is the ideal solution during the Christmas holidays: you can get moving, burn excess calories without having to deal with the opening hours of the nearest gym. Include these legs and glutes exercises in your training routine and trust us, consistent work will bring the results you want!This article is brought to you as a salute to our favorite Bubble Butt pants....

28.12.2021 2 minutes

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4 Healthy Christmas Recipes from Fitness Models

If you are looking for tried and tested healthy recipes for your Christmas menu, we got you! Our NEBBIA girls will tell you what they eat, cook, and bake during Christmas. All of them agree that the holidays are more about family, love, and harmony than about food. The following recipes are satisfying and nutritious which means you won’t overeat and subsequently be glued to the couch for an hour. Which recipe will you try out?Healthy Chocolate Balls from DenisaDuring...

23.12.2021 4 minutes

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7 Tips from a Personal Trainer to Avoid Weight Gain over Christmas

Christmas holidays are right behind the corner. For many of us, it can be a stressful period and not only because of gifts but mostly because of all the food and possible weight gain. Do you feel like every year you turn into a sweet soft cake with eggnog on top? There are two types of fitness enthusiasts: those who see Christmas as any other day, perhaps they allow themselves to indulge a bit more and those who must restrict themselves from Saint Nicholas Day up until Christmas Eve. It...

14.12.2021 6 minutes

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NEBBIA for your hero: Perfect Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, father and brother

You might be comfortable choosing Christmas gifts for your girlfriends or mom, and you might even be the best Secret Santa in town, but when it comes to gifting your man, you're lost. We all know this - a state of despair to the point you think another multifunction knife would be a good gift idea. Make this year different and come in prepared with gifts that men actually want! Give them motivation, determination, comfort and quality hidden in NEBBIA clothing. Check out this...

08.12.2021 2 minutes

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NEBBIA makes every woman happy: Perfect Christmas gifts for sisters, girlfriends and moms

Choosing the best gifts was certainly a puzzle even to geniuses like Einstein or Tesla. Do you wonder how you are even supposed to know the answers when you're always so busy and preoccupied? Let us help you! Take a look at this selection of gifts from NEBBIA that will make every woman in your life happy: your mother, sister and girlfriend.CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR SISTERSYou know she loves comfort, so give her the ultimate comfort in...

07.12.2021 2 minutes

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NEBBIA ESSENTIALS: We are expanding our product portfolio with new affordable pieces!

You have to build good training on solid foundations. Sportswear is one of them! NEBBIA presents new pieces from the NEBBIA ESSENTIALS line that will surprise all lovers of fitness fashion and active lifestyle. This new line consists of 5 models of women's and men's T-shirts whose designs naturally complement all previous NEBBIA collections. Thanks to the lower price, everyone who lives for fitness and wants to...

02.12.2021 1 minute

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Cold water hardening is for women, too! Learn how to prepare for a freezing bath!

Hardening has become a big hit in recent years. Despite its many health benefits, it is unfortunately still a big NO-NO for most women. We tend to avoid it and refuse to give up our long hot baths. However, the fact that you are reading these lines is a sign that you are ready to get out of your comfort zone and start regular hardening. In an interview with our marketing specialist, Sima, you will learn everything you need to know about hardening. You've probably got in...

19.11.2021 5 minutes

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After a three-year break, the EVLS professional fitness competition took place in Prague again on Saturday, November 6 at the Hilton Hotel. Athletes faced each other in 6 categories: fitness bikini, women's figure, men's physique, classic physique, 212 bodybuilding and men's open. Famous names such as Anton Antipov, Roelly Winklaar, Samson Dauda and Czech representatives such as Pavel Beran, Miroslav Juríček, the Linhart sisters and many others also performed on the stage. The...

11.11.2021 4 minutes

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How to exercise during pregnancy

Many of you already know our brand ambassador Valerija Slapnik very well. Last time we interviewed her when she was in her first trimester and discussed her pregnancy journey. This time, we asked her if she could advise our fans on how to exercise when expecting a baby....

07.11.2021 2 minutes

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Rebeka Dudusová: I spent my student paycheck on a fitness bikini

You can definitely recognize Rebeka as a beautiful fitness model and a new NEBBIA girl. In addition to that, she works as a personal trainer, and studies at the Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications at the University of Žilina in Žilina, Slovakia. This year, in August 2021, she won the Slovak championship in body fitness. We interviewed Rebeka shortly after the Grand Prix Dubnica. In this interview, you will learn what it takes to...

22.10.2021 6 minutes

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We have the second, even more, successful casting behind us. Once again, we were looking for young talents who would become the faces of NEBBIA. Almost 1,500 girls entered the casting, and only 20 advanced to the finals. The decision was not easy. The girls who entered the casting definitely put the bar really high! However, we decided to give the opportunity to break into fitness modelling to only 4 girls. Let's...

15.10.2021 1 minute

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Olympia Weekend 2021 results with backstage photos

Olympia Weekend is like a Super Bowl in bodybuilding. All athletes and bodybuilding fans are waiting all year to see their favorite athletes return to the iconic stage and their performances. NEBBIA had a chance to dress all these champions of this magnificent show this year as well, 7 years in a row now. Each contestant received a unique collector's item in the form of the legendary NEBBIAxOLYMPIA tracksuit. And when the show is over, they return home not only with the tracksuit, but...

13.10.2021 3 minutes

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5 Autumn recipes under 300 kcal: You will love them!

Autumn is a perfect time to get back to our fitness routines and working out. That's why we've collected 5 fitness meals that are made from typical autumn ingredients and scents. Each of these fit recipes has only 300 kcal. They are also incredibly filling thanks to the high amount of protein and fiber. And don't even get us started on the taste! Delicious :) Follow the instructions and don't let your cravings win over your...

30.09.2021 3 minutes

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The moment has come: HERO N°2 is here!

Your favourite HERO fitness collection is back! Even more sophisticated and powerful. Get ready for the rush of strength and motivation in the new HERO N°2 collection. We were inspired by real women, their identities, their abilities and their personalities. We want to draw attention to the silent everyday heroism of all women in the world. We believe that every woman has more than one purpose. You are loving mothers, ambitions career women and helpful...

23.09.2021 3 minutes

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Interview with Roelly Winklaar: Tips to help you level up!

It's naive to think that you will be motivated 24/7, that you will look forward to those morning alarm clocks for training or endless minutes spent on a stationary bike. We know it, you know it too. Motivation doesn't last forever, that is why we interviewed our Olympia champion Roelly Winklaar, who shares a pretty clear message: "Never give up!"Roelly currently lives in...

21.09.2021 4 minutes

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NEBBIA was looking for new fitness models

Almost 1,500 completed forms. A 20-member NEBBIA team and hundreds of hours spent carefully assessing each entrant. This is also how we can describe our last casting, the final round took place on August 20 in Žilina, Slovakia. It was an incredible experience for all of us that definitely left us motivated to work harder and never stop chasing our dreams.First of all, we would like to...

27.08.2021 3 minutes

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