NEBBIA Store Now in Brno

NEBBIA Store Now in Brno

26.08.2020 2 minutes

Grand Opening

The opening of the fourth NEBBIA store in the Czech Republic, this time in the largest shopping center in Brno came with a bang - a celebration full of special guests, loyal customers, and fans of the brand from the Czech and Slovak Republic, and even Slovenia. So, if you haven't been there, here are some excerpts of what went down that day and the moments that we captured to remind us of the amazing atmosphere we all felt. 

The freshly opened NEBBIA store in OC Olympia Brno. 

NEBBIA CEO Martin Pecko with the proud owner Martina Trefilová.

Meet & Greet

We kickstarted the event with panel discussion Meet & Greet. The panelists were fitness stars including Radek Filipi - World Champion in the Bench Press and a former fitness trainer and motorcycle enthusiast, Karolina Huvarová - fitness trainer and model living between the US and the Czech Republic, who manages to train 20 ice hockey players, Viktor Vincze - celebrity fitness trainer living in Prague and also, our long-term ambassador, Valerija Slapnik, who studied civil engineering but found her passion in fitness. The session was hosted by the Slovak fitness YouTuber Kamil Kudas, whose sense of humor captivated the entire audience. The Meet & Greet answered many questions on a fitness lifestyle, Instagram, personal life. We learned about the recent breakthrough of Viktor Vincze, how Karolina manages to train 20 hockey players, and how she builds her authority. Valerija told us about her motivation and how she achieved her Instagram stardom.

Radek Filipi, Kamil Kudas, Valerija Slapnik, Karolína Huvarová, Viktor Vincze and NEBBIA CEO Martin Pecko.

Radek Filipi a Viktor Vincze in the company of charming fitness girls Valerija Slapnik a Karolina Huvarová

The photo call was quite busy:) Martine Ganse, Lukáš Veitl, Miška Mráziková a Christi.

Viktor Vincze, Tomáš Gašparík, Patrik Heřčík, Sebastián Gunčík, Martine G. Ganse, Valerija Slapnik, Miška Mráziková, Karolína Huvarová, Lukáš VeitlMiroslav Juríček and David Procházka.

Our big NEBBIA family:)

Kamil Kudas who's soon gonna take over NEBBIA's YouTube channel.

Fitness trainer and influencer Kamilka Pavličková with singer Matyas Hložek.

We would like to thank everyone that came and made this day even more special. We're confident the Brno store will be successful and will help you to always stay fresh with your workout outfits.