NEBBIA against prejudice

NEBBIA against prejudice

07.02.2017 2 minutes

According to me, people cannot be divided between good and bad, but rather between good and stupid. The next article is devoted to the second group...so read carefully!

The man on a photo is our good friend Dennis. He is European, just like you and I. He graduated from the university, he has a body physique you won’t ever have and also a beautiful blond wife. Dennis‘ fantastic shape and his sport results were the reason why we chose him to became a part of our team. This happened more than a year ago. In the meanwhile, Dennis earned his PRO card, took a part in few fitness events and competitions with us (FIBO, Arnold Classic) and we didn’t even realized, not even once, that his skin has a different colour. He’s just Dennis, our good friend.

We are very disappointed with all the racist comments. But one of them pleased us. There was one racist who said that he won’t be wearing our clothes from now on. We are happy for that and we do not feel sorry about about him! We are so happy about it, that we don’t even want the man to suffer from any financial troubles, so we decided that we will buy all our clothes from him! (So if you’re reading this, feel free to contact us via message).

Nebbia is no longer a local company. We operate in 40 countries, that‘s why we don’t notice of what skin color our customer is. We only know whether it’s a woman or a man with passion for fitness and if they work hard with the same weights as you. Just like you, they look up to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dorian Yates, Lee Kaney, Phil Heath or Kai Green. By the way, the last three are also of dark skin color, actually, the majority of top Mr. Olympia contestants are... therefore should they cancel the whole contest? The fastest runner on planet is also black.

If there’s something awful happening in the world and innocent people are dying, feel free to express your opinion, point it out! But if you use bad language and comments in racist way, you are not that far away from those psychos who did terrible things in the past and some are still doing so. If you don’t agree with the fact that a few migrants, who are feeing to Europe refuse to work, express your opinion. You have a right to do so! You can write to Brussels if you are convinced that this is not good. It is your duty as an EU citizen. But if there are people of different skin color among us who work 10 hours a day, train even harder than you and live according to the rules of our society, you don’t have a right to express yourself in this way!!! Racism has no place neither in sport nor anywhere else!!!

And finally... I write this from the hotel reception and while writing this, I am looking at beautiful black woman at the front desk... I hope that I won’t get blind be the morning J I wanted to write more but I can’t since I need to restrain Stanka’s passionate remarks about your racists comments under our post... She’s just saying this: „I’m ashamed of you!“

Martin Pecko