30.12.2021 4 minutes

For us in NEBBIA, year 2021 has been an incredible ride full of bends, challenging climbs and fun while going full speed. Let’s have a recap of what happened in 2021!


Dreamy Bubble Butt

We started 2021 with a mini drop. Our Bubble Butt Leggings were the first model designed for active free time with the added confidence boost. We wanted to create a pair of leggings that is made of an elastic but thick fabric giving the butt-lift effect and providing security during squats. These are the main reasons why this pair has become an instant bestseller.

Intense Collection

One of the biggest successes of 2021 is our Intense Collection. It was designed for women who aren’t just getting through life, but they are living their lives as intensely as possible. It’s made from a highly functional fabric that provides compressed fit that won’t let you down during any of your workouts. Intense is more than just a name of the collection, it represents a lifestyle: “Intense is how I train, intense is how I live.”


Homeworkout Sessions

During April 2021, the whole world was fighting against the third wave of coronavirus. NEBBIA understands the importance of regular training and progress of our fans. We created a series of workouts that you can do at home to achieve your goals! Our 3-week training plan is still on our YouTube channel and on our IG TV.


Workout Boxes in 7 Cities

We’re helping communities in cities to do sports! Slovak and Czech gyms are still closed, and the popularity of outdoor workout spaces is on the rise. NEBBIA collaborated with ZIVA and decided to support 7 cities by putting boxes with workout equipment in different locations. You can find them in Zilina, Presov, Bratislava, 2 locations in Prague, Ostrava and Brno.


Ocean Selected

Ocean Selected is our second eco-friendly collection. We collaborated with Spanish company Seaqual that reuses plastic from the ocean. It’s a high-performance & high-energy collection for active women. We took a lot of inspiration from nature as it is a source of unlimited energy and incredible strength. Besides the workout pieces, this collection contains gorgeous feminine swimwear.



In the seventh month of this year, we had a surprise mostly for men. We came up with a new men’s collection called 1965. It was created in collaboration with Olympia, the biggest bodybuilding competition in the world. NEBBIA has been their proud sponsor for 7 years. With the pieces from 1965 collection, we remember the beginnings of professional bodybuilding. The slogan of the collection is: “Remember why you started,” that should give you that extra kick when you want to give up.


Limited Birthday Edition

NEBBIA celebrated its 24th birthday! We had our big day, but you were the one getting the presents. We launched the Limited Birthday Edition with 2000 pieces. Each of them being special just like you are! Every model has its own unique serial number, so you can be sure that nobody else has the same set as you.


Hero N°2

This collection has sold out in our B2B area in only 3 minutes!The combination of a beautiful minimalistic design, elegant details, and properties focused on performance have been an absolute winner for you. The Hero N°2 collection is celebrating everyday victories of women. We know that day and night you are a heroine for everyone else, but when you enter the gym, you become your own warrior. Each piece is a bestseller, go and check them out!


In October we introduced the winners of the NEBBIA Casting that took place in August. Four girls: Simona, Klaudia, Rebeka a Denisa became our NEBBIA GIRLS. All of them are active sportswomen and personal trainers that will support you on your fitness journey in 2022. At the beginning of October, we also participated in the Olympia Weekend. Since 2015 NEBBIA dresses up the contestants of this prestigious competition and helps them achieve their athletic dreams.


The end of the year is slowly approaching, but we are just beginning by opening thefirst NEBBIA Shop in Russia. At a special ceremony, together with our longtime B2B partner we opened the shop located in MEGA Dybenko mall in St. Petersburg. Our team also visited Prague where the professional bodybuilding competition EVLS Prague took place after a three-year break. NEBBIA collaborated with EVLS, and all the visitors could get their hands on limited commemorative men’s and women’s hoodies and leggings. They were a huge success! If you came by our stand, you could meet Roelly Winklaar, Anton Antipov, Miroslav Juricek or Lucia Brezinova.



We are working hard nonstop! At the beginning of December, we gave our last gift to everyone who is a fan of fitness, and they want to show it. The Mini drop called Essentials contains 5 models of women’s and men’s t-shirts that you can mix and match with our previous products very easily. The Essentials have a particularly good prize since they are all must-haves for anyone who lives for fitness!

Thank you so much for this amazing year! NEBBIA wishes a successful and happy 2022 to our fans and partners!