NEBBIA 1965: Men's collection developed with The Olympia

NEBBIA 1965: Men's collection developed with The Olympia

06.07.2021 3 minutes

It's 1965 and the biggest leaders of bodybuilding at that time are meeting in New York. The historically first Olympia Weekend, whose father is Joe Weider, is approaching. Its goal was to move bodybuilding to a professional sports level, to give bodybuilders a mission that will help them transcend the boundaries of the word "impossible" and to spread the idea of kalokagathia to the general public. We haven't forgotten.

With the new men's collection 1965, we remember the values of Olympia such as discipline, self-denial and humility. This collection, which was developed in collaboration with The Olympia, will take you back to the golden age of bodybuilding and remind you of your own beginnings.

Clothing developed with Olympia athletes

When designing the new men's pieces, we immediately thought of the legendary Muscle Beach, the champions of the historically first Olympia, and the black-and-white photos of Frank Zane and Sergio Oliva. We examined their clothing style, and figured out which cuts and materials help the Olympia champions train better. The goal was to deliver new pieces with modern technology and old-school design that will bring every fitness enthusiast closer to bodybuilding stars.

Classic style and improved cotton

Clothes almost identical to those from bodybuilding magazines from the 60s. We sewed the Old School Muscle tank top into a classic cut and in Olympia colors. The loose, breathable Golden Era T-shirt with extra stitching on the back will shape your bodybuilding figure into a "V" shape. Legend-approved tank top with a hoodie will allow you to isolate yourself from the outside world and focus even more on your training. We made all these pieces from high-quality cotton with the addition of elastane, thanks to which they are more flexible and dry faster.

Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

Unique and durable material

For the first time, a new NEBBIA collection comes with an exceptional and modern material that is knurled on the outside and highly resistant to abrasion. On the inside, the fabric is soft and very pleasant to the touch. Anything for the best possible training experience! You will find the cotton and polyamide material in all the classic pieces, which are must-haves for any fan of the Iron Game. ChooseGolden Era rag top with double sleeves and a hoodie, Unlock the Champion sweatshirt with a spacious front pocket, Legend-approved shorts with practical pockets and Golden Era sweatpants with a firm rubber and a narrow stitching on the calves.

Composition: 96% cotton, 4% polyamid

We transform the best of the past into the present

In the old photos from the legendary leg training of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dave Draper, you will see pieces that have completely fallen out of fitness fashion for a while. Today, however, they are experiencing a huge come-back. Men's leggings have been and are an integral part of the sports equipment of the greatest bodybuilding athletes. They support sports-based men in performance, allow them to use the full range of motion, wick away sweat and dry quickly. NEBBIA Legend of Today leggings also have practical invisible pockets on the sides and a NEBBIA rubber belt with "stay-in-place" technology.

Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane

With the new men's collection 1965, we want to remember the first year of Mr. Olympia. Its founder, Joe Weider, once said, "Only the humble and ambitious are destined to succeed." We know that you have already achieved great goals, but today we celebrate the true roots of this wonderful sport. Remember your own beginnings and always keep in mind the answer to the question "Why?". For NEBBIA, YOU will always be the answer.

We dress the best so you can receive the best.