Let Yourself Bloom in the Aloha Babe

Let Yourself Bloom in the Aloha Babe

08.08.2020 2 minutes

"Let yourself bloom!" is not only the motto of NEBBIA's first floral print mini collection but also our message to all women who are not afraid to show their femininity and figure. The intricately designed 3-piece sportswear set including a sports bra, leggings and Brazilian style bikini bottom in a Hawaiian inspired print screams "I am here to bloom and share my beauty with the world!"

The Inspiration Behind NEBBIA's First Floral Mini Collection

And how did the idea for a Hawaiian floral print collection come along? We asked our Chief Designer Stanka Pecko about the inspiration behind the highly anticipated pieces: 

"I spend a lot of time in my garden and in the nature, walking, meditating, enjoying the beauty of the outdoors around me. So, naturally, nature was my first inspiration. In addition, women's beauty and strength is always a parabole in my designs, and so with the ALOHA BABE I aspired to create something refreshing for women that are bold in their character, not afraid to stand out and pave their own path. When I saw the exotic floral print, it was love at the first sight. The idea was solidified." says Stanka. 

Catch The Eco Wave and Let The Planet Bloom!

The idea to celebrate nature didn't stop with the print. As part of our sustainability mission, the ALOHA BABE not only celebrates natural beauty but contributes to the higher mission of recycling its resources. The use of eco-fabrics recycled from ocean plastics is in line with our efforts to keep the planet blooming for generations to come. 

The 3-Piece Mini Set

All three pieces are designed with an active, sporty woman in mind, so they are super functional providing full support for even the most intense workouts. The iconic NEBBIA band with embroidered silicone N pattern on the leggings and on the bra secures the pieces to stay in place, so you can practice a range of movements without constantly adjusting the clothing.

ALOHA BABE Mini Collection

The leggings are squat proof, jump proof, and the thoughtfully integrated scrunch butt creates a fuller, rounder appearance to your booty.

ALOHA BABE Mini Collection

The sports bra is a must-have. The combination of firm stretch material and mesh fabric gives it a nice structure while providing you the maximum support. It's designed to nicely shape your decollete and fits women of any of bust size. Style it with the leggings or the bikini bottom depending on how you're spending the day.

ALOHA BABE Mini Collection

The bikini bottom featuring a sassy Brazilian cut perfectly enhances your curves. Double-lined for the utmost comfort, this sexy piece embraces the current trends while maintaining a practical edge. Wear it for a swim or paddleboard, and get used to being admired.

Embrace your femininity with the gorgeous ALOHA BABE mini collection! Shop it here!