NEBBIA makes every woman happy: Perfect Christmas gifts for sisters, girlfriends and moms

NEBBIA makes every woman happy: Perfect Christmas gifts for sisters, girlfriends and moms

07.12.2021 2 minutes

Choosing the best gifts was certainly a puzzle even to geniuses like Einstein or Tesla. Do you wonder how you are even supposed to know the answers when you're always so busy and preoccupied? Let us help you! Take a look at this selection of gifts from NEBBIA that will make every woman in your life happy: your mother, sister and girlfriend.


You know she loves comfort, so give her the ultimate comfort in the form of soft Rebel Hero sets. The original and playful crop sweatshirt is a sure way to make your Christmas gift a winner. The hoodie can be easily combined with HERO leggings, Bubble Butts or favorite jeans. With original NEBBIA lampas, it is eye-catching and captivating enough. The shorts have a high waist and a boxer cut, making them suitable for both sports and leisure activities. Simply an exceptional gift that will make you the best sibling!


Your mom is always busy, and you just wonder where she gets so much energy from. Make her happy with clothes that will support her in everything she does! INTENSE sports pieces are made of a compressive material that protects joints and muscles from damage and helps speed up recovery. The collection also includes durable and soft sweatpants and sweatshirts, and their design is perfect for all kinds of activities - she can wear it at home, to work or the city! Thanks to the combination of black and gold, these pieces have a touch of luxury and elegance.

P.S: Collections INTENSE and HONEY BUNNY have highly functional and compressive material, so make sure to go a size up.


You would do everything for her, but during Christmas, you're wondering what "everything” actually consists of. Give her confidence and delicacy in the form of our Shape of You lingerie collection. We designed the underwear line to make every woman feel comfortable and irresistible, regardless of her height or weight. The material is extra soft and adaptable, so she will barely even feel it. The set consists of a bralette brathongs and a triangular bra with adjustable straps. Getting new underwear under the Christmas tree is a beautiful way to make her feel special and cared for.


Are you still unsure? We still have a few tips that will definitely give you a good score. Give her an outfit that she can wear anywhere, in the gym, home or night out. Black Hero leggings are a must-have model that goes with every outfit. The Essentials T-shirts excel with their minimalist, sporty design and high durability and will become an instant hit for every fashion lover.

FOR YOU BOTH: Men's hoodies and NEBBIA socks

Solve the mystery of vanishing hoodies once and for all! Make it a double win-win and get a pair of matching men's hoodies from the collection 1965 - they are perfect both for women and men. Just make sure to give your girlfriend the smaller size and you’re good to go. And what would Christmas be without socks? Get those from NEBBIA and enjoy group workouts or relaxation in this ultimate fitness classic.