The Gifts She Really Wants This Year

The Gifts She Really Wants This Year

05.12.2020 3 minutes

It's that time of year again. Colorful lights, scented candles, baked apples, and cinnamon rolls - the most anticipated season of the year is here. The Christmas atmosphere has come to the town. It's a time of giving thanks, treating our loved ones with love and kindness, receiving gifts, and giving in return. Gift giving is a form of art.

At NEBBIA, we understand the struggles of figuring out the perfect gift. Sometimes, we can spend endless hours searching for just the thing that will make your friends and family members pleasantly surprised, joyful, and excited. That is why we decided to create an exclusive guideline to the most popular gifts that people purchase for Christmas year after year and always come back to buy more.

Sit down, light a candle, and think of your loved ones and what they might enjoy the most from the following selection.


The golden Honey Bunny set has become a signature staple in our portfolio. We've noticed there's a dedicated cult following forming aroundthis mini collection. And of course, there's no wonder why. Colored in black and gold combination for the first time ever, this dashing piece evokes a sense of luxury among their weavers. As both a fashion and gym wear garment, the Honey Bunny collection is still highly functional, and performance-oriented. Make your girlfriend feel special, show her how much you cherish her, and get her the whole set with Honey Bunny Leggings, Honey Bunny Crop Top, and Honey Bunny Tank top.

She will undoubtedly love it! 


Is your girlfriend bored of the same gym wear with no defined style or color palette? Well, then this Boho 3D set might be just the thing that will make her smile and ready to jump-start her fitness journey with new enthusiasm. Give her the whole set including Boho Style 3D Pattern LeggingsCrop Top, and Mini Top.

This eye-catching set is an unconventional blend of unique 3D effect material and feminine cutting-edge design. The material is flexible, airy with an interesting structure that will adapt to your girlfriend's curves. The softness of the material guarantees maximum comfort while wearing and the iconic NEBBIA rubber on the waist with little silicone „Ns“ on the inner side will guarantee it will stay in its place during high-intensity workouts. 

Give her a little something extra, show her that you see her uniqueness and that you love her for it even more.


Is your girlfriend or friend always smiling, happy, and joyful? Does she radiate confidence and positive energy? Well, then look no more because you've just stumbled across the perfect piece that will suit her style and personality. This apricot set is for the adventurous soul who fears no challenge, always keeps her head up and stays faithful to her values. 

Give her our Squat Hero Scrunch Butt Leggings and Lift Hero Sports Mini Top in apricot under the Christmas tree and show her that you see all these qualities in her and that you appreciate her creative spirit as much as you do her soul and body. 


Does your girlfriend or friend prefer more of a black and white combo? Is she more reserved in her clothing choices and appreciate timeless neutral classics? We have good news! This black and white set was designed especially for old souls. This is for the ones who see the beauty in the little things, who like to keep things clean and value order above the chaos. They are highly disciplined, focused on their goals. Does it sound like your girlfriend or friend? Well, then what are you waiting for? 

You've just found the perfect gift! Get her the Power Your Hero Iconic Leggings and Power Your Hero Iconic Sports Bra now so you have enough time to put it under the Christmas tree!


Then go for a no-brainer and give them our new collection of NEBBIA socks. The combination of iconic design, high-quality and sweat-absorbing material, and high-performance functions is a safe bet that will definitely find its place in their closet.

We hope you found the perfect gift for your loved ones. If you need any more assistance, feel free to send us a message or visit our brick stores. Our fashion consultants and shopping assistants will gladly help you choose the ideal pieces for a Christmas present.

Merry Christmas Shopping and Happy New Wear!