HERO - Our B2B partner

HERO - Our B2B partner

27.04.2020 3 minutes

Dear friends,

I would like to begin by greeting you all and by saying that I hope you and your families are all alright. The current situation has been continually changing business plans of all of us and we must deal with the situation on two levels. One being the fact that we have a huge responsibility towards our employees—nobody wants to expose their colleagues to any health risks; however, on the other side, we must do everything in our power to maintain our business, or make sure it does not drop dramatically. I truly believe you are managing to succeed and that the government representatives in your countries are forthcoming towards the entrepreneurs by enforcing the maximum number of support measures.
I first planned to share suggestions how to make the most of the sales potential and I wished to send this e-mail at the beginning of April as a message following up on previous months. I found it useless though as nothing has remained the same and it is difficult to plan anything these days. That is why I will keep the original message for another time.
What are we to do then?

I have asked the question at least hundred times and I know there is no right or uniformed answer. One thing is clear though. When Covid-19 is behind us, we will enter the economic crisis. It can be expected that shoppers will be more careful and will proceed with unnecessary purchases only. And what is sad is the fact that many will lose their jobs. Human tragedies will be pouring on us from the media and they will certainly not improve the overall mood in the society.

You too are also reading the very courageous and motivational statements that the crisis is an opportunity. Well, surely, but not for everyone. As expected, approximately 10% of people will temporarily experience job loss, which means the same percentage drop in consumption is about to happen. And that does not provide room for everyone. If we want to be the lucky ones for whom the crisis is an opportunity, we must forget the way we have done things before. Consumer behavior is changing and so must we.

In analyzing our strength and weaknesses we realized our biggest value and that is our relationship with you.

The drop was not originally planned to take place at this particular time, neither was planned the collection’s product portfolio and its title.

I want to form a micro team with you so we can solve our everyday issues together as partners.

Our sales team has quickly come to understand that we do not and must not be only the product pushers. We understand that if you do not succeed, we will not succeed either. I want to form a micro team with you so we can solve our everyday issues together as partners. I do not want to force on you our products whether you sell it or not. I want to participate in your successful management of the current crisis situation. Sure, we live off the sale just as you do. I am however convinced that we have to take into account your problems and sales follows as a result of our mutual cooperation.

Please, do stay in close touch.

Write to us or call us with whatever you need, or even if you just feel like it. We are happy to be here for you.

And I am happy to share a feedback at the end. Our HERO collection has received more than a good review from our customers!