Introducing #NEBBIAGIRL Karolína Huvarová

Introducing #NEBBIAGIRL Karolína Huvarová

21.09.2020 | 1 minute

The title #NEBBIAGIRL doesn't come too easy. You gotta have an unbelievably fit body, a solid fitness and athletic history, strong personal discipline, and last but not least, inner and outer "beauty". Our new #NEBBIAGIRL Karolína Huvarová has all of it and more. And that's why we're proud to introduce this talented fitness babe and disclose a slice of her life story as motivation.

When we met Karolina on the July photoshoot for the ALOHA BABE Collection, we immediately fell in love with her beauty, physique, down to earth attitude, and kindness. Not only is she an accomplished athlete and fitness trainer, but she is also a professional model, dancer, and a SuperStar singer:)

What Does It Take For Karolína To Be a #NEBBIAGIRL?

How Did She Make Fitness Her Lifestyle?

When you see Karolina, you are not surprised she is a lifelong athlete, fitness pro, and dancer. Her body shows the years of hard work and fitness discipline and her attitude is just priceless. Fitness is her lifestyle and she claims that it forever will be.

Karolína As a Hockey Team Conditioning Trainer

One of her major accomplishments in the fitness career is being a conditioning trainer for the Carolina Thunderbirds Hockey Club in North Carolina, USA. She trains a team of 25 hockey players to be in the best form possible, and so we wanted to know how can a rather petite and introverted girl manage such a challenging task. We asked Karolina to simulate such a training with the boys from the NEBBIA Marketing team. See for yourself what a badass Karolina as a hockey team trainer!

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