How Many Calories Should You Eat? Calculate Your Daily Calorie Intake + 2 sweet FIT recipes

Diet plays a key role in all processes in the body. With the help of metabolism, food is transformed into energy, which the body needs for its proper functioning. The quality and balance of the diet affect the condition of each organ in the body and how it functions. But you probably already know this, so let's move on to the more important facts.   What does the daily calorie intake include, why is it good to know and how to calculate it? The amount of food your body needs is related to how much energy you use each day. It is important to remember that this number includes not only the amount of energy directly related to physical activity but also energy for vital processes in the...

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Lack of minerals and vitamins A, C, D, E, K and their symptoms - find out if you suffer from a deficiency too

In the past, malnutrition and lack of vitamins or minerals was a common part of civilizations around the world, whether in poor African areas, among seafarers and explorers, or in remote areas with a lack of raw materials for their population. Today, we would say that similar problems with a lack of vitamins and minerals do not threaten. After all, every day we come across a number of nutritional supplements that are available to everyone, or the principles of a healthy lifestyle, which has become a modern phenomenon not only among young women, but across all age groups and genders. But the opposite is true. Even today, we meet people who suffer from a lack of vitamins or minerals precisely because of the insufficient nutritional composition of...

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Popular Diet Trends: What Works and What Doesn't

Food is what unites us all, but also divides us. It's nothing new that even eating is subject to trends, according to which we follow, try different regimes and diets, test whether they suit us, and maybe even experiment a little with our bodies. Are you curious about which trends are currently dominant in nutrition and dieting? Let's take a look at it together with nutritionist Zuzka Líšková.   Limit carbohydrates to the maximum. This is what a low-carbohydrate diet is about: As the name implies, low-carbohydrate diets are based on low carbohydrate intake. During this "low-carb" diet, we replace them with proteins and fats, mostly meat, nuts, legumes, or dairy products, which reduces the...

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The original recipe for the popular caesar salad will not take you more than a few minutes

When you switch to a healthier diet, you often worry about whether preparing healthy meals takes too much time, or whether your cooking skills are sufficient. See how simply and really in just a few minutes you can prepare an original caesar salad - a very popular tasty dish. A few ingredients, ultra-fast preparation and a nutritionally balanced lunch or dinner are ready.   INGREDIENTS: Romaine lettuce2 egg yolks1 tbsp Dijon mustardOlive oil1 tsp vinegar2 anchovies4-5 pieces of capersParmesanStale bread/baguette for croutons1 clove of garlicSalt  ...

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Healthy salmon with rice noodles and avocado

Treat your body well and provide it with much needed omega 3 fatty acids. This recipe makes the job easy for you because 150 grams of salmon contains about 6 grams of omega 3 which is a bit more than the daily recommended dose of 2 – 4 grams. Why is it so important to get enough of them? Our bodies cannot synthesise them therefore omega 3 must be obtained from diet. They have amazing health benefits for your heart, arteries, brain, bones. You also get less inflammation, and skin glow. Now you now. Prepare this healthy lunch or dinner at least once a week.   Ingredients (1 portion) 150 g of salmon without the...

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Do you love Oreos and donuts? This recipe is for you!

Have yourself some donuts with cookies! This recipe combines the taste of your favourite black and white cookies with the softness of donuts. What could be better? Maybe the fact that the low number of calories won’t hurt your figure. Our fitness food blogger Lucka used high-quality and nutritious ingredients which means you can have it with coffee or as a healthy and filling breakfast. Ingredients:● 150 g wholewheat spelled flour● 20 g of vanilla protein (optional)● 1 tsp of baking powder● 50 g of erythritol (or other sweeter of your...

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How to properly set a healthy diet? Learn the basics to achieve your goal

In our January challenge, we focused on two main goals improving your condition or increasing your strength. We know that your goal can be a bit more specific. Maybe you want to strengthen your body, run a marathon in the summer, lift more weight, maybe you want to lose a few kilos or vice versa, gain a few kilos. Thanks to Martina Procházková, a successful bikini fitness expert, come and learn the simple rules by which you can set the right diet and learn basic terms in the field of nutrition. First, let's talk about other factors that can affect the achievement of your goal.   1. Sedentary / standing work We probably won't fool you with the fact that sedentary work or, on the...

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The most beloved Christmas tradition in fitness version - Protein Gingerbread

Did you know that the production of honey dough dates back to the Middle Ages? There were even gingerbread guilds in Europe and gingerbread was a valuable sweet that was often a Christmas gift underneath the Christmas tree. Today, baking gingerbread is one of the most popular traditions in many families. They brighten up the home – every member of the family has fun cutting them out and decorating them. In addition, it’s one of the cakes that we simply can’t imagine Christmas without.We have a healthier protein version for you again!       Ingredients: 90g plain spelt flour80g...

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Are you taking the right supplements? Check out our guide to the basic supplements!

Supplements are an essential part of bodybuilding. Kind of like barbells and plates. Every year there’s something new on the market that theoretically promises incredible results, but they oftentimes only offer the placebo effect. However, you can find supplements that are truly beneficial to the athlete’s health and performance. Which ones are they? How much do you need to take? We are here to answer all your questions and give an introduction to supplements. These six supplements are worth your money! Whey proteinYou are surely familiar with the protein powder. You’ve seen the gym dudes making their protein shakes after each workout. Of course, you can get enough protein from your diet too, but fast-absorbing whey protein will without a doubt feed your...

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Vanilla Rolls and Linzer Cookies. Bake Your Two Favorite Christmas Recipes in a Healthy and Light Form!

  If we asked you what Christmas smells like, several scents would come to mind – the smell of tangerines or fresh pine needles, but also the smell of fried fish and cabbage soup. But now imagine the time just before Christmas, when families bake Christmas cookies. Do you smell vanilla? :) Thanks to our recipes, you can conjure up the aroma of vanilla rolls and linzer cookies and not worry about whether they are too sweet and unhealthy. We have adapted your grandmothers’ recipes into a healthier form for you.     Vanilla rolls from spelt and poppy seed...

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A Tip for a Healthy Christmas Dinner? This Year, Try the Recipe for a Light Sweet Potato Salad!

Who Says Christmas Dinner Food Can’t Be Light? In all cultures of the world, Christmas is a symbol of peace and love, but also of abundance – the most important symbol of which is a Christmas table filled with the most delicious food... The dishes vary from country to country, but they have one thing in common – they are unhealthy. It’s no wonder that after Christmas we often feel full and tired, and sometimes we feel guilty when we think of all the food we ate, even though we wanted to be more moderate than the previous year. How about not just staying with unfulfilled resolutions this year? Join us for a little change of tradition and prepare a delicious sweet potato salad with salmon....

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What to eat after a workout? 6 fitness recipes for the muscle gains

We all want to give perfect performances. Best for every workout. We are looking for the most effective pre-workout supplements, the most effective training plans or even the most suitable hours for exercise. However, we forget about the basics in all the rush to be the best. One of them is a training meal. It is an important element in trying to lose weight and even greater in gaining muscle mass. Don't miss the opportunity to be better and stronger and feed your muscles immediately after training! We'll tell you how. What's going on with your body after workout? When you exercise, your body draws energy from sugars (glycogen) stored in the muscles and liver. Muscle tissue is also damaged, and...

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There's never enough of protein! Try this quick and tasty Halloween spaghetti recipe with an extra dose of protein.

There's no time to waste on Halloween! You'll need the extra time to get ready in your scary costume. This is the perfect opportunity to try this simple, quick and healthy spaghetti recipe that might even give you a wink ;)Thanks to the extra tasty protein spaghetti from Max Sport, you can be sure to get the right protein intake. In addition, you now have a unique opportunity to win a box full of protein snacks! Join our giveaway for healthy protein-loaded boxes from Max Sport. All you have to do is shop atwww.nebbia.fitness for min. 60 € by November 24 and you're in! We will draw the winner on November 25. Good luck!   ...

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It's time to say goodbye to boring salads! We bring you five unique fitness recipes for dinner.

Dinner is one of the main courses of the day. Prepare one that contains all the nutrients you need and tastes delicious at the same time. You don't have to just eat low-carb chicken breast salads with a drizzle of oil all the time. Dinner should be light – it shouldn't put a strain on your digestion before sleep. But that doesn't mean you only have a choice between curly and iceberg lettuce. Our NEBBIA girl Klaudia Mikitkova hares with you in this article her own tasty recipes for fit dinners – savoury and sweet, with or without meat – everyone will love them!1. Zucchini Bolognese LasagneIngredients for two servings:400 g zucchini100 g...

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Tips and Tricks for Pre-competition Meals: How to Reduce Your Cravings for Cheat Meals?

Any of us who have ever dieted know the feeling – you’re still eating and you still feel like you don't have enough. Even while you’re eating, you’re already thinking about the next meal, and the time passes so slowly that it seems like an endless story.Although dieting is quite challenging, there are tricks that can sidetrack your brain from constantly thinking about food. Preparing for a competition is an extremely mentally demanding process – even more so than physically. A good question is why that is. Basically, it is because you have to utterly focus on achieving your goals – and, most importantly, don’t get sidetracked. A strong mind and...

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How to choose the perfect kind of protein?

Considering the amount of protein supplements, it can get confusing when you’re trying to find the right one on the market. Don’t be fooled by the huge selection and find the best one for your needs. Whey, plant-based or beef? Find out in our post.Whey proteinThis is the king of protein powders. You cannot go wrong with this one. It is a by-product of the manufacturing of cheese. It contains all the essential amino acids, it’s easy to absorb and it’s also friendly on your wallet. - Why protein concentrate (WPC) – It’s the least processed form of whey protein. The concentrates available contain between 75 to 89 % of protein. The rest are fats and...

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Strudel with cocoa filling and protein pudding

Protein puddings have taken over our supermarkets. You can get the classic flavours like vanilla and chocolate, but Ehrmann offers hazelnut, caramel, or Colombian coffee flavour. In our recipe, we’ve used the vanilla kind. However, you can try whichever flavour you like and share your creation with us on Instagram tagging @nebbia_fitness.Ingredients:2 eggs 100 g of cream cheese 1 banana30 g of oats5 g of cocoa powder1 tsp. of baking powderEhrmann High Protein PuddingInstructions:...

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Make savoury waffles using only 3 ingredients

The easiest breakfast is sweet breakfast. Mix yoghurt with banana, add oats and you’re ready to eat. However, for these savoury waffles, you’ll have no problem with waking up a bit earlier. Try this new recipe, experiment, and discover new flavours. These savoury waffles from oats won’t disappoint you. If you like them, you can double the amount of ingredients in the recipe below and prepare them in advance for later in the week.Ingredients (1 portion)50 g of instant oats70 g of Greek yoghurt1 eggOlive oilSalt, spices...

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Baking for coeliacs: Gluten-free poppy seed roll with ricotta

Are you searching for an easy recipe that will wow your guests? Be the chef of the group with this gluten-free poppy seed roll, and your friends will want to stay forever. Check out this tasty recipe from Lucka that prepared a recipe for a roll with ricotta which you’ll love even if you eat gluten-free. Ingredients for dough: 4 eggs 100 g of xylitol 20 g vanilla protein (optional) 20 g ground poppy seeds 1tsp of baking powder Pinch of salt A bit of milk as needed (1- 2 tbs) Mix the yolks with the rest of the ingredients. Beat the egg whites into the snow and combine them with the mixture which...

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Try out this protein chocolate fondue and feed your muscles!

Do you love the taste of chocolate? Treat yourself on today’s International Chocolate Day and enjoy it without regrets with this recipe. Cocoa is not only tasty, but also very nutritious! It’s high in flavonoids which lower your blood pressure and improve your blood flow. They can also brighten your mood and ease symptoms of depression. Get your daily dose of flavonoids thanks to this recipe that also offers 30 g of protein which makes it ideal as a post-workout snack that feeds your muscles accordingly. This protein fondue is brought to you by our favourite fitness food blogger Lucka.Ingredients (1 portion):● 80 g of Greek yogurt with 0% fats...

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Healthy Potato Casserole with Cottage Cheese

NEBBIA girl Klaudia Mikitkova comes up with healthy dinner or lunch recipes and shares them in our Facebook group. Make one of her tried and tested recipes yourself! This potato bake will fill you up; and it’s high in protein and low in fat. It’s made of simple ingredients that can be found in any supermarket.Ingredients for 2 portions: 300 g of boiled potatoes3 hardboiled eggs200 g of vegetable mix200 g of cottage cheese (ideally from Pilos because it’s creamy)30 ml of BBQ sauce125 g of mozzarella light cheeseInstructionsSpread...

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Fit cheesecake with forest fruit: Follow the recipe of a famous fitness food blogger!

We collaborated with our fitness food blogger Lucka and we bring you a recipe for a healthy cheesecake that is foolproof. Besides the recipe, you can also check the number of calories. This cheesecake has simple ingredients, but if you’d like to increase your protein intake, you can add one scoop of protein powder. This fitness cheesecake is so good that no one will see the difference from the regular one!Ingredients*:200 g graham crackers60 g melted coconut oil500 g light curd cheese200 g cream cheese (light)1 spoon of vanilla pudding powderSweetener of choice (100g erythritol / flavdrops / protein)Vanilla extract2...

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You won’t believe how delicious is this healthy potato salad

After giving birth, our NEBBIA ambassador, Valerija Slapnik, decided to lose some of the weight she gained during her pregnancy. “I don’t need to have the same body as I had before. I will always be grateful to my body because it gave me Rubi. I just want to feel good and be in good shape for my daughter. To be able to run after her and set a good example for her.” She is getting back in shape by eating homemade meals and choosing her ingredients wisely. Valerija shared her recipe for a healthy potato salad that is satisfying and tasty. This is a potato salad recipe that rules them all. ● Read more: Click here if you want to find out more about Valerija’s ...

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Tested and tasty: 3 healthy Easter recipes from fitness coaches (VIDEO)

Easter holidays don’t have to intimidate you anymore! You can keep your fitness lifestyle in check by making balanced and nutritionally rich meals. Our coaches Kamila and Bayush shared their tested Easter fitness recipes. Which one will you make first? Healthy Easter Lamb Cake from spelt flour Ingredients 300 g of spelt flour 7 eggs (out of these you’ll need 5 eggs whites...

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4 Healthy Christmas Recipes from Fitness Models

If you are looking for tried and tested healthy recipes for your Christmas menu, we got you! Our NEBBIA girls will tell you what they eat, cook, and bake during Christmas. All of them agree that the holidays are more about family, love, and harmony than about food. The following recipes are satisfying and nutritious which means you won’t overeat and subsequently be glued to the couch for an hour. Which recipe will you try out?Healthy Chocolate Balls from DenisaDuring the holidays you don’t have to limit yourself completely. You can stay in shape thanks to healthy desserts and exercise. I don’t have a sweet tooth, but if I really want something sweet, I prefer making something healthier. I love this recipe because it’s fast, healthy, and most importantly...

23.12.2021 4 minutes

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