Quick Power Snacks to Boost Your Energy

Do you need a fast and effective way to recharge before your workout? These delicious snacks aren't just tasty but also full of nutrients to fuel your performance. Get ready for an instant return of vitality!Beetroot Spread ToastsIngredients: 200 - 300g beets (pasteurized)70g ricotta cheese80g...

18.01.2024 1 minute

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How to meal prep and keep your meals fresh in the fridge!

Meal prep is not just the practice of pre-cooking meals for one or more days, it's a way of life for many of us. It allows us to manage our diet in an effective, cost-saving and healthy way so we can build better routines and keep track of our calories.Stick to these rules! Always plan ahead! Prepare a weekly plan and shopping list. Create a routine and each Sunday or Wednesday meal-prep for the next 3-4...

10.01.2024 4 minutes

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Christmas treats with Denisa and Klaudia. Prepare them yourself.

Looking for new recipes to liven up your Christmas table? We've selected 2 healthy and quick treats for you, which we tested together with Denisa Tran Vanova and Klaudia Mikitkova....

19.12.2023 2 minutes

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Facts and Myths about Diet in the 1st Trimester of Pregnancy with Nina Velická

Diet in pregnancy is crucial for the healthy development of the baby and the well-being of the mother, especially for active women who want to be in good shape during this joyful period. Our pregnant NEBBIA girl, Nina Velická, has some important tips for you. Follow our trilogy of blog posts Trimester by Trimester to find out what...

07.12.2023 4 minutes

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Carrot and Beetroot Magic On a Plate. Three Healthy Recipes You’ll Love

Health and taste can go hand in hand! We bring you three quick recipes based on your favourite vegetables. From sweet pancakes to fragrant crepes, they combine nutritional value with a great taste. Get inspired by our NEBBIA Girls Klaudia and ...

18.10.2023 1 minute

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Healthy Eating and Dieting: Current Trends According to Nutritionist Zuzana Líšková

Each one of us has a relationship with food. Some love it and crave gastronomic experiences. Others perceive it merely as a necessary way to fill the stomach and replenish energy. In any case, food provides us with much more - nutrients and components beneficial for our health. Healthy eating is a way to incorporate these valuable meal components into our bodies. Ever-changing trends in the field of nutrition lead us to experiment with ...

04.09.2023 2 minutes

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Simple Pear Pie with Fragrant Cinnamon

Do you have a sweet tooth? Bake a pear pie, which is really easy to prepare. The base is juicy pears and cinnamon, which will help to create a Christmas atmosphere even in the summer. We also include the nutritional values in the recipe so you can keep your snacking under control.INGREDIENTS:DOUGH:160g spelt flour1 tbsp xylitolpinch of salt100g butter1 tbsp vinegara little cold...

03.08.2023 1 minute

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Traditional Recipe for Chickpea Hummus

Can’t find the right and tasty hummus recipe? Prepare it according to our recipe and amaze your spouse and friends. All you need is 10 minutes of your time and 8 ingredients. Make sure you have a powerful blender and enjoy a nutritionally balanced breakfast or party snack.Ingredients for four servings of hummus:400g canned chickpeas40g onion1 clove of garlic (or to taste)2g cumin48g...

20.07.2023 1 minute

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Super-Quick Spinach Gnocchi with Cheese Sauce

Prepare a meatless lunch that pleases your taste buds and doesn’t put a strain on your body. Spinach gnocchi with three cheeses can be prepared really quickly and you’ll have time to relax. Or to prepare a pear glass jar?Ingrediencie per four...

10.07.2023 1 minute

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Quick and Healthy Chocolate Recipes from NEBBIA Girls

Chocolate – a sweet that brings us joy and pleasure. Try the world’s favourite sweet in our NEBBIA Girls’ favourite recipes. And that’s completely without remorse. We add the nutritional values to our chocolate recipes, so you can eat sweets and still be fit.Kidney Bean Brownies by KlaudiaINGREDIENTS:1 can of red beans (240 g)1 ripe banana (130 g)1 egg20g cocoa30g...

07.07.2023 1 minute

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Pear Dessert with Cinnamon and Chocolate

Healthy, quick, sweet – simply yummy. You can treat yourself to a pear dessert without regrets whenever you have a sweet tooth.Ingredients per serving:50 g pears1 tsp honey160 g Greek yoghurt (0.3%)15 g dark chocolate (85% cocoa)cinnamon to tastePreparation:Dice the pears. Leave a few...

27.06.2023 1 minute

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Asian Buckwheat Noodles with Chicken in Peanut Sauce

Asian-style chicken is one of the super quick and tasty recipes for lunch or dinner. The combination of healthy ingredients with a distinctive honey-soy taste is foolproof. With the nutritional values of chicken dices, you have full control over what you eat. Let’s get cooking together. FOR FOUR SERVINGS YOU WILL NEED:680 g chicken breast40 ml soy...

15.06.2023 1 minute

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Stuffed Sandwich with Delicious Chicken and Prosciutto

In cooperation with FitMeal and NEBBIAgirl, Klaudia Mikitkova, we have prepared healthy and tasty recipes that will save you time and give you the energy you need for your sporting activities. A juicy sandwich stuffed with chicken and prosciutto will be the first to please your taste buds. In addition to the sandwich preparation instructions and ingredients, you will also...

02.06.2023 1 minute

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How Many Calories Should You Eat? Calculate Your Daily Calorie Intake + 2 sweet FIT recipes

Diet plays a key role in all processes in the body. With the help of metabolism, food is transformed into energy, which the body needs for its proper functioning. The quality and balance of the diet affect the condition of each organ in the body and how it functions. But you probably already know this, so let's move on to the more important facts.   What does the daily calorie intake include, why is it...

20.01.2023 4 minutes

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Lack of minerals and vitamins A, C, D, E, K and their symptoms - find out if you suffer from a deficiency too

In the past, malnutrition and lack of vitamins or minerals was a common part of civilizations around the world, whether in poor African areas, among seafarers and explorers, or in remote areas with a lack of raw materials for their population. Today, we would say that similar problems with a lack of vitamins and minerals do not threaten. After all, every day we come across a number of nutritional supplements that are available to everyone, or the principles of a healthy...

19.01.2023 4 minutes

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Popular Diet Trends: What Works and What Doesn't

Food is what unites us all, but also divides us. It's nothing new that even eating is subject to trends, according to which we follow, try different regimes and diets, test whether they suit us, and maybe even experiment a little with our bodies. Are you curious about which trends are currently dominant in nutrition and dieting? Let's take a look at it together with nutritionist Zuzka Líšková.   Limit...

16.01.2023 4 minutes

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The original recipe for the popular caesar salad will not take you more than a few minutes

When you switch to a healthier diet, you often worry about whether preparing healthy meals takes too much time, or whether your cooking skills are sufficient. See how simply and really in just a few minutes you can prepare an original caesar salad - a very popular tasty dish. A few ingredients, ultra-fast preparation and a nutritionally balanced lunch or dinner are...

13.01.2023 1 minute

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Healthy salmon with rice noodles and avocado

Treat your body well and provide it with much needed omega 3 fatty acids. This recipe makes the job easy for you because 150 grams of salmon contains about 6 grams of omega 3 which is a bit more than the daily recommended dose of 2 – 4 grams. Why is it so important to get enough of them? Our bodies cannot synthesise them therefore omega 3 must be obtained from diet. They have amazing health ...

09.01.2023 1 minute

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Do you love Oreos and donuts? This recipe is for you!

Have yourself some donuts with cookies! This recipe combines the taste of your favourite black and white cookies with the softness of donuts. What could be better? Maybe the fact that the low number of calories won’t hurt your figure. Our fitness food blogger Lucka used high-quality and nutritious ingredients which means you can have it with coffee or as a healthy and filling...

03.01.2023 1 minute

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How to properly set a healthy diet? Learn the basics to achieve your goal

In our January challenge, we focused on two main goals improving your condition or increasing your strength. We know that your goal can be a bit more specific. Maybe you want to strengthen your body, run a marathon in the summer, lift more weight, maybe you want to lose a few kilos or vice versa, gain a few kilos. Thanks to Martina Procházková, a successful bikini fitness expert, come and learn the simple rules by which you can set the right diet and learn basic terms in the...

01.01.2023 9 minutes

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The most beloved Christmas tradition in fitness version - Protein Gingerbread

Did you know that the production of honey dough dates back to the Middle Ages? There were even gingerbread guilds in Europe and gingerbread was a valuable sweet that was often a Christmas gift underneath the Christmas tree. Today, baking gingerbread is one of the most popular traditions in many families. They brighten up the home – every member of the family has fun cutting them out and decorating them. In addition, it’s one of the cakes that we simply can’t imagine...

18.12.2022 1 minute

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Are you taking the right supplements? Check out our guide to the basic supplements!

Supplements are an essential part of bodybuilding. Kind of like barbells and plates. Every year there’s something new on the market that theoretically promises incredible results, but they oftentimes only offer the placebo effect. However, you can find supplements that are truly beneficial to the athlete’s health and performance. Which ones are they? How much do you need to take? We are here to answer all your questions and give an introduction to supplements. These six supplements are...

15.12.2022 5 minutes

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Vanilla Rolls and Linzer Cookies. Bake Your Two Favorite Christmas Recipes in a Healthy and Light Form!

  If we asked you what Christmas smells like, several scents would come to mind – the smell of tangerines or fresh pine needles, but also the smell of fried fish and cabbage soup. But now imagine the time just before Christmas, when families bake Christmas cookies. Do you smell vanilla? :) Thanks to our recipes, you can conjure up the aroma of vanilla rolls and linzer cookies and not worry about whether they are too sweet and unhealthy. We have...

13.12.2022 1 minute

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A Tip for a Healthy Christmas Dinner? This Year, Try the Recipe for a Light Sweet Potato Salad!

Who Says Christmas Dinner Food Can’t Be Light? In all cultures of the world, Christmas is a symbol of peace and love, but also of abundance – the most important symbol of which is a Christmas table filled with the most delicious food... The dishes vary from country to country, but they have one thing in common – they are unhealthy. It’s no wonder that after Christmas we often feel full and tired,...

09.12.2022 1 minute

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What to eat after a workout? 6 fitness recipes for the muscle gains

We all want to give perfect performances. Best for every workout. We are looking for the most effective pre-workout supplements, the most effective training plans or even the most suitable hours for exercise. However, we forget about the basics in all the rush to be the best. One of them is a training meal. It is an important element in trying to lose weight and even greater in gaining muscle mass. Don't miss the opportunity to be better and...

08.12.2022 4 minutes

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