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NEBBIA x Olympia: We proudly announce a new once-in-a-lifetime collaboration!

Get excited because we have an exclusive and highly anticipated announcement to make! It is official - NEBBIA has partnered up with The Olympia to create a meaningful, long-lasting collaboration beyond a once-a-year event sponsorship. The promise is to reach bigger audiences, increase sales via new platforms and create added value for our customers.WHY DO PEOPLE CHOOSE NEBBIA?As a fitness fashion company, NEBBIA is most likely to be a strong staple in your portfolio thanks to our high-quality fitness gear and innovative designs with iconic elements such as lampas that our customers adore and keep coming back to. But these are merely the reasons the customers stay. Do you want to know the reason why the customers actually choose NEBBIA?It is thanks...

12.04.2021 3 minutes

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