30.04.2019 | 2 minutes

Outfit of the month of May was chosen by beautiful Hungarian bikini fitness athlete Szabina Tóth and she couldn’t resist but choose from the new pieces :) We asked her few questions and besides telling you why she likes black-white combination, we wanted to know more about her - her favorite cheat meal will surprise you too :)

You look stunning in the new white leggings with black-white mini top. Why did you choose this outfit?

It is my most favorite outfit from the new collection. Why most favorite? At first because of the high waist of the leggings (perfect when you are not in the top shape J), secondly because of the black and white combination (one of my fav) and as usually in NEBBIA both has high quality material and are comfortable. If you want to look sporty and sexy at the same time you have to choose this outfit!

You are bikini fitness athlete. What is your proudest sporting moment?

It is absolutely my victory of 2018 EVLS in Prague. I couldn’t believe it!

Are you preparing for some competition now?

I am not sure yet. Last year I won the EVLS Prague Showdown and it is such a beautiful memory. So if I will prepare, this is the show I would like to participate again.

Which part of the body do you like to train the most?

The most favorite part of my body that I like to train is my booty and my legs. They shape very quickly and I love to see the change on them.

How does your normal day look like? What is your way of relaxing?

My weekdays are the same but not boring. It is mainly about my job as a fitness trainer and about my love and my dog. And my free time? I am keen on travelling and discovering new places with my love. In winter I like skiing and in summer my favourite hobby is sailing on the Hungarian sea, the Lake Balaton. I spend the rest of my free time with my French bulldog, Dolce.

Who is your biggest influence or inspiration?

My biggest motivation is to be like a two-time Olympia bikini fitness winner Angelica Teixeira.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

My favorite cheat meal, maybe a little not traditional, but I like the goose liver Jand of course the ice cream (there is no quantity I could not eat) and naturally (and unfortunately) the Nutella. 

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