Healthy, Stress-Free Movement: Listen to Your Body During Training

As part of our NEBBIA ACADEMY Talks – Women to Women, we held another lecture, this time on the topic of Movement and Psyche. Barbora Dávidová...

10.10.2023 3 minutes

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Prejudices of women in fitness. Interview with our ambassadors about their beginnings and motivation.

There are different views on whether men are better at fitness than women, and whether they should have a different approach to working out. Want to learn more about whether there are still prejudices in fitness and how to overcome them and achieve your goals regardless of your sex? We took a peek into the lives of our ambassadors to give us a glimpse into their experiences and perspective on women in the fitness world. We interviewed Lucia Mikušová, Valerie Slapnik...

12.03.2023 6 minutes

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Myth or Fact? We Looked at Common Preconceptions About Sedentary Work

According to statistics, approximately 40.7% of people in Slovakia have sedentary work and half of them sit for an average of eight hours a day. Sedentary work and our lifestyle are often associated with a variety of health problems that affect the quality of our life.The most common problems reported by people working sedentary is lower and upper back pain, shoulder pain, elbows pain and wrists pain. We often tend to associate the...

28.02.2023 3 minutes

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Our ambassadors also face feelings of inferiority. Read their tips on how to overcome it.

Inferiority complex is one of the problems that many women face. And the fitness community is no exception. Comparing oneself to others and a constant pursuit of perfection can lead to feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem. This is even more true in areas where performance and appearance are important. It is important to realise that we each have our own unique journey and value, and that we are never comparable to someone else. Our duty is to love ourselves...

19.02.2023 9 minutes

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Manifestations of Low Self-esteem & How to Handle it

I look terrible. I’m not worth anything. No one likes me. Bad things keep happening to me. Why does this keep happening to me? Why can’t I be happy? I’ll never get it the way I want it. All my relationships are bad. Everyone always hurts me. Do you ever say these sentences to yourself? Do you recognise yourself in them? Do you feel like the whole world has turned against you? If so, read on, because you probably have a problem...

17.02.2023 3 minutes

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Self-love and healthy self-esteem

Valentine’s Day is here and we are surrounded on all sides by love. We therefore come with the topic of relationships. And our life makes them even more important. If we don’t have happy relationships, we don’t live a happy life. And so we are mostly struggling with how to improve our current relationships. This applies to all relationships – in partnership, family, friendship and work. But what few people realise...

14.02.2023 3 minutes

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Take care of yourself with the same love you give others - do these 11 things every day!

Self-love is a fundamental key to sustainable happiness and fulfilled life. Self-love is essential. When we take good care of ourselves, we improve our physical and emotional health and ability to form strong relationships. There are many small things we can do for ourselves every day to feel better and improve our lives. Self-love is about caring for your body and mind with love and attention. With these 11 small things, you can take a step towards a happier life....

13.02.2023 6 minutes

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What is a moodboard and how can it help you with motivation?

A great way to stay motivated and inspired to achieve your goals is to have your own mood board. Information processed using images is much more effective. They affect our psyche, evoke emotions and help us relate better to our ideas. If your dreams, goals and visions are still only in your head, now is the right time to get them out. We'll show you how to easily create your own moodboard.Moodboard is a visual presentation of your goals, desires...

22.01.2023 4 minutes

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10 Rules Of a Healthy Lifestyle

Lenka Havlíček, nutritional coach, yoga instructor and fitness trainer in one, will explain how the most effective observance of ten simple rules, which are naturally the best lifestyle for our body, can manifest in practice.Our ancient ancestors naturally followed the rules of a healthy lifestyle that were in accordance with the "programming" of the human body. These rules worked perfectly for people tens of thousands of years...

06.01.2023 12 minutes

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3 tips how to spend Christmas without stress and regrets

Can you smell the cinnamon, vanilla, honey and all the other magical smells of Christmas? To be honest, in the adult world, celebrating Christmas is more about the food than the presents ;). Besides food and gifts, it is also about family reunions, peace and love. It’s a time when our daily rhythms slow down and we can finally sit down, chat, enjoy some Christmas goodies and warm up with mulled wine and punch. For some, these moments bring pleasure and joy to their...

21.12.2022 4 minutes

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New Year’s Resolutions 2023: 5 Psychological Tricks to Achieve Them

The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to create new habits that can help you grow mentally, intellectually, financially, socially, and physically. We all know that it’s easy to make them, but those pesky new year’s resolutions are difficult to keep and achieve. Statistics state that 46 % of people that make a new year’s resolution are successful in keeping it after 6 months....

20.12.2022 5 minutes

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3 Steps to Break Bad Habits Successfully

There are so many bad habits that people want to break. Maybe you are a smoker, perhaps you bite your nails, or you drink too much soda. However, the process of leaving your comfort zone filled with pleasurable habits is extremely difficult. Learn how creating habits works and replace the old bad ones with the right habits for you! Dopamine Addicts Habits exist as a shortcut for our brains this way it saves energy to focus on what is important. Our minds...

18.12.2022 4 minutes

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Diastasis: Find Out if You Belong to a Risk Group.

On Thursday, October 10, we launched the first NEBBIA ACADEMY Talks: Women to Women. If you haven’t caught on to what exactly diastasis is, we would be happy to give you a brief introduction to this project that is close to our hearts. NEBBIA employs many women in various positions. We often reach out to you through social media, newsletters and blog posts like this one. No matter how hard we try, online communication will never be...

21.11.2022 4 minutes

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Our CEO Martin Pecko: In 25 years in business, I’ve met so many successful people. This is what they have in common!

He built a business that motivated a whole generation of athletes to perform better. Martin Pecko has been doing business in Slovakia and abroad for 25 years. He decided to share what he learnt by doing business himself and what other successful businesspeople and the best athletes have taught him. “I have been in business for 25 years and I have met so many inspiring people that had some things in common. Which ones? If you ask someone else who’s doing business, perhaps, you’ll...

19.08.2022 4 minutes

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Mental Coach: “Emotional eating is a problem that can be hard to admit” (interview)

Jana Stanova is a nutritionist, coach, and co-author of the NEtucni project. Some of our fans had the chance to meet her in person at her workshop held in NEBBIA store Ostrava. She focuses on self-development, mindset, health, and weight loss. She is also a mom of two kids, and she’s been through periods of losing and gaining weight. Maybe you’ll see yourself in her story too. Get motivated by Janka’s...

05.06.2022 11 minutes

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Do you workout and experience acne? Don’t make these mistakes! (INTERVIEW with a specialist)

Attention! This article contains information you won’t find anywhere else. If you suffer from acne and pigmentation, or your back and thighs are covered with heat rash, this article will help you get rid of them. We interviewed one of our own NEBBIA women, who is our friend, colleague, and a personal skin therapist that made us believe in all kinds of miracles. Kristyna Trojanova ...

22.03.2022 12 minutes

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Take Care of Your Heart: 7 Things Your Heart Will Appreciate

Valentine’s Day is here, it’s evident by teddy bears, couple mugs, flying cupids, and flower bouquets that are everywhere these days. Usually, all of these cute things have something in common they all have at heart on them. Hearts became a symbol of love in the 13th century, and we are convinced that honest romantic relationships are crucial for our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our hearts. Taking care of the actual heart that keeps beating in your chest should be your priority whether...

07.02.2022 4 minutes

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Cold water hardening is for women, too! Learn how to prepare for a freezing bath!

Hardening has become a big hit in recent years. Despite its many health benefits, it is unfortunately still a big NO-NO for most women. We tend to avoid it and refuse to give up our long hot baths. However, the fact that you are reading these lines is a sign that you are ready to get out of your comfort zone and start regular hardening. In an interview with our marketing specialist, Sima, you will learn everything you need to know about hardening. You've probably got in...

19.11.2021 5 minutes

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Interview with Roelly Winklaar: Tips to help you level up!

It's naive to think that you will be motivated 24/7, that you will look forward to those morning alarm clocks for training or endless minutes spent on a stationary bike. We know it, you know it too. Motivation doesn't last forever, that is why we interviewed our Olympia champion Roelly Winklaar, who shares a pretty clear message: "Never give up!"Roelly currently lives in...

21.09.2021 4 minutes

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Valerija Slapnik: Don’t be stressed by gaining weight during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful yet the most challenging period in a woman’s life. During this time, some mothers are able to work out in the gym or go hiking in the mountains. Others need to rest more and slow down for their own safety and the health of their baby. Read more about Valerija’s experiences with her first pregnancy.As soon as I found out I'm pregnant, I was over the moon and so excited for a new chapter of our life!FIRST TRIMESTER: morning sickness and...

30.07.2021 3 minutes

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Get inspired by legends: VIDEOS with Olympia athletes

How do you like training in the new men's collection 1965? Thanks to the collaboration between NEBBIA & The Olympia, you can now train in clothes that have been tested and developed for you by professional bodybuilders. You may already know their faces from the headlines of bodybuilding magazines or from the NEBBIA instagram. However, we want to introduce you to their stories, their fitness journey, their philosophy. Watch short documentary videos that will...

23.07.2021 2 minutes

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The Secrets of a Personal Trainer

Hi to all NEBBIA fans! I am Laura Takácsová - personal trainer and fitness model. I am happy to share here the insights from my professional trainer's life as well as motivation for fitness and regular exercise.  Work As A Hobby If you do what you love, and...

19.08.2020 5 minutes

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5 Tips To Become a Fitness Model

Are you passionate about fitness with a super athletic and proportionate physique and attractive look? Do you aspire to be a model or an influencer in the fitness industry? Then you came to the right place.NEBBIA is constantly looking for fitness athletes to shoot for their apparel product portfolio, new collections, e-shop, lookbooks, and social media content. Throughout our history, we've come across many talented individuals that we "kidnapped" directly from the gym to in front of...

09.07.2020 3 minutes

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Pregnancy – my most beautiful life fitness form

 I remember the time when I had nothing else in my head, just being the best in what I was doing. In essence, nothing has changed today. The only difference is my goal.Sport and fitness careers have been absolutely everything for me. For five years, I wasn't interested in anything but which exercises would shape my ass on Monday and Thursday, or how many grams of carbohydrates I would eat that day. Somebody could say it's crazy. And it...

06.12.2019 6 minutes

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