7 Super Effective Butt Exercises Worth Trying

Women have always strived to achieve their dream body. Unlike men, who aim for a well-developed chest, we women desire a slim waist, toned legs, but mainly a firm and round butt. So let's take a look at a few unusual exercises that you probably don't know, but which will definitely help you get the butt you dream of. And why unusual? Everyone knows exercises like squats or pelvic lifts, but it never hurts to liven up your workout with something...

14.01.2023 2 minutes

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Being a NEBBIA Girl & Studying Civil Engineering at the Same Time? Interview with Nina Velická on How Dreams Come True

On Saturday 27th of August at EVLS Amateur 2022 in Prague we were selecting a new member for our NEBBIA girls team. NEBBIA girls is a group of female athletes who both inspire and help our female fans achieve their fitness goals. Thanks to them, we can bring you even more motivation, and training and nutrition tips. The NEBBIA girls project also belongs to our long-term concept of supporting young sports talents in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. NEBBIA girl Nina Velická is one of the new...

24.10.2022 7 minutes

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NEBBIA girl Denisa Tran Vanová is the new brand ambassador of NEBBIA Fitness. "I'm still just Deni," she says.

We first worked with Denisa during the production of the INTENSE collection in 2021, which was followed by the shooting of the Ocean Selected collection. And finally, we introduce Denisa in this blog as the new NEBBIA Girl. But Denisa is just...

29.08.2022 6 minutes

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6 tips to get a slim waist

Belly fat is stubborn. Especially if you only need to lose couple more kilos to have your goal weight and visible abs. A slim waistline is the result of genetics and the lifestyle a person leads. You can’t change the first one, but you can do something about the latter. Thanks to this article you can improve your lifestyle. Read carefully. We have chosen these tips together with our NEBBIA Girl Denisa Tran...

20.07.2022 5 minutes

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People can’t believe how much I eat! Meet Viktoria Filipi, our new NEBBIA Girl

On a nice Saturday, on the 14th of May in Brno, we chose new members of our NEBBIA Girls team which is a group of sportswomen that inspire and help our fans reach their fitness goals. Thanks to them we can bring even more motivation and training and diet tips. NEBBIA Girls project is also part of our long-term...

31.05.2022 8 minutes

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I didn’t hold back with weights, I was crazy. I see it differently now - says the new NEBBIA girl Lenka Wenzelová

On a nice Saturday, on the 14th of May in Brno, we chose new members of our NEBBIA Girls team which is a group of sportswomen that inspire and help our fans reach their fitness goals. Thanks to them we can bring even more motivation and training and diet tips. NEBBIA Girls project is also part of our long-term concept to support young talented individuals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is one of our new NEBBIA Girls whom we help...

31.05.2022 8 minutes

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Get in shape for the summer: You can do it with these tricks + unexpected BONUS!

The first warm days served as a reminder for many of us that summer is coming and the moment when we show how we took care of our bodies during winter is coming too. It’s given that these days fitness centres and trainers are getting new clients that are looking for fast ways of getting in shape for the summer. Whether you like it or not, if you want to show off your six pack at the swimming pool, you’ll have to make some sacrifices and be resilient. Nobody got in shape overnight just...

28.04.2022 7 minutes

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Join us: We opened a new fitness group for women!

Whether you enjoy the adrenaline of cross fit, the sense of balance during yoga, or the strength while weightlifting, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. NEBBIA has built a strong community of determined women that love what they do, and we would like to make it official. That is why we’ve created a private group on Facebook; its members can inspire and help each other, share their fitness progress and experience with our clothing....

22.02.2022 2 minutes

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Get Stage Ready in 30 Days: The Surprising Truth about Fitness Preparation (VIDEO)

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to prepare for a bodybuilding or fitness competition? NEBBIA ambassador Rebeka Dudusova had two competing seasons in 2021 and she was able to get a handful of prizes. We have accompanied her during the 30 days before Grand Prix Dubnica. Follow the journey of a contestant who wants to step on the bodybuilding stage prepared and in the best form.The preparation before a...

29.01.2022 1 minute

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4 Healthy Christmas Recipes from Fitness Models

If you are looking for tried and tested healthy recipes for your Christmas menu, we got you! Our NEBBIA girls will tell you what they eat, cook, and bake during Christmas. All of them agree that the holidays are more about family, love, and harmony than about food. The following recipes are satisfying and nutritious which means you won’t overeat and subsequently be glued to the couch for an hour. Which recipe will you try out?Healthy Chocolate Balls from DenisaDuring...

23.12.2021 4 minutes

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7 Tips from a Personal Trainer to Avoid Weight Gain over Christmas

Christmas holidays are right behind the corner. For many of us, it can be a stressful period and not only because of gifts but mostly because of all the food and possible weight gain. Do you feel like every year you turn into a sweet soft cake with eggnog on top? There are two types of fitness enthusiasts: those who see Christmas as any other day, perhaps they allow themselves to indulge a bit more and those who must restrict themselves from Saint Nicholas Day up until Christmas Eve. It...

14.12.2021 6 minutes

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Rebeka Dudusová: I spent my student paycheck on a fitness bikini

You can definitely recognize Rebeka as a beautiful fitness model and a new NEBBIA girl. In addition to that, she works as a personal trainer, and studies at the Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications at the University of Žilina in Žilina, Slovakia. This year, in August 2021, she won the Slovak championship in body fitness. We interviewed Rebeka shortly after the Grand Prix Dubnica. In this interview, you will learn what it takes to...

22.10.2021 6 minutes

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We have the second, even more, successful casting behind us. Once again, we were looking for young talents who would become the faces of NEBBIA. Almost 1,500 girls entered the casting, and only 20 advanced to the finals. The decision was not easy. The girls who entered the casting definitely put the bar really high! However, we decided to give the opportunity to break into fitness modelling to only 4 girls. Let's...

15.10.2021 1 minute

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NEBBIA was looking for new fitness models

Almost 1,500 completed forms. A 20-member NEBBIA team and hundreds of hours spent carefully assessing each entrant. This is also how we can describe our last casting, the final round took place on August 20 in Žilina, Slovakia. It was an incredible experience for all of us that definitely left us motivated to work harder and never stop chasing our dreams.First of all, we would like to...

27.08.2021 3 minutes

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NEBBIA is looking for new faces: Make your dream come true!

At NEBBIA, we believe that fitness is more than just visiting the gym three times a week. It's the way we live and the way we think. We are pleased that more and more people are joining the fitness lifestyle everyday, and motivate their surroundings to grow with their progress. If you belong among them, then we want to see YOU! That is why we launched the casting again in hopes of finding 6 new NEBBIA girls. We look for girls who are proud of their bodies and are not afraid of spotlights....

27.07.2021 2 minutes

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