NEBBIA for your hero: Perfect Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, father and brother

NEBBIA for your hero: Perfect Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, father and brother

08.12.2021 2 minutes

You might be comfortable choosing Christmas gifts for your girlfriends or mom, and you might even be the best Secret Santa in town, but when it comes to gifting your man, you're lost. We all know this - a state of despair to the point you think another multifunction knife would be a good gift idea. Make this year different and come in prepared with gifts that men actually want! Give them motivation, determination, comfort and quality hidden in NEBBIA clothing. Check out this gift guide for fathers, brothers and boyfriends, and get inspired by the best Christmas presents.


Does your father also like to nostalgically reminisce about the good old times? Give him a reminder of that for Christmas! The new men's collection 1965 will take him back to the golden era of bodybuilding. Remind him of the times when he first trained with dumbbells and admired black-and-white photographs of great bodybuilders such as Frank Zane, Sergio Oliva and others. We created the collection in cooperation with the Olympia competition - the most prestigious bodybuilding event in the world. Our tip for the perfect Christmas gift for your father would definitely be this outfit: Golden Era sweatpants and Unlock the Champion hoodie. Both pieces have the Olympia logo on them, and the hoodie also carries a secret message "Remember why you started".


You love him with all your heart and you want him to feel the way you see him: strong, unique and determined. Get him a NEBBIA outfit that meets the needs of every hard-working athlete and dress him like a champ from head to toe! You can create a highly functional outfit with a combination of Legend of Today leggings, Legend-approved shorts and Golden Era Rag top. This combo will win him over instantly!

If you are still unsure and want something more unique, we have a solution! Our NEBBIA trunks are the ultimate must-have for every man. Give him a set in all three colours! In addition, the trunks are packed in an elegant black box. Thanks to the high-quality, durable, and comfortable material, NEBBIA trunks will become his number one choice, and he might even refuse to wear anything else, so be careful!


Whether you have an older or younger brother (or both), you will definitely make him happy with new functional fitness clothes. These NEBBIA joggers differ from classic sweatpants. These are sewn into a slim fit cut and made of durable material. Unconventional stitching makes them a unique design piece suitable for fitness and active leisure. Finish the outfit with an Old-school muscle tank top with the Olympia logo to make him feel like a real champion! Among other things, he will find a secret message "Remember why you started" on the tank top that will keep him motivated all year long!


Whether you are a couple or inseparable siblings, men's sweatshirts from the 1965 collection are suitable for everyone - for both men and women, best friends, couples or siblings. All you need is to choose the smallest size for the ladies. They will definitely appreciate the extreme comfort and durability of this Unlock the Champion sweatshirt. And what would Christmas be like without socks? Get these from NEBBIA and enjoy group workouts or relaxation in this ultimate fitness classic.