Find your motivation!

Find your motivation!

22.11.2018 2 minutes

Each of us has big or small dreams. Someone dreams of traveling, someone wants to have an eight-figure sum in the bank account, or Ferrari in the garage, someone dreams of a dream job, a perfect partner, or ... of a dream body ☺ But not everyone is willing to live for their dream. Because it's easy to dream, but it's harder to go all the way to our dreams, with the knowledge that the result is uncertain, even though we believe in it with all our hearts.

Maybe you, like me, are dreaming of the perfect body (and I do not mean a body with which you are able to stand on a competition stage, but one that you will be happy with yourself, and which you always desired or dreamed of). It sounds terribly easy to say that you are going to do something with yourself, you start training and you can easily adjust the diet ... Saying it like this, the results should be automatically presented. They will actually present, in fact, very quickly, especially if you have not been training for years, but it's still not a dream body. Because it requires a little more. More training, not just a light diet, not just a month or two of exercise. However, the most important is the determined will, the will to endure and not to surrender. Why? Because the initial progress will stop very quickly, and the other changes will come very slowly and you will logically begin to doubt whether this "circus" has any meaning. Does it make sense to have lean meat with vegetables when you could have a pizza or a good ice cream? In my case, lots of ice cream ☺ Answers to such questions are difficult to find. But it is conviction and purposefulness that divides people into those who fulfill their dreams and those who only dream. It does not really matter how many times we fail, we slow down, it depends only on the fact that we are able to start again or continue from the point where we stopped and go the right way for the set goals.

It does not matter where we are, what conditions we have or how we feel right now. It only depends on how we set our minds. If we will ever feel regret for ourselves, look for an apology or seek excuses this path to our dream will be very hard and obviously we will not come to the desired goal. If you ever read a biography of a celebrity, whether business, sports or from politics, try to think about whether or not there was someone who complained or someone who became what he was, without falls, defeats and abjections . Of the people I admire, it would not been possible for anyone. Each of them fell, someone even several times. Well, just the ability to get up shaped their personality and helped them to fulfill their dreams. That is why, whenever you have doubts if it makes sense what you are doing, think about whether this is what you are really dreaming about. If you answer yes, do not hesitate, get up and put in it lot more effort! Be even tmore strict on yourself! I am convinced that you will be closer to your dream. I keep my fingers crossed for you!

CEO Maťo