The woman behind NEBBIA: Read the Story of the Slovak Fashion Designer Stanka Peckova (INTERVIEW)

The woman behind NEBBIA: Read the Story of the Slovak Fashion Designer Stanka Peckova (INTERVIEW)

14.02.2022 3 minutes

Stanka Peckova is a successful fashion designer. She’s been creating sports clothing since 1997, and over the years her love for fitness fashion only grew. She comes from a northern Slovakian town Zilina and she founded the famous fitness brand NEBBIA together with her husband Martin Pecko. Whether or not you’re interested in fashion, her story will show you that following your own path is worth it.

Have you always known that you want to design fitness clothing?

I think so. I was always attracted by sports. When I was in high school, our task was to create and sew a piece of clothing that would be presented at a fashion show competition, I chose sportswear. All the others had costumes, dresses, coats, and other gorgeous pieces. I believe I was the only one presenting sports fashion.

If I think of it, it was a gorgeous dark shell suit. The pants had a huge sign saying COME STAI on one leg, the jacket had a hood, a zipper and a huge sign saying BENE in a mustard color. I think this kind of shell suit would be popular among the young even today. Hm, perhaps I could bring it back. I’ll think about it very well. :)

How would you describe your style as a designer?

I think someone else could answer this question better. I would say my style is simple yet recognizable.

Which of the collections have you enjoyed designing the most?

:) I always enjoy designing, but I would say I had the biggest fun while designing the Fitness Meets Fashion Collection. It was a very creative process, even more so than during other collections. Another fun factor was the fact that we presented the collection at a fashion show in Bratislava. That was an incredible experience with a great atmosphere and great people. I really enjoyed it. Then there’s also the Beautiful Inside & Out Collection. This one was super playful. The beauty of this job is that every collection represents a new challenge. It’s very exciting, creative, and I am always looking forward to the result.

If you could design something without having any limitations, what elements would you use? How would it look like?

It’s going to sound weird, but I would get inspiration from animated heroines like Lara Croft. :) They have such a great style; I can imagine such elements in one of our collections.

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What are your expectations for fashion trends in 2022?

I think leggings and high waisted pants are still going to be very trendy, this style is very popular. I also think that oversized cropped sweaters and hoodies will continue to be in style.

What inspires you creatively?

Everywhere I go or look there’s inspiration: nature, walk in town, good movie, gym, travelling… Exhibitions also inspire me a lot, but unfortunately due the pandemic they are all closed. I hope this year it will change. Sometimes inspiration comes on its own, I grab a pen and I make one design after another.

Have you experienced burn out? Or you ran out of ideas?

Of course, not just once. You’re looking forward to drawing and creating and when you grab a pen nothing comes to you. It’s frustrating, but luckily it always went away, and it never lasted long. Sometimes I get an idea while driving. I always carry my notebook with me and if I don’t have it, I use whatever I can find, even a parking receipt. I draw on the spot, this way I will remember the idea exactly as it is.

How do you cope with stress at work?

That’s a good question. Personally, I like stress. I would say that I am more productive that way. I use it to push myself forward. I don’t know why, but when I don’t feel the pressure, it feels like something is missing. :)

What is the cooperation with young NEBBIA athletes like? Do you see any benefits?

Working with our girls is amazing especially because each of them is completely different. For a designer, it’s great to have models with different body types. I create designs for a broader audience, and I keep looking for the golden middle way; the clothes should fit well and at the same time suit different body types.

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