29.01.2020 1 minute

Do you know thanks to whom your clothes look and feel great? The answer is very simple. Thanks to you :)

To get our clothes to you as you know and enjoy them, to make every piece your favorite pick for your workouts, and to make you look amazing in them, every single piece goes through a long journey. From an idea that our Chief Designer Stanka imagines in her creative mind, through selection of the best materials, dozens of test cuts and final production, tall the way to your training at the gym.

It is your opinion that is the most important and valued. You are the ones who wear our clothes, who go beyond their limits in them and do something for their body, health and well-being. We design and create all of them with you on our mind :) That's why we are so excited that you, our dear customers and fans, came to our headquarters and dedicated your time to give us your opinions and feedback. The NEBBIA Day with you was perfect, all of us here at NEBBIA enjoyed it. Especially Stanka, who was so curious about your observations and ideas.



In a great lively atmosphere, we discussed and tested to make every NEBBIA item the best for you. Thank you very much for taking your precious time, we really appreciate and value your input and for being part of the NEBBIA family. We are looking forward to the next day spent with you! :)