Our ambassadors also face feelings of inferiority. Read their tips on how to overcome it.

Our ambassadors also face feelings of inferiority. Read their tips on how to overcome it.

19.02.2023 9 minutes

Inferiority complex is one of the problems that many women face. And the fitness community is no exception. Comparing oneself to others and a constant pursuit of perfection can lead to feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem. This is even more true in areas where performance and appearance are important. It is important to realise that we each have our own unique journey and value, and that we are never comparable to someone else. Our duty is to love ourselves and our bodies just as they are and to keep improving.

Our ambassadors also face feelings of inferiority. We asked them if they were satisfied with themselves and if they felt the need to change anything about themselves, whether they were stressed about their work as an influencer and how they deal with insecurity. They also have a special link for you to find your own self-love. Read their tips on how to get rid of inferiority complex.


Lucia Mikušová

Currently, I am the most content I have ever been in my entire life. This is probably because I will never be ultimately satisfied. I want to keep moving forward and I have goals that I want to accomplish. I am a fitness competitor. But competing in fitness is a psychological burden. During preparation, I tend to see myself subjectively all the time. I still see room for improvement. Yeah, I just don’t feel “good enough”. This is exactly the kind of situation where a coach comes in – someone with an objective viewpoint. I see my work as an influencer positively and I try to post only what I am identified with. And how do I deal with insecurity? The photos from the past help me the most. They remind me of how much progress I have made both psychologically and physically.



Lucia’s message for you: Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. It’s just about you versus YOU. And above all, don’t trust everything you see on social media. A good posture is often only half the battle. Love your body as it is and not as it could be. Look forward to progress. That helps us to move forward :)


Denisa Tran Vanová

My opinion is that one will never reach a state of ultimate contentment. We should self-accept ourselves as we are, but at the same time realise that we deserve better and work on ourselves. When I was younger, I always wanted to change something about myself and I was never completely satisfied. Eyes, breasts. The whole body actually. I felt inferior, especially because of my origin. But today I try to show my true face and character on social media. Maybe that’s why I never felt under pressure. But social media doesn’t affect us in the best way. I limited the time I spent on them. I like to motivate and inspire people with photos, workouts and food, but I don’t spend my spare time here. I still can't get used to using the word influencer ????But it’s great that I can have a job I enjoy. My formula against insecurity is: regular exercise, walks in nature, reading books, playing with pets and spending time in the company of the right people.



Denisa’s message for you: Enjoy the whole journey to your better self. Love your body as it is, but don’t forget to be humble and willing to improve yourself in every possible way :)


Lucia Knihová

I think a woman will never be satisfied with herself. We always find something we don’t like and would like to change it. When I find something I don’t like about myself, I try instead to find something I like and love about myself. I experience the feeling that I am not good enough quite often. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who are heavily influenced by social media – a negative impact. I catch myself comparing myself to other girls so often. They look like they never faced any trouble. But in fact, what we see on social media is often the image that people want to show, and it may not be true. Since I’ve been posting on Instagram, I’ve been spending a lot more time on it. Unfortunately, there are also people who feel the need to comment negatively on my posts. I appreciate all the more those who encourage me in my work.



Lucia’s message for you: It’s all about small steps and remembering to be grateful. Enjoy being healthy so you can pursue your daily activities. I always say to myself: “trust the process”, because everything takes time and problems can’t be solved overnight, but if you really want to, you can do a lot.


Michelle Czaja

There are days when I feel uncomfortable in my body. But then I think about how much I’ve already achieved in my life and I start to feel proud of myself again. Especially with the impact of social media, there are days when you compare yourself to others and want to change something about yourself. Through meditation and self-love, I have learned to self-accept myself. Working as an influencer is often not easy. The pressure to be “perfect” is often enormous. It is important to resist it and to love yourself enough. Social media is in fact one big illusion. It helps me to write down all the things I’m proud of.



Michelle’s message for you: Don’t take things too seriously and don’t compare yourself to other people on social media. We all wear “a mask” on social media and show only the best of us. Be proud of yourself.


Romana Sýkorová

I’m happy with myself at the moment. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for me to be even better. That’s why you have to keep working on yourself and moving forward. I had a period when I didn’t like myself and my self-denial didn’t allow me to show myself among other people. But! I started to work out. It helped me with my physique, I got fitter and it brought me peace of mind. I don’t really consider myself an influencer, as I only present what I enjoy. In order to start a new cooperation, I have to have a good feeling about it first. The only thing that brings uncertainty into my life is my university studies. Whenever I was in doubt, talking to my family, a friend or a friend helped me. These are the people who can guide me on the right path and help me avoid uncertainty. :) I like hiking. Hiking is what can bring me peace of mind. I ride horses, something I’ve been close to since I was a kid.



Romana’s message for you: Get out of your comfort zone, find a hobby that fulfills you and stick with it. Pursue your goal. ✨


Tereza Kmecová

Many people who work out will never be satisfied with themselves – there will always be room for improvement. I’m not ultimately content either, but I try to work on myself every day to feel the best I can in my body. It was because of the need to change that I started exercising and getting interested in diet. Because of constant comparison, one feels inadequate. Given that my Instagram profile is based on fitness and physique, I often feel a bit of pressure that I should look good all the time. Not only in photos. It also turned into fear – what if someone recognises me and I’m not exactly in the shape I look like in the photos. That’s why I tried to create more content at the same time, where I show reality and not just staged photos. And it helped me tremendously to feel better and not think about it. Discipline is very important for me. Though I do my best for myself, I try not to be too strict.



Tereza’s message for you: Be careful who you follow on social media. Don’t compare yourself, because even that chick on Instagram with the awesome body might not look that great in real life, and I’m sure she has her days when she feels bad too. It’s normal that we all have something we don’t like about ourselves and if you can change it, work on it. And if it can’t be changed, don’t worry about it.


Tereza Vincze

I give it 100%. That’s all I can ask of myself. As a competitor, I have divided my seasons into ‘on’ and ‘off’. Both are of extreme importance. You have to love each one and embrace yourself even with a higher percentage of fat. Next year I can be better again. Dissatisfaction with myself and the need for change led me to start working out. My fitness predispositions aren’t the best. Anyway, one can constantly improve and get closer to your goal, and that’s the driving force for me. I like my work as an influencer. I have a simple answer to the hates: you can’t please everyone. Do what you like to do. I deal with uncertainty through rational thinking. If I have my period right now and I don’t like myself, I tell myself: “Judge yourself when you’re in a better mood or invite impartial eyes.”


Tereza’s message for you: Spending time alone will help you get to know yourself. It is important to accept and forgive yourself for mistakes. We will never turn back time and we need to look forward. If you don’t love yourself, how can anyone else love you?


Valerija Slapnik

Childbirth brought contentment into my life. I love being a mom and I am grateful that my body gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby girl :) I think a lot of people think about changing something about themselves, either physically or psychologically. I needed it too. A change of mindset, devotion and other things that have made my life easier have helped. I always have the need to improve. But this applies to just about everyone in the fitness world. Working as an influencer has taught me not to be offended by negative comments. The way I perceive it is this: I’m content with myself, so I don’t have time to leave negative comments for others. So people who do that have a lot of problems themselves. I hope they find happiness in life. Talking to family, friends and exercising helps me manage stress.



Valerija’s message for you: Do what makes you happy. Surround yourself with people who are positive and motivate you. Do things the right way. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


They are young, beautiful and dynamic, yet our ambassadors experience feelings of inferiority. But today they know that it is important not to give up and to fight negative emotions in time. We spend the most time with ourselves. And that is why it is necessary to build a good relationship, especially with oneself, and to learn healthy self-love. It can make our lives happier in every way.