We are European fitness brand and since 1997 we have been creating fitness trends.

Behind every piece of our clothing there are people who understand the needs

and emotions of athletes who push themselves to the limit to reach their goals.

When designing our clothes, we think of all the sweat and tears that accompany the road to achieving someone’s dreams.


We are one of you. 






Work as much as you can. Never give up.

We will support you with stylish and comfortable clothes that are not just another piece in your wardrobe.

It’s your new challenge. Your new motivation.


Prove the world you are an unstoppable warrior!

We believe in you. 








Follow your dreams. We know you can do it!

Exercise for the joy and your good feeling, feel beautiful and self-confident.

We’ll reward you with trendy sportswear highlighting all the curves you’re working on.


Show the world that you work hard on reaching your goals! 







For the best of the best.


NEBBIA has been a proud sponsor of Olympia athletes since 2015.


Partnering with Olympia, one of the most prestigious fitness and bodybuilding events in the world,

gives us the opportunity to give back to the community we admire and adore so deeply.