The Secrets of a Personal Trainer

The Secrets of a Personal Trainer

19.08.2020 5 minutes

Hi to all NEBBIA fans! I am Laura Takácsová - personal trainer and fitness model. I am happy to share here the insights from my professional trainer's life as well as motivation for fitness and regular exercise. 

Work As A Hobby

If you do what you love, and love what you do, you never work a day in your life. And I am so grateful that is my case. 
Fitness is my love, my hobby, my lifestyle - all in all, a dream job. I have been working as a personal trainer for 10 years and counting. Prior to that I used to own a small cosmetic salon and already then I knew that my goal in life is to help people become a better version of themselves. I started to train in the gym with a goal to lose weight and would spend hours on the treadmill, doing some sit-ups and that was it. I was afraid of the "iron", didn't really want to look like a man:) At that time, fitness was at a totally different place, and I am surprised that today with all the information available, so many women still have respect and do not even consider incorporating weights into their training program. The profession of a personal trainer was very rare in the past - especially in our region, but luckily the times have changed. Today, the ratio of trainers vs clients in the gym is almost 1:1. 

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Individual Approach

Obviously, I am not here to judge the situation. Everybody has a choice. But there are a few instances when the professional knowledge of personal trainers is not really worth the title. Some think that it is enough to undergo one fitness competition, lose weight or.........The most important is to remember that each and every one of us is individual and unique. Not only from the physical perspective - age, metabolism, personality. There isn't just one formula for everybody. A good personal trainer should consider not only the client's health but every other aspect of his/her lifestyle. Some people like to be pushed, some prefer to take it easy. To evaluate the right approach and listen to the client's needs is key. And therefore, the communication is super important.

With each client, I need to find out his/her goal. And then explain what is realistic, the estimated timeframe to reach it and find out how much time and effort is he/she willing to put out. Because the time we invest for self-care will be rewarded. Our body is the only place where we'll live till the end of our life. Remember that:) 
I am not really for anything radical, as the extremes are not the best for your body, but rather support the golden mean. If the situation does ask for it (e.g. to lose weight for the wedding or a special occasion), I do not recommend strict diets and too many training sessions straight from the start. I am trying to lead my clients so fitness becomes their lifestyle, exercise becomes a way to relax, and healthy nutrition becomes a joy vs. suffering. If the client does not enjoy the process and takes it as a short-term activity or punishment, he will not last long enough to get reach a life-changing makeover. 

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Personal Trainer As a Psychologist 

When selecting your personal trainer, with exception of a one-time training plan or online coaching, mutual sympathies are crucial. Just realize how many hours per week you'll spend in the gym. It is not a once-a-month visit to a cosmetic salon. Your enthusiasm is very much dependant on a mutual connection with the trainer. And that's one of the reasons why I love my job so much. I learn something and get inspired by each and every one of my clients. During the years, I met so many people at different stages in life and pretty much have seen it all - problems with anorexia, alcoholism,  life-changing situations - divorces, break-ups, weddings, loss of a job, everyday problems, breakthrough moments and inspiring changes. So, no wonder that sometimes I am in a role of a psychologist  - I am there to listen, to give advice. Someone smart once said - if you improve life of just one person, your life has a meaning. So, when someone comes to me with a huge thank you, and expresses how much I improved his/her life,that I am their hero...in that moment I know that my work is meaningful. My biggest goal is to help people to become a better version of themselves. I see how they're changing in front of my eyes from one day to another, not only physically, but also mentally. And everyone that once experienced fitness knows that it is about overcoming your limits, getting out of your comfort zone. It teaches you discipline and boosts confidence.

My clients become my friends in and out of the gym. They invite me to parties, BBQs, we go on hikes together. And with my girl squad we even organize fitness Saturday parties! 

Fitness As a Lifestyle

Message to everyone aspiring to start a fitness journey  - DON'T HESITATE and GO ALL IN! Definitely start with a trainer who will motivate you and show you the right types of exercise and correct ways of practicing. But remember - we can show you the right direction, but you need to pave the road yourself. Wishing you best of luck and don't forget - a new fitness outfit will make it so much easier:)