We Are Busting the Myths About Eco-friendly Clothing. Your Choice Can Help to Save the World

We Are Busting the Myths About Eco-friendly Clothing. Your Choice Can Help to Save the World

18.03.2023 3 minutes

Sustainable fashion is becoming an important topic for many Slovak brands. At the same time, buying eco-friendly fitness clothing is trendy. This is confirmed by the data. Imagine that, since 2015, up to 93% of consumers have either increased their purchases of sustainable products or maintained consistent purchasing habits over the past year.

According to a survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, up to 75% of millennial respondents consider sustainability when shopping. When it comes to Generation Z, 32% choose retailers that offer sustainable products and 20% choose retailers that are committed to sustainability.

With NEBBIA, you can join them too.


Eco as a synonym for quality

If you feel that sustainable fashion must be of lower quality, we’ll prove you are wrong. An eco-friendly material can be just as good or even better than a conventional one. Nowadays, there are many modern technologies and processes that enable the production of high-end and high-performance materials from natural resources or recycled materials. These can be, for instance, plant fibres (cotton, hemp), recycled materials (e.g. plastic bottles, old clothes), but also new nanotechnology-based materials (e.g. bioplastics).



Environmentally friendly processes that are also friendly to you

Environmentally friendly processes that minimise the impact on the environment are often used in the production of eco-friendly materials. For example, in the cotton production, one of the most widely used sustainable materials – there are such agrotechnical practices used that minimise the use of pesticides and fertilisers and ensure sustainable soil development.

Eco-friendly materials can also have other advantages, such as better resistance to allergens, fewer toxic substances in the production process and less negative impact on the environment.


Comfortable, durable and sustainable fashion

Recycled fitness clothing will bring you many benefits. In some cases, they may even be better because they are high quality and environmentally friendly. You can exercise comfortably and with confidence that your clothes will wear well. Eco-friendly clothing is made from high-quality, durable materials that are often more resistant to abrasion and washing than the materials used in conventional clothing.


Imaginative and trendy

Recycled fitness clothing is often designed in line with the latest fashion trends and will help you express your distinct style and taste. Our OCEAN SELECTED collection is imaginative, youthful, full of patterns and colours. And lovers of black can look forward to the new OCEAN collection. We already had sustainable fashion in mind when creating the FEEL GOOD LOOK GOOD collection. The ribbed leggings, tank top and T-Shirt are made from organic cotton and the green eco leggings and eco tank top are made from recycled material with highly functional properties.

I’m sure you will choose. You’ll feel like yourself in the gym and your clothes will be really cool.



Functionality above all

An example of functionality is fitness clothing made from recycled plastics. Its technical features make it one of the first choices for sports activities and working out. These are also the benefits it can offer you:

Resistance to moisture

You must feel comfortable when you are working out. The best workout is the one where you sweat hard. That’s why you’ll want clothes that wick away the moisture that doesn’t stay on your body. Materials made from recycled plastics dry more quickly and keep you dry even during strenuous workout.


Fitness clothing made from recycled plastics prevents accumulation of heat between the fabric layer and your body and increases air circulation. It provides you with greater comfort and convenience throughout your visit to the gym.


Another feature that you will undoubtedly appreciate is the fact that it adapts perfectly to your body. It will become your second skin and nothing will limit or bother you. 

UV protection

And you can workout outdoors without worrying about dangerous sunlight. Many materials made from recycled plastics have the ability to protect the skin from harmful UV rays, which is helpful for outdoor activities and working out in the sun.


Make a choice and improve your impact on the environment

Think green and join the 78% of people who choose a product labelled as sustainable when shopping. It’s your choice. The great thing is that you no longer have to choose between sustainability, design and quality. You can have it all.

It is important to note that the quality of eco-friendly materials can vary depending on their production method and the raw materials used. Therefore, always check what material you are buying and its origin and composition.