How to Choose Swimwear for Your Body Type

How to Choose Swimwear for Your Body Type

26.03.2021 2 minutes

The winter is long gone and the sun is getting brighter and warmer every day. Yes, summer is approaching and so is the swimwear season. Swimsuits play an important functional role, but choosing the right one can highlight your femininity and make you feel super comfortable even if you're not a beach gal. Let us help you choose swimwear that actually suits your body type and character. With our swimwear guide, you'll be ready for summer in no time.

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One-piece swimsuit for active women

If you don't like laying on the blanket for a long time and comfort is paramount for you, then reach for the NEBBIA one-piece sports swimsuit. Thanks to the sophisticated design, they will provide you with utter comfort and security in your sports activities and at the same time highlight your curves. Whether you are going to train in the swimming pool or party on the beach, the one-piece swimsuit will always serve you well.

Swimsuit for larger breasts

Ladies with a larger cleavage must be especially cautious when choosing underwear or a swimsuit. The upper part of the swimsuit should provide you with sufficient support and grip. You can adjust the bikini top as you need and the double lining will ensure that nothing will shine through. This swimsuit is perfect if you also have a triangular type of figure.

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Triangles for smaller breasts

Triangular bikinis with thin straps are perfect for a smaller cleavage. They are also suitable for the "hourglass" body type. NEBBIA designers also thought about your sense of security and comfort. The cups are wider in cut, firmly sewn on the front, so they hold perfectly even during any sports activities. If you want a perfect tan, reach for a bandeau top with removable straps.

Monokini for every body type

It's not a one or two-piece swimsuit - it's a monokini. Monokines are suitable for every type of figure, especially the apple type. They will optically narrow your figure and hide even a bigger belly. The NEBBIA monokinis have a refined cut that will accentuate your cleavage and optically reduce the waistline.

How to choose the right bottom?

The choice of the bottom part of the bikini depends on your body type. In addition to shape, you should also consider the color. A colorful or distinctive lower part will help you if you have wider shoulders and an "inverted triangle" body type. If you have narrow shoulders, look for simple triangle bottoms. Ladies with shorter legs should reach for cut-out Brasil bottom, which will optically lengthen their legs. You can even reach for a thong swimsuit if you have the confidence.