NEBBIA ESSENTIALS: We are expanding our product portfolio with new affordable pieces!

NEBBIA ESSENTIALS: We are expanding our product portfolio with new affordable pieces!

02.12.2021 1 minute

You have to build good training on solid foundations. Sportswear is one of them! NEBBIA presents new pieces from the NEBBIA ESSENTIALS line that will surprise all lovers of fitness fashion and active lifestyle. This new line consists of 5 models of women's and men's T-shirts whose designs naturally complement all previous NEBBIA collections. Thanks to the lower price, everyone who lives for fitness and wants to show it with their style can afford it. Learn why you have to have at least one piece too!

New material and colours

NEBBIA ESSENTIALS differ from classic cotton T-shirts by increased flexibility and more efficient sweat wicking abilities. Thanks to the added element of lycra (elastane), the T-shirts retain their shape better. The high content of quality cotton is a guarantee of durability and breathability. White and black are must-have staples for your fitness closet. In addition to these timeless colours, we made the T-shirts in gray, pastel pink, brown and khaki green. Create your original outfit with new colours today!

Cuts and minimalist design

These new pieces have a stylish and gentle yet still sporty design. NEBBIA ESSENTIALS is the result of your requirements for durable and minimalist fitness clothing and active leisure time. These are the new women's and men's T-shirts:

Affordability and easy combinability

We offer NEBBIA ESSENTIALS T-shirts at a lower price point, because these are must-have pieces that everyone who loves fitness must own! We want as many people as possible to experience the difference in quality and motivation-packed pieces from NEBBIA. They represent sports-minded people who prefer a more discreet design but still want to show their love for their lifestyle. Thanks to the shirts' versatility, they also go well with your favorite jeans, Bubble Butt leggings and joggers. Put them on wherever you go and show that you also belong to the NEBBIA family!