Wow, this is for you! Discover the New Technical Materials from the NEXT LEVEL Collection

Wow, this is for you! Discover the New Technical Materials from the NEXT LEVEL Collection

25.10.2022 3 minutes

This autumn we launched our new men’s collection NEXT LEVEL. As the name suggests – you’ll find bits that will help you get to the next level. This collection isn’t just about your progress. Indeed, it is also a way forward for us at NEBBIA. Because of you and your lofty goals, we’ve decided to expand our menswear portfolio by adding functional bits made from technically advanced material. No more sweaty T-shirts after a hard workout! In these bits, you’ll always feel fresh and free thanks to the highly functional material they are made from. Let's take a look at our new materials!


75% polyamide, 25% elastane

From FIT material we made our sports jacket with zipper. We named it “Control” because that’s exactly what it is – you’re in control in any weather conditions. The “Control” jacket is quick-drying, abrasion-resistant and protects you from mild cold and wind. FIT material holds two certificates. The first is UPF 50+, guaranteeing high protection against the sun’s rays, and the second is OEKO-TEX. These certificates are only awarded to materials that meet strict international quality and health criteria at all levels of production. The FIT material adapts very well to you. In addition, it is flexible in 4 directions, sweat-resistant and soft to the touch.


80% polyamide, 15% elastane, 5% polyester

No one has yet invented such a material that would make your training easier. But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel light and refreshed while working out. Men’s functional T-shirt “Gray” is our first bit made of a special material that has small holes in its structure. When viewed up close, it will remind you of a dense and flexible net. For its highly breathable properties we named it BREATH. Wear it as a layer on a hike or for an intense workout and stay dry!


80% polyamide, 20% elastane,

After a great success among our female customers, we have also added POWER material to our offer for men. Already after the first few days of sales, we know that it has gained at least as many fans among men as it did among women a few years ago. POWER material holds several certificates – like FIT material, it holds OEKO-TEX and UPF 50+ certificates. In addition, it also holds the LYCRA trademark, which can only be used by products with spandex fibre from the world's most respected brand. You can find it in several bits, for example in the Functional Slim-fit T-shirt and the Functional Sports Tank Top “Power”.


77% polyamide, 23% elastane,

Tonic Look is another novelty among our technical materials. The perfect ratio of polyamide and elastane is a guarantee of durability and flexibility. Tonic Look always has your back! Thanks to its functionality, it is reliable for running and gym training. It is soft to the touch and sweat-proof. In addition to being certified by OEKO-TEX, it alsoholds the Bluesign certificate, which proves that the textile product is safe for the environment, workers involved in its production and end customers. You can find him in the Functional Quick Drying Shorts “Airy” and in the Double-Layer Shorts with Smart Pockets.


79% polyamide, 21% elastane,

We chose the CONTROL material to give our customers bits that will allow them to do sports all year long. And that's why we made the Long sleeve “Layer up” T-shirt out of it. You can wear it when running or as a layer when hiking – it will help to stay dry! The Control material effectively wicks away sweat to help keep the body cool. At the same time, it stays free of sweat stains. Its outstanding softness to the touch, abrasion resistance and high elasticity are a matter of course. You can find him exclusively in the “Layer up” T-shirt in black and red. Which colour will you choose?

Why do we use a combination of polyamide and elastane?

To give our customers the best, we use the best materials on the market. Polyamide is a very good technical fibre and its properties predestine it to be used for first-class sports bits. Unlike polyester, polyamide is longer lasting and more durable. It does not form pilling. It has no thermal insulation properties, making it suitable for summer and high-intensity workouts. It does not have thermal insulation properties, so it is suitable for summer training and high-intensity workouts.

By adding elastane, we have achieved a winning combination between the materials used to make sportswear.

Elastane is a highly elastic fiber which when combined with polyamide forms a unique type of yarn that is extremely strong, durable and flexible, with excellent abrasion resistance and vibrant colours. In addition to the aforementioned properties, this material is also mould-resistant and non-flammable.