Celebrate with us the achievements of women around the world. We bring you interviews with amazing women who have shared with us their experiences and the challenges they have faced during their fitness journey. Do today's women also face gender stereotypes or discrimination? Read what it means to be a woman in the fitness world in 2024, straight from our ambassadors.We spoke to ...

27.02.2024 7 minutes

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Meet our new ambassador: Kyron Holden

A man who triumphed over Erin Banks in Men's Physique at the Legion Sports Fest Pro 2023. This stirred up quite an interesting commotion, as he defeated the reigning Men's Physique Olympia 2022 champion. With this accomplishment, he secured a ticket to Mr. Olympia 2023, with the designation of a new strong opponent. We couldn't miss out on his drive, determination, and competitiveness. So, we proudly introduce our new ambassador. Read the interview...

22.01.2024 2 minutes

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Sustainable fashion in active wear

The time when we ignored the environmental impact of our consumption is long gone. Increasingly, we’re looking for clothes that do not burden our environment too much. At NEBBIA, we believe that sustainable fashion should be affordable for all. But not as a trend, but as a conviction. Sustainability in...

27.11.2023 2 minutes

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Clash of the Titans, Emotions and Winners of Mr. Olympia 2023 – Everything You Need to Know!

After a year, we were once again eagerly waiting to see who would win Mr. Olympia. Orlando, Florida has become the epicentre of bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. The 59th year marked a new stage in history, with the best bodybuilders of the world competing on it. Take a look with us at who dominated the stage and what unexpected reversals the Olympia Weekend did bring.Our social media was full of posts that you won’t find anywhere else. We want you to feel the...

03.11.2023 5 minutes

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OLYMPIA WEEKEND: Roelly Winklaar On Who Will Be The Winners

Olympia Weekend – the most awaited bodybuilding event of the year where the best of the best meet. We asked legendary bodybuilder Roelly Winklaar, who has also made a name for himself as the people’s champ, directly about his remarks on this event and the shape of the athletes. He has fought his way to the top and knows this tough and uncompromising competition inside out. He told us about his tip for winners, the newcomers and the shape...

25.10.2023 3 minutes

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Maureen Blanquisco: Details About My Preparation for the Biggest Bodybuilding Competition

Getting to the top of the bodybuilding world – Mr. Olympia – is always difficult and full of unexpected challenges. How is the 2022 Bikini Fitness Olympia champ Maureen Blanquisco getting prepared? In the interview, she reveals how she overcomes challenges and what it takes to fulfil her dreams in the world of...

24.10.2023 3 minutes

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What You Should Know About NEBBIA Clothing

At NEBBIA, we’ve always believed that the true quality of what you wear during training isn’t just about materials and design. It’s about knowing the real needs of those who exercise daily, just like you. Fitness, even bodybuilding, is not an easy sport. It’s even more important for us to provide you with support and the best product. That’s the way we do it. Our goal. And on the way to its accomplishment,...

20.10.2023 4 minutes

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PFAS in Textiles: Beware the Hidden Threat in Your Clothing

Our leggings are safe. If you have your favourite NEBBIA pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, you can wear them without worry. They do not contain PFAS or any other harmful chemicals. We are one of the brands that emphasise the quality and safety of their products. We choose innovative and safe fabrics. This allows us to provide you with clothing that is tailored to your needs and, more importantly,...

26.09.2023 3 minutes

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Compression Clothing for Greater Performance without Compromise

Imagine the perfect fitness clothing that will help you push your limits. More energy for muscles, lower risk of injury, faster recovery. Plus, it’s comfortable, even though it’s close-fitting. That’s what the new compression clothing from the INTENSE collection is. Thanks to its innovative technical features, it provides endless comfort during training. It will boost your performance and recovery of tired muscles and the added elastane will ensure natural...

12.05.2023 4 minutes

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From the Philippines to Hollywood: Maureen Blanquisco’s Incredible Path to Victory at the Bikini Fitness Olympia

Health and fitness have become a way of life for many women. However, there are also women who do fitness full time. One of them is Maureen Blanquisco, winner of the 2022 Bikini Fitness Olympia competition. She is one of the most successful fitness icons in the world and is an example for many fitness women who work hard and accomplish their goals without compromise. She became the face of our upcoming NEBBIA INTENSE collection, which we designed to improve women’s performance and...

28.04.2023 8 minutes

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We Are Busting the Myths About Eco-friendly Clothing. Your Choice Can Help to Save the World

Sustainable fashion is becoming an important topic for many Slovak brands. At the same time, buying eco-friendly fitness clothing is trendy. This is confirmed by the data. Imagine that, since 2015, up to 93% of consumers have either increased their purchases of sustainable products or maintained consistent purchasing habits over the past year. According to a ...

18.03.2023 3 minutes

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The pioneering women who have changed the fitness world

Fitness heroines who have influenced generationsToday, fitness and exercising for women is commonplace, but it wasn’t always so. According to historical sources, a woman with a dumbbell in her hand could still be seen in the 1940s only in a circus. In the 1970s and 1980s, strength training for women was a very controversial topic and was often accompanied by prejudices and misconceptions. Women who worked out with weights and engaged in...

01.03.2023 6 minutes

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The most anticipated moment of 2022 is behind us and it rewrote history. How was the Olympia Weekend 2022?

The event that every fan of fitness and bodybuilding has been waiting for has ended. With a record number of athletes, the Olympia Weekend was once again a wonderful peak of the competition season. After two years, the action of the competition returned to Las Vegas, and this 58th year also has its first - it was attended by the largest number of competitors in the history of all bodybuilding competitions!  One of the things we are extremely...

19.12.2022 5 minutes

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Olympia Weekend Is Coming! What Are Your Tips for the Winners?

This December is packed with events for all bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts – it’s the month when The Olympia Weekend takes place! You may not know the world of bodybuilding inside out, but you certainly know that the peak in every bodybuilder’s career is competing at Mr. Olympia. It’s sort of like the Olympics. Indeed, it’s no coincidence that the most prestigious title you can win in bodybuilding is called ‘Mr. Olympia’. Anyone who touches dumbbells for...

12.12.2022 3 minutes

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NEBBIA brings you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the most famous fitness & bodybuilding competition in Europe. On Saturday, October 29, 2022, EVLS Prague Pro celebrated its 10th anniversary and NEBBIA was right there to witness the most famous professional fitness & bodybuilding competition in Europe.     Athletes faced each other in the...

02.11.2022 1 minute

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Wow, this is for you! Discover the New Technical Materials from the NEXT LEVEL Collection

This autumn we launched our new men’s collection NEXT LEVEL. As the name suggests – you’ll find bits that will help you get to the next level. This collection isn’t just about your progress. Indeed, it is also a way forward for us at NEBBIA. Because of you and your lofty goals, we’ve decided to expand our menswear portfolio by adding functional bits made from technically advanced material. No more sweaty T-shirts after a hard workout! In these bits, you’ll always feel fresh and...

25.10.2022 3 minutes

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You won't believe what you used to wear to the gym: This video will take you back in time!

Fashion is in a state of flux. This is doubly true of fitness fashion. Let's reminisce about the crazy 1990's, when weight training was booming in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We interviewed the head designer of the Slovak fitness brand NEBBIA, Stanka Pecková, who went back in time and shared with us what it was like to design sports outfits 25 years ago. Moreover, Stanka also appears in the video capturing the fitness trends of the last 25 years. Do you still remember these...

06.10.2022 3 minutes

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Steroids, the pandemic, and the end of bodybuilding as we know it. What does Martin Pecko from NEBBIA think about the past and the future of fitness?

Martin Pecko has been the head of the NEBBIA fitness brand for 25 years and he has been following the bodybuilding scene for even linger. This year NEBBIA celebrates quarter of a decade and with its boos we talked about the changes in professional and amateur bodybuilding and fitness over the last years and how to fight the lack of interest of young people in bodybuilding. Read this interview with the man who brought a Slovak brand all the way to...

06.09.2022 8 minutes

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Our CEO Martin Pecko: In 25 years in business, I’ve met so many successful people. This is what they have in common!

He built a business that motivated a whole generation of athletes to perform better. Martin Pecko has been doing business in Slovakia and abroad for 25 years. He decided to share what he learnt by doing business himself and what other successful businesspeople and the best athletes have taught him. “I have been in business for 25 years and I have met so many inspiring people that had some things in common. Which ones? If you ask someone else who’s doing business, perhaps, you’ll...

19.08.2022 4 minutes

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Something big has come to NEBBIA stores. Check it out!

Most of us have a lot of clothes that we don’t wear, and we have no use for it. Starting in April 2022, we offer you the option to get rid of your old NEBBIA pieces ecologically, and at the same time receive a 5 € voucher. This article will explain everything you need to know before bringing your NEBBIA clothes back to us.From the 1st of...

15.07.2022 1 minute

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Sustainable fashion: 5 tips on how to dress eco

After more than a year we have an update on how to be more sustainable by shopping responsibly and taking good care of your clothing and washing it correctly. The original article came out on the 8th of June 2021. Today we already know that it is not enough to sort garbage and limit the purchase of plastic bags to reduce waste. At NEBBIA, we are all on the same eco wave so we wanted to share some useful tips for sustainable shopping. As a leader in the...

27.06.2022 4 minutes

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Our first FIT DAY was filled with specialists, great people, and the best of Slovak fitness

On Saturday, the 28th of May, almost 300 women of NEBBIA FIT DAY started their journey to a healthier lifestyle. During the biggest sports and motivational event for women in Zilina you could meet many nutrition and fitness experts and coaches from all around the world on multiple stages. And that is only the beginning! NEBBIA has been faithful to an active lifestyle and we try to motivate our fans to do better...

08.06.2022 4 minutes

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When you’re feeling great, the world is your oyster. The models for our collection are the members of our team!

NEBBIA would like to show you that our brand isn’t just for bodybuilders and fitness models. Our latest campaign proves it. The FEEL GOOD, LOOK GOOD campaign is designed for sports activities and free time. “We have so many skilled women in our company that have so many different hobbies and beloved activities that they do. We are so happy they are part of our latest campaign. Thanks to them we can show that not only this collection, but NEBBIA brand as a whole makes...

26.05.2022 3 minutes

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THE WOMEN OF NEBBIA: These are our inspiring colleagues that stand behind the brand! (Part 2)

Women make up 54 % of NEBBIA staff, most of them are in executive, creative, and administrative positions. You’ve got to know our chief designer Stanka in this article. However, there are other important women and NEBBIA wouldn’t be what it is today without them. Each one of...

15.03.2022 6 minutes

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THE WOMEN OF NEBBIA: These are our inspiring colleagues that stand behind the brand! (Part 1)

Women make up 54 % of NEBBIA staff, most of them are in executive, creative, and administrative positions. You’ve got to know our chief designer Stanka in this article. However, there are other important women and NEBBIA wouldn’t be what it is today without them. Each one of us is different, we have different hobbies and plans for our lives. If you ever thought that all NEBBIA employees are into bodybuilding or fitness, this article will prove you wrong. We have...

15.03.2022 6 minutes

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