Olympia Weekend 2021 results with backstage photos

Olympia Weekend is like a Super Bowl in bodybuilding. All athletes and bodybuilding fans are waiting all year to see their favorite athletes return to the iconic stage and their performances. NEBBIA had a chance to dress all these champions of this magnificent show this year as well, 7 years in a row now. Each contestant received a unique collector's item in the form of the legendary NEBBIAxOLYMPIA tracksuit. And when the show is over, they return home not only with the tracksuit, but...

13.10.2021 3 minutes

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5 Autumn recipes under 300 kcal: You will love them!

Autumn is a perfect time to get back to our fitness routines and working out. That's why we've collected 5 fitness meals that are made from typical autumn ingredients and scents. Each of these fit recipes has only 300 kcal. They are also incredibly filling thanks to the high amount of protein and fiber. And don't even get us started on the taste! Delicious :) Follow the instructions and don't let your cravings win over your...

30.09.2021 3 minutes

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The moment has come: HERO N°2 is here!

Your favourite HERO fitness collection is back! Even more sophisticated and powerful. Get ready for the rush of strength and motivation in the new HERO N°2 collection. We were inspired by real women, their identities, their abilities and their personalities. We want to draw attention to the silent everyday heroism of all women in the world. We believe that every woman has more than one purpose. You are loving mothers, ambitions career women and helpful...

23.09.2021 3 minutes

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Interview with Roelly Winklaar: Tips to help you level up!

It's naive to think that you will be motivated 24/7, that you will look forward to those morning alarm clocks for training or endless minutes spent on a stationary bike. We know it, you know it too. Motivation doesn't last forever, that is why we interviewed our Olympia champion Roelly Winklaar, who shares a pretty clear message: "Never give up!"Roelly currently lives in...

21.09.2021 4 minutes

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NEBBIA was looking for new fitness models

Almost 1,500 completed forms. A 20-member NEBBIA team and hundreds of hours spent carefully assessing each entrant. This is also how we can describe our last casting, the final round took place on August 20 in Žilina, Slovakia. It was an incredible experience for all of us that definitely left us motivated to work harder and never stop chasing our dreams.First of all, we would like to...

27.08.2021 3 minutes

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Celebrate NEBBIA’s 24th birthday by training in Limited Birthday Edition

We are growing thanks to YOU! At NEBBIA, this is not just an empty cliché, but a fact. You are our inspiration, we want to know your opinion and we want every woman to be able to reach her full potential - whether in or outside the gym. We want to take this time to celebrate our common successes, and to thank you for your hard work, determination and loyalty to the brand NEBBIA. Our "Thank you" is this beautiful Birthday Limited Edition - each set has a unique serial number. All pieces are...

24.08.2021 2 minutes

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The golden age of bodybuilding is a time that has seen the best body figures of all time. Why? At that time, all bodybuilders had only one goal - to achieve perfect kalokagatia, which combined focus on physical strength and aesthetics. This made bodybuilding a form of art. The kings of the golden era were Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Oliva and Robby Robinson. Go back in time with us, and we'll show you how these legends trained.Achieving an aesthetic and symmetrical...

18.08.2021 3 minutes

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​Effective keto meal plan fo women

Reducing carbohydrate intake can bring several health benefits. These include lowering harmful triglycerides and blood sugar and raising "good" HDL cholesterol. Low carb diets are also very effective in trying to get rid of extra pounds quickly, especially around your belly area. If you want to try something new and quickly achieve visible results, then follow our keto meal plan! It consists of only three main dishes that will make you feel full for a long period of time and save you time...

13.08.2021 2 minutes

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Reducing carbohydrate intake can bring several health benefits. These include lowering harmful triglycerides and blood sugar and raising "good" HDL cholesterol. Low carb diets are also very effective in trying to get rid of extra pounds quickly, especially around your belly area. If you want to try something new and quickly achieve visible results, then follow our keto meal plan! It consists of only three main dishes that will make you feel full for a long period of time and save...

13.08.2021 2 minutes

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Valerija Slapnik: Don’t be stressed by gaining weight during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful yet the most challenging period in a woman’s life. During this time, some mothers are able to work out in the gym or go hiking in the mountains. Others need to rest more and slow down for their own safety and the health of their baby. Read more about Valerija’s experiences with her first pregnancy.As soon as I found out I'm pregnant, I was over the moon and so excited for a new chapter of our life!FIRST TRIMESTER: morning sickness and...

30.07.2021 3 minutes

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NEBBIA is looking for new faces: Make your dream come true!

At NEBBIA, we believe that fitness is more than just visiting the gym three times a week. It's the way we live and the way we think. We are pleased that more and more people are joining the fitness lifestyle everyday, and motivate their surroundings to grow with their progress. If you belong among them, then we want to see YOU! That is why we launched the casting again in hopes of finding 6 new NEBBIA girls. We look for girls who are proud of their bodies and are not afraid of spotlights....

27.07.2021 2 minutes

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Get inspired by legends: VIDEOS with Olympia athletes

How do you like training in the new men's collection 1965? Thanks to the collaboration between NEBBIA & The Olympia, you can now train in clothes that have been tested and developed for you by professional bodybuilders. You may already know their faces from the headlines of bodybuilding magazines or from the NEBBIA instagram. However, we want to introduce you to their stories, their fitness journey, their philosophy. Watch short documentary videos that will...

23.07.2021 2 minutes

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NEBBIA 1965: Men's collection developed with The Olympia

It's 1965 and the biggest leaders of bodybuilding at that time are meeting in New York. The historically first Olympia Weekend, whose father is Joe Weider, is approaching. Its goal was to move bodybuilding to a professional sports level, to give bodybuilders a mission that will help them transcend the boundaries of the word "impossible" and to spread the idea of kalokagathia to the general public. We haven't forgotten. With the ...

06.07.2021 3 minutes

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NEBBIA connects you to MR OLYMPIA legends

In the beginning, The Olympia's mission was to move bodybuilding to a professional sports level, and to give bodybuilders a purpose - a goal that will make them move the mountains, break the limits of what is possible and spread the idea of kalokagatia to the general public. We haven't forgotten. Even after more than half a century, Mr. Olympia is still a symbol of discipline, self-sacrifice and humility. It is an honor for NEBBIA to be able to sponsor such a magnificent event for 6...

30.06.2021 3 minutes

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NEBBIA: We produce for people with a passion for fitness

Sometimes, people may deviate from their path. They will lose motivation to reach their goals. We will share a secret with you, thanks to which we always stay focused. At NEBBIA, we go our own way and we always have a clear attitude in upcoming challenges - we never forget about the reason why we started. At NEBBIA, the answer is always YOU!We live for fitness. We create for you.At NEBBIA, we ask ourselves the question "WHY?" from the very beginning. With each...

28.06.2021 2 minutes

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First day at NEBBIA

Reaching your dream job meant going through a difficult selection process. Finally, you got hired for this job, and that is a big success, but your hard work does not end here. Especially not here at NEBBIA. However, your first day will help you make sense of things. You will meet your new colleagues with an infectious amount of energy. Read about the first day at NEBBIA. Right away, I have to tell you that I am currently the latest addition to...

14.06.2021 3 minutes

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New eco-collection OCEAN SELECTED: Take part in the change

Catch the eco wave and join us in cleaning the oceans. We bring you the new eco-friendly collection OCEAN SELECTED, which, as the name suggests, contains energy, power and untamedness. Thanks to the functional attributes of the SEAQUAL material, you will enjoy your summer training with maximum drive and a good feeling that you took part in removing plastic from oceans by buying your fitness clothes. Inspired by nature In the design phase, we were inspired by scenes...

08.06.2021 2 minutes

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NEBBIA cleans the oceans: Join us!

Humanity produces almost 400 million tonnes of plastic annually. From that amount, 12 million tonnes end up in the ocean every year. With this tempo, there will be more plastic than fish in our seas by 2050. We want to prevent that, which is why we are expanding our collection of clothing from recycled material. Help us clean the oceans! Slow-fashion vs fast-fashion Clothes can have a positive...

29.05.2021 2 minutes

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What to wear during workouts - cotton or polyester?

We intuitively choose natural materials when buying clothes. At the same time, we call polyester and other synthetic fabrics “artificial”. However, emotions should be pushed aside when buying sportswear. Even though cotton shirts are a timeless classic, they may not always be the best thing for you. Learn when to choose the functional attributes of polyester and when to go for the pleasant cotton. Sports material is...

21.05.2021 3 minutes

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Bodybuilding Legends Wear NEBBIA

NEBBIA is an official sponsor of athlete clothing at The Olympia for the 6th year in a row now. Having such a massive responsibility, we do not take this sponsorship lightly, and always come fully prepared. The clothing must be top quality, performance-oriented, and adjusted to the specific requirements of high-profile champions and bodybuilding legends.Joe Weider's Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend is the most prestigious event in the fitness world. It is an...

20.05.2021 1 minute

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A complete guide to sportswear materials

It used to be that an old T-shirt and sweatpants were enough for a workout. However, technology and the market moved on, and we went with them. Just like a meticulously planned workout, meticulously planned sportswear can decide if you will be average or your best possible self. Every fabric has pros and cons, so you should choose the most suitable one for your sport. Our NEBBIA guide will make your choice easier and teach you how to take care of...

13.05.2021 4 minutes

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5 tips on how to choose the right fitness leggings

Many women have burnt themselves on choosing the wrong kind of leggings. Some had the leggings roll on their stomachs, some were too tight and were digging into their skin. And let us not even mention see-through material during squats. The right leggings are like a second skin - you do not even know about them and they support you during every training. Avoid embarrassment at the gym and focus only on your performance. Let us help you choose...

26.04.2021 3 minutes

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​5 exercises for him: Exercise correctly and effectively!

Every exercise demands a proper technique that needs to be maintained. This will help you avoid unnecessary injuries and make your workouts more effective. With the proper technique, you will focus on the correct muscles and see the results of your effort much faster. In this article, we will teach you 5 exercises, which you will also find in our home workout programme. Squats  Rounded back, dancing knees and...

23.04.2021 3 minutes

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How to Choose Swimwear for Your Body Type

The winter is long gone and the sun is getting brighter and warmer every day. Yes, summer is approaching and so is the swimwear season. Swimsuits play an important functional role, but choosing the right one can highlight your femininity and make you feel super comfortable even if you're not a beach gal. Let us help you choose swimwear that actually suits your body type and character. With our swimwear guide, you'll be ready for summer in no time. TIP: Do you...

26.03.2021 2 minutes

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INTENSE - a new collection inspired by women like you

Are you ready to put everything into it? A new collection for those who never give up Some people write down “I will start working out” every year as a New Year’s resolution. You are not one of those people though. You are determined and disciplined. You choose to put 100% into everything you do. For your health, for your fitness, and for the ability to enjoy every moment in life to the fullest. You know what you want and that is an intense...

25.02.2021 3 minutes

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