NEBBIA was looking for new fitness models

NEBBIA was looking for new fitness models

27.08.2021 3 minutes

Almost 1,500 completed forms. A 20-member NEBBIA team and hundreds of hours spent carefully assessing each entrant. This is also how we can describe our last casting, the final round took place on August 20 in Žilina, Slovakia. It was an incredible experience for all of us that definitely left us motivated to work harder and never stop chasing our dreams.

First of all, we would like to thank all the girls who signed up for the casting. We looked at each form in detail, we read your stories, we watched videos of you exercising and we also visited your social media profiles. We were amazed at how many professional and amateur sports women live in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and surrounding countries! You girls did not make the choice easier for us. Your enthusiasm also means a huge commitment - we want to develop a sports and fitness community in the region of Central Europe to inspire more people to be active. This was a clear sign that we should do the NEBBIA casting more often.

  • Effective training session for HER: 6 exercises with video instructions!

The finals

On Friday August 20, we met the final twenty NEBBIA girls in person. Each finalist received a NEBBIA package full of clothes and fit goodies from Premium Brands upon arrival. Premium Brands also took care of refreshments at the casting and donated products such as NOCCO drinks or BAREBELLS bars and protein drinks.


First thing first, the girls were sent to change into swimsuits from the ecological collection OCEAN SELECTED, which is made of recycled ocean plastics material. Based on the first bikini line-up selection, we divided the finalists into four categories. This was followed by photography and posing in an orange outfit from the HERO collection. The last part of the evaluation was an interview with the jury. The jury consisted of 5 members - the founders of NEBBIA Martin and Stanka Peckovi, Andrejka Fusková, (the leader of the marketing team), Simonka Hostačná (vice world champion in fitness bikini) and Michelle Czaja (a successful fitness model and athlete from Germany).


The casting was also enriched by our dear guests. Simonka Hostačná hosted a bikini posing workshop where she shared her experience with fitness competitions and showed the girls the right posing techniques. The second workshop was led by Martina Takáčová. She talked about the importance of mobility and stability. There were also practical demonstrations and space for questions. At the end of the casting, there was a Meet & Greet with all ambassadors during which the moderator Kamil Kudas tested their knowledge with challenging questions. The girls - Simona, Martina and Michelle shared their opinions and views on social media, fitness industry, professional training, private life and motivation.

The end of the casting was announced by Martin Pecko. He made an inspiring speech to all the participants: “Whether we choose you or not, you have every right to be proud of yourself and continue to work on yourself. You made it to the finals because of your commitment to fitness, don't lose it and you'll make it far! Fitness is a beautiful lifestyle. But we should not forget about education and work. Not everyone can become a successful fitness trainer or athlete. Look at Michelle. She is a scientist in the field of human genetics who works 40 hours a week and is still able to train and take care of her health. We need to realize that while fitness is our passion, we need to evolve from multiple directions.”

The highlight of the day was definitely the epic NEBBIA after party - sitting together, chatting and enjoying a delicious meal and a glass of prosecco. We all shared training advice with each other, experience with fitness competitions and tips and tricks for keeping a healthy and active lifestyle.

We believe that the girls enjoyed this day, because we - members of the NEBBIA team - enjoyed it to the fullest! We want to thank the NEBBIAgirls casting participants not only for coming, but also for their amazing performance, their patience, ability to follow the schedule and the friendly atmosphere they created. Thanks to all this, the casting has become an unforgettable event that we'll cherish for a long time.