What You Should Know About NEBBIA Clothing

What You Should Know About NEBBIA Clothing

20.10.2023 4 minutes

At NEBBIA, we’ve always believed that the true quality of what you wear during training isn’t just about materials and design. It’s about knowing the real needs of those who exercise daily, just like you. Fitness, even bodybuilding, is not an easy sport. It’s even more important for us to provide you with support and the best product. That’s the way we do it. Our goal. And on the way to its accomplishment, the POWER CHECK mark was born. It’s a story of the power of collaboration, written for you jointly with the world’s best athletes. With those who are making fitness history. With those that you will one day join if you wish.

What makes NEBBIA clothing unique?

Details make the difference. We want to make products with cutting edge design – innovative and sophisticated down to the smallest detail. And we don’t want to compromise on this. That’s why we follow a very complex process during development, resulting in a product with the POWER CHECK mark.

What does it mean to you? Our products are tested and approved directly by world fitness champions. Thanks to the NEBBIA POWER CHECK mark, you can be sure that the product meets even the most demanding requirements for fitness wear. We develop each product as follows:

  1. The product is consulted with our top athletes.
  2. The product is tested during dozens of strenuous workouts.
  3. The product is developed to the smallest detail.

A product is labelled NEBBIA POWER CHECK only when we and our athletes are 100% sure that there is no room for further improvement. How does it all work?

We consult the product with top athletes

During training in the gym, each motion is important. We take the same meticulous approach when designing our collections since we don’t want to leave anything to chance. We carefully select the face of the collection – a successful and experienced athlete with whom we consult the product down to the smallest detail. These are athletes who have trained hundreds of hours and know what qualities good clothing should possess. We listen to their experience and suggestions and take inspiration from them to create products for you. We associate collections with the icons we know will motivate you on your journey. If we can create clothing that meets their training needs, we’re sure it will meet yours.

Collection with the signature of top athletes/ The guarantee of quality is a top athlete

In the men’s Performance+ collection, we have taken into account the needs of the modern, goal-oriented man. Functionality comes first. And who else could test the clothes for you better than a top athlete? Coach Eddy pushes the limits of his performance every day, just like you! To meet your high demands, we think innovatively. We expect you to get sweaty during cardio and dynamic training. Quick-drying material and vents keep you dry without feeling cold in the lower back. Focus only on what really matters. How much more will you lift today on the bench press than yesterday?

Denisa Tran Vanová is the face of the HERO N°3 collection. HERO N°3 is not just about stylish pieces of clothing, but also about supporting you on your performance journey. Clothing that supports you on every step you make and makes you feel confident during every workout. You won’t get distracted by itchy material, a bra that hinders motion, or fixative itchy leggings. These leggings have withstood hundreds of squats, do not stretch and are suitable for the harsh environment of the gym. With us you will find what you really need in the gym – comfort, support and motivation. You too can look great like Denise and still be yourself.

With the INTENSE collection we bet on winning. The determination of those who want to achieve the highest goal. The obvious choice for us was Maureen Blaquisco. It is the embodiment of not giving up, no matter how much a man struggles. You see the goal in front of you and you reach it. And that’s exactly what INTENSE is – intensive support for your muscles. It increases your blood flow and boosts your performance during training to 100%.

We test the product during dozens of strenuous workouts

We continue with the prototype. We want to make it stylish, yet perfectly functional. That’s why the testing phase is of utmost importance. Our athletes test their clothing in conditions of strenuous training over a period of several weeks. Squats, deadlifts, dips and push-ups – they train a lot. Our work on this collection continues. We listen to every criticism. Because we know that the right clothes will make you feel confident.

We develop the product down to the smallest detail

There are no shortcuts in our approach to product development. Tests are carried out over and over again. Every time we test, we get valuable input that helps us improve every detail of the product. With our chief designer Stanka Pecková, we carefully consider and incorporate each of these suggestions. And when we think we’ve achieved perfection? Then we make another attempt. Our athletes once again started testing to make each version better than the last. Our goal is clear: to offer you the best!

From approval to POWER CHECK

And here we move to the final phase, in which we discuss the prototype of the product with the athlete and put it into production. Such a product is labelled NEBBIA POWER CHECK.

Now you know how NEBBIA products are developed. The clothing has withstood the extreme workouts of professional athletes and it will withstand yours. So when are you gonna try it?