New eco-collection OCEAN SELECTED: Take part in the change

New eco-collection OCEAN SELECTED: Take part in the change

08.06.2021 2 minutes

Catch the eco wave and join us in cleaning the oceans. We bring you the new eco-friendly collection OCEAN SELECTED, which, as the name suggests, contains energy, power and untamedness. Thanks to the functional attributes of the SEAQUAL material, you will enjoy your summer training with maximum drive and a good feeling that you took part in removing plastic from oceans by buying your fitness clothes.

Inspired by nature

In the design phase, we were inspired by scenes from nature. We wanted to point towards the power and beauty of our planet, a source of endless inspiration and life. We do not limit ourselves to passive admiration. We know that we need to act both as individuals, and as a society to protect what is most precious - water.

That is why OCEAN SELECTED is manufactured from ecological materials. Those come from recycled plastic, which is gathered from the oceans by the SEAQUAL TM initiative, and consequently turned into an innovative fibre. Thus, we can simultaneously manufacture highly functional sportswear, and remove waste from the environment. By buying it, you are actively helping to clean the plastic-ridden beaches and seas. Get familiar with the three main motives of the new OCEAN SELECTED collection. Which element rules your world?

  • Read more about our cooperation with the Spanish company SEAQUAL TM.

Jungle Green

Untamed and energetic. But also unexplored. You are wild, but see your goals clearly and pursue them! Find energy hidden in the jungle-inspired pieces JUNGLE GREEN. Green means optimism, and the shades of bright yellow will surely motivate you for further workouts. We bring you 4 beautiful pieces in the JUNGLE GREEN theme - high-waist leggings, shorts, a sports bra, and a crop jacket. All of them feature specific functional elements and are decorated with the iconic NEBBIA stripes.

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Volcanic Black

Passionate, but also calm. You are a quiet, but fierce fighter. When your time comes, the time of your training, you give it your all. Allow this volcanic theme to remind you of the strength which you hide within. You will surpass your personal best in these mysterious black pieces thanks to their highly functional attributes. The elegant VOLCANIC BLACK line consists of a sports bra, crop shirt, high-waist bikers, and high-waist leggings.

  • Go for 100%. Reach the maximum - Shop eco.

Ocean Blue

Gentle and balanced. Hiding your true depth. You can change calm waters into an unending tempest. You possess the power of the seas, after all. OCEAN BLUE materialises the power and life hiding in the ocean. Wearing the OCEAN BLUE pieces, you will make ripples in regular workouts at your gym. Get ready for the new energy, which you can find in the OCEAN BLUE jacked, sports bra, high-waist leggings, and mid-waist leggings with the NEBBIA waistbands

A message from our designer Stanka

“We didn’t get into this situation where we have tons of garbage in the oceans immediately or out of nowhere. This is due to decades of everyday decisions made by billions of individuals around the world. The time has come for everyone to be aware of their impact on the environment and be curious about how they can help nature. Even opting for durable and ecological fitness clothing can be your “thank you” to our planet.”