Sports Bra: Guide to Maximum Support and Comfort

Sports Bra: Guide to Maximum Support and Comfort

11.09.2023 7 minutes

An active lifestyle brings benefits to your health and well-being. However, it also comes with the need to choose the right fitness attire that allows you to engage in physical activity without worries. One of the key pieces of your outfit is the sports bra. It provides support, comfort, and freedom of movement even during demanding workouts. Let's explore how to choose a sports bra that will support you in every performance.

How to Choose the Right Sports Bra?

Selecting the right sports bra, just like choosing leggings, is crucial for comfortable and carefree training. It can even impact your performance, as it keeps you focused during physical activity.

Support and Comfort

When choosing a sports bra, it's not just about style but, more importantly, about providing the necessary support and comfort. During physical activity, breasts can move in various directions, and insufficient support can lead to discomfort, tension, and even long-term problems. It can also save you the trouble of constantly adjusting slipping straps, digging in at various places, or worrying that the bra isn't staying in place.

Depending on the type of exercise and intensity, you'll need different levels of support. Low-intensity activities like yoga may require less support, while medium and high-intensity workouts like running, jumping, or intense gym exercises demand strong and reliable support to minimize breast movement.


The materials used in a sports bra have a significant impact on comfort and performance during physical activity.

Breathable and quick-drying

Keeps your skin dry by wicking away sweat and moisture from your body. It minimizes the risk of irritation and ensures a more pleasant experience during your workout.

Soft and elastic

Ensures that the bra adapts to your body's shape and movements without restricting your range of motion. These materials stretch and return to their original shape, allowing for unrestricted movement without a constricting feeling.


If you care about the environment, the Black Edition sports bra from the OCEAN SELECTED ecological collection is made from highly functional eco-material. Its innovative fibers are performance-oriented, wicking away sweat and drying quickly. Moreover, it's not see-through, resistant to wear and tear, doesn't pill, and the colors remain vibrant.


Improves blood flow and oxygenation of muscles, helping you perform better. It also reduces muscle fatigue. A compression sports bra holds everything in place firmly and comfortably, providing a slight compression sensation.

Design and Function Go Hand in Hand

Pay attention to the design factors in your sports bra, as they also serve functional purposes:

Mesh panels

Add a sporty look to your sports bra and help wick away sweat and moisture during your workout. They also have thermoregulatory functions.

Thick bottom band

Provides additional support and prevents rolling. It features the NEBBIA logo.

Strap thickness and adjustability

Choose the straps on your sports bra based on the intensity of your exercise and the size of your bust. Women with larger breasts will appreciate thicker straps that provide more support and prevent digging. Some bras also allow you to adjust the straps, similar to a regular bra.


You'll feel most comfortable in a sports bra that is not see-through. You can choose from double-layered, compression, or those with reinforcement.

Resistance to chafing and rubbing

The design of the sports bra plays as important a role as its material. Seamless designs and special reinforcements can significantly minimize chafing and rubbing that can occur during repetitive movements. Straps and closures should be positioned to minimize uncomfortable points of contact or pressure on the skin.

The choice of materials and the design of your sports bra are crucial for comfort and functionality during physical activity. Remember to consider not only the aesthetic aspect but also the technical properties of materials and design to ensure that the bra truly meets your needs during active days.

Sports Bra Based on Exercise Intensity

Every sports activity is unique and requires specific support and comfort. Therefore, it's essential to understand the differences between various types of sports bras and their suitability for different types of movement.

Low support

These are suitable for exercises with mild movement intensity, such as yoga or light weightlifting. The sports bra should provide adequate support with minimal breast movement. You can opt for a nature-inspired sports bra from the OCEAN SELECTED collection or a double-layered sports bra from HERO N°3.

Medium support

Activities like running, cycling, or aerobics fall into the category of medium-intensity movement. Reliable support that minimizes breast movement without restricting your range of motion is needed for these activities. The Iconic sports bra from the HERO N°3 collection is a typical choice for medium support.

High support

Intensive exercises involving dynamic movements, jumping, and weightlifting in the gym represent high-intensity workouts. For these activities, a sports bra with maximum support that keeps the breasts firmly in place and reduces the risk of pain or discomfort is ideal. The INTENSE compression sports bra and the mini-top from HERO N°3 provide precisely that level of support. When choosing a sports bra, focus on its suitability for the specific activity. Remember that different activities require different levels of support and functionality. This is why having multiple types of sports bras, depending on your planned activities, can be beneficial.

Structured Sports Bra

The purpose of structuring is to minimize breast movement during physical activity. This is particularly important when exercising in the gym, where dynamic movements can cause unwanted breast motion and discomfort. However, if you prefer freedom of movement and your exercise isn't too intense, you can choose a sports bra without structured support. Structured sports bras are especially appreciated by athletes with larger breasts. In this case, you can also opt for mild compression and appreciate wider straps and an under-bust band. The INTENSE Iconic structured sports bra made of compression material is a popular choice. Thanks to the support, breast movement is reduced by up to a quarter. Of course, this is true if you choose the right size.

Sports Bra Styles Based on Strap Functionality

In addition to technical aspects, don't forget to consider the style of your sports bra. Different styles offer various advantages that can affect your workout experience. Common styles include the classic, the racerback, and the sports bra with crisscrossed straps. Each of these styles meets specific needs and athlete preferences, allowing you to focus fully on your training goals.

Classic straps

Provide stable support and coverage. They can be used for various types of activities and may have adjustable straps. They are comfortable and ideal for low and medium-intensity movement.

Racerback design

Great for activities that require free arm movement. The racerback design ensures that the straps won't slip and offers reliable support. It's suitable for various types of high-intensity exercises.

Crisscrossed straps

Combines the benefits of classic and racerback designs. It offers stable support while allowing freedom of movement. It's ideal for activities that involve a combination of different movements and intensities, even for maximum performance.

Choosing the right size

The correct size of your sports bra is crucial for achieving optimal support, comfort, and performance during your activity. As a first step, measure your chest and bust circumference accurately to determine your best size.

Wearing the wrong size sports bra can negatively impact overall comfort and support. A too-tight bra can cause compression, discomfort, and even painful digging or impressions on the skin. On the other hand, a too-loose bra may not provide adequate support and may shift during movement, leading to constant adjustments and distractions. Your full focus won't be on your performance. You'll constantly check if everything is in place.

Once you've determined your exact size, check if the sports bra fits correctly, with the straps comfortably in place. They shouldn't cut into your skin or fall down. The bottom band or elastic should prevent the bra from shifting and should stay in place. The back part should sit horizontally and securely without digging or riding up.

The right fit and style are not just aesthetic considerations but fundamental elements for your maximum support and comfort. Don't be afraid to try different sizes and styles until you find the one that suits you best. Your comfort and performance during your workout depend on your choice of sports bra. Feel like a second skin in it.

Maintenance and Care

Take care of your clothing and our planet. Wash your sports bra inside out and only with similar-colored clothing at a maximum temperature of 40°C. Don't soak it. When ironing, do not exceed 110°C, do not use steam, and iron it inside out. Avoid using a dryer and fabric softener. If you no longer want the clothing, recycle it or donate it.

A sports bra is not just a piece of clothing. It allows you to move with confidence and comfort. Your body deserves support. Choose a quality sports bra and take good care of it. Comfort during physical activity is essential not only for your body but also for your overall self-confidence and joy in sports. Take the time to choose the best sports bra, and your body will thank you with every step, jump, and exercise.