Valerija Slapnik: Don’t be stressed by gaining weight during pregnancy

Valerija Slapnik: Don’t be stressed by gaining weight during pregnancy

30.07.2021 3 minutes

Pregnancy is the most beautiful yet the most challenging period in a woman’s life. During this time, some mothers are able to work out in the gym or go hiking in the mountains. Others need to rest more and slow down for their own safety and the health of their baby. Read more about Valerija’s experiences with her first pregnancy.

As soon as I found out I'm pregnant, I was over the moon and so excited for a new chapter of our life!

FIRST TRIMESTER: morning sickness and sensory changes

The first three months were really tough because I was sick for days on end. I wasn't eating healthy – everything I loved before pregnancy smelled terrible. I was also sleeping all the time... even going to the bathroom was challenging and exhausting. After three months, sickness disappeared. After that, I slowly started going for short walks and went to the gym 1-2 times per week, doing only some light weights. At the time, there was also lockdown in gyms here in Slovenia, so I couldn't go more often anyway. However, I still tried to maintain my routine and do some workouts at home.

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SECOND TRIMESTER: listen to your body

In the second trimester, everything changed for the better. I was working out more, but not as much as I used to - I still felt tired. I always try to listen to my body. If my body tells me to sleep, I go sleeping. If it tells me to go exercise, I go training.

Before doing any kind of training, I always asked my doctor if it's all right with my condition. Each pregnancy is different. She told me it would be even better if I continue to do some easy workouts.Apparently, consistent light training can help with »easier« labour, and it would make both me and the baby feel better during pregnancy.

THIRD TRIMESTER: a new adapted fitness lifestyle

Now I'm in the third trimester, and I have more energy than I had in the other two trimesters. There is also a new gym in our town, which gave me more motivation for working out. I avoid doing any kind of exercises that include abs, and I don't do any heavyweights either. I divide my workout routines based on the upper and lower body, doing more reps (around 20) and keep longer pauses between them. The weights are so light that I don't even sweat. I don't do cardio in the gym, only nature walks. I also have been cycling outside (only 5-10 km), which I really enjoyed. It felt better than walking. And again – ask your doctor what you can and can't do. It's not the same for everyone!

If your pregnancy is not complicated, walks would be perfect for you, and for everything else, always ask for permission.

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TAKE IT EASY: Your baby's health is a top priority

After I give birth, I wish I could find more time to go to the gym and keep myself more active – not for appearance though, but for being healthy and fit in general, so I could run around with our baby girl and do as many activities with her as possible. I think mommies shouldn't forget to take some time for themselves too. You know what they say… happy mommy, happy baby! :)

For all pregnant women out there, don't stress over gaining weight during pregnancy. That is totally normal - your baby is growing with you, and one day, all that extra weight will go down… believe me. I wish you all a nice and healthy pregnancy, and for others, all the best as well!

You'll hear about my fitness journey again soon (probably after I give birth).

Lots of love,