We celebrated the 2nd birthday of the Bratislava store!

We celebrated the 2nd birthday of the Bratislava store!

10.02.2020 1 minute

We were so happy when we opened the NEBBIA store in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia! Our dream came true and it has been two years since this special day. We have met a lot of wonderful people who have become our loyal customers. We really appreciate it and are happy for all the progress you are making thanks to the motivation transformed into our clothes! :)

The second birthday party, which we approached a bit unconventionally in the spirit of "Shopping with the Designer" was great thanks to you! Stanka Pecková, who is behind the design of every single piece, spent all the evening with customers and advised them during their NEBBIA shopping experience. They returned, together with our CEO Martin Pecko from Bratislava pumped with the positive energy you transferred to them :) Thank you for coming, for all the nice words and valuable feedback.

We are looking forward to seeing you next year! Another birthday, another opportunity!







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