New eco-collection OCEAN SELECTED: Take part in the change

Catch the eco wave and join us in cleaning the oceans. We bring you the new eco-friendly collection OCEAN SELECTED, which, as the name suggests, contains energy, power and untamedness. Thanks to the functional attributes of the SEAQUAL material, you will enjoy your summer training with maximum drive and a good feeling that you took part in removing plastic from oceans by buying your fitness clothes. Inspired by nature In the design phase, we were inspired by scenes...

08.06.2021 2 minutes

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NEBBIA cleans the oceans: Join us!

Humanity produces almost 400 million tonnes of plastic annually. From that amount, 12 million tonnes end up in the ocean every year. With this tempo, there will be more plastic than fish in our seas by 2050. We want to prevent that, which is why we are expanding our collection of clothing from recycled material. Help us clean the oceans! Slow-fashion vs fast-fashion Clothes can have a positive...

29.05.2021 2 minutes

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What to wear during workouts - cotton or polyester?

We intuitively choose natural materials when buying clothes. At the same time, we call polyester and other synthetic fabrics “artificial”. However, emotions should be pushed aside when buying sportswear. Even though cotton shirts are a timeless classic, they may not always be the best thing for you. Learn when to choose the functional attributes of polyester and when to go for the pleasant cotton. Sports material is...

21.05.2021 3 minutes

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Bodybuilding Legends Wear NEBBIA

NEBBIA is an official sponsor of athlete clothing at The Olympia for the 6th year in a row now. Having such a massive responsibility, we do not take this sponsorship lightly, and always come fully prepared. The clothing must be top quality, performance-oriented, and adjusted to the specific requirements of high-profile champions and bodybuilding legends.Joe Weider's Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend is the most prestigious event in the fitness world. It is an...

20.05.2021 1 minute

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A complete guide to sportswear materials

It used to be that an old T-shirt and sweatpants were enough for a workout. However, technology and the market moved on, and we went with them. Just like a meticulously planned workout, meticulously planned sportswear can decide if you will be average or your best possible self. Every fabric has pros and cons, so you should choose the most suitable one for your sport. Our NEBBIA guide will make your choice easier and teach you how to take care of...

13.05.2021 4 minutes

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5 tips on how to choose the right fitness leggings

Many women have burnt themselves on choosing the wrong kind of leggings. Some had the leggings roll on their stomachs, some were too tight and were digging into their skin. And let us not even mention see-through material during squats. The right leggings are like a second skin - you do not even know about them and they support you during every training. Avoid embarrassment at the gym and focus only on your performance. Let us help you choose...

26.04.2021 3 minutes

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​5 exercises for him: Exercise correctly and effectively!

Every exercise demands a proper technique that needs to be maintained. This will help you avoid unnecessary injuries and make your workouts more effective. With the proper technique, you will focus on the correct muscles and see the results of your effort much faster. In this article, we will teach you 5 exercises, which you will also find in our home workout programme. Squats  Rounded back, dancing knees and...

23.04.2021 3 minutes

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How to Choose Swimwear for Your Body Type

The winter is long gone and the sun is getting brighter and warmer every day. Yes, summer is approaching and so is the swimwear season. Swimsuits play an important functional role, but choosing the right one can highlight your femininity and make you feel super comfortable even if you're not a beach gal. Let us help you choose swimwear that actually suits your body type and character. With our swimwear guide, you'll be ready for summer in no time. TIP: Do you...

26.03.2021 2 minutes

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INTENSE - a new collection inspired by women like you

Are you ready to put everything into it? A new collection for those who never give up Some people write down “I will start working out” every year as a New Year’s resolution. You are not one of those people though. You are determined and disciplined. You choose to put 100% into everything you do. For your health, for your fitness, and for the ability to enjoy every moment in life to the fullest. You know what you want and that is an intense...

25.02.2021 3 minutes

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4 Reasons Why You Need Bubble Butts in Your Closet

We all know it. A beautiful bottom does not come cheap. And yet, fashion magazines are filled with clothes that should cover these body parts, or even hide them, as if they never existed.But you are proud of your curves. You work hard, and you want to put them on display. You need a different kind of fashion. One which would celebrate your body to the fullest. For you, NEBBIA developed a truly unique cut of trousers - Bubble...

15.02.2021 3 minutes

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Home Workout - Tips for Burning Calories and Getting in Shape by Athlete Viktor Vincze

Get your blood pumping and get in shape! All you need are these basic exercises. It may be hard to improve your physical condition in the current situation, but it is not impossible. For those of you who want to do something for your health, we have an effective, short-but-sweet home workout plan. No equipment needed, just the will to get up from the couch.Below, you will find 7 basic exercises, which you will be doing for 1 minute each. The goal is to do as many...

30.01.2021 4 minutes

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Mr. Olympia 2020 - an exclusive backstage look with NEBBIA

The world has been indisputably marked by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. However, the biggest bodybuilding event, Mr. Olympia, found its way even in the “new normal” and NEBBIA had the chance to participate. We did not expect otherwise, as we have been a proud partner for 6 years and counting. Kamil, our video content manager, flew to Florida in order to give you a personal and unique look to how the whole weekend went.Mr. Olympia is an international bodybuilding competition,...

22.01.2021 5 minutes

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2020 Was Unexpected But We Made The Most Out Of It

2020 surely did not go as expected. The beginning of the year looked very promising yet it all took a different turn very quickly. At NEBBIA, we always prized our dynamic environment and our ability to react to changes rather quickly. And so when the pandemic hit us, we had to create a game plan.The NEBBIA team started working from home, and soon we experienced the first challenges as everyone else who was forced to change their lifestyle. But NEBBIA is resilient. As we preach high...

06.01.2021 4 minutes

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How To Stay On Healthy Track by VIKTOR VINCZE

2020 was definitely one for the books. Difficult is an understatement, and I think you all agree. However, I don’t want to point out all the unprecedented realities of this year, but needless to say, Covid-19 halted many visits to the gym or ruined our eagerness to keep fit. Hand in hand with the lack of athletic activity, either due to sickness or strict government restrictions (closed gyms anyone?) a few have put the healthy lifestyle on the back burner. However, those of you...

19.12.2020 4 minutes

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The Gifts He Really Wants This Year

Christmas is here and you may be wondering: What present should I get for my friend/boyfriend? We know it might be really difficult to find a great gift for men. That is why we decided to create an exclusive guideline to the most popular gifts that people purchase for Christmas year after year and always come back to buy more.Sit down, light a candle, and think of your loved ones and what they...

07.12.2020 3 minutes

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The Gifts She Really Wants This Year

It's that time of year again. Colorful lights, scented candles, baked apples, and cinnamon rolls - the most anticipated season of the year is here. The Christmas atmosphere has come to the town. It's a time of giving thanks, treating our loved ones with love and kindness, receiving gifts, and giving in return. Gift giving is a form of art.At NEBBIA, we understand the struggles of figuring out the perfect gift. Sometimes, we can spend endless hours searching for just the...

05.12.2020 3 minutes

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A Day In The Life of Social Media & Influencer Manager

There’s never a dull moment in the NEBBIA office. This is true for the entire team regardless of a department - design, production, sales, marketing, retail, accounting, or administration - and I can confidently say that we all share a passion for the dynamics of the industry and our professional endeavors.In this section titled A Day In The Life, we will be introducing individual members of the NEBBIA team and share with you the secrets of their day to day professional activities....

11.11.2020 4 minutes

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Our new collection LIMITLESS is a celebration of real fitness!

The time has finally come to showcase the new men's collection and we could not be more proud of the result. The entire NEBBIA team had worked super hard to deliver something new, designed especially for hard-working, hard-training, ambitious men. For men like you. After a few previous drops dedicated to women and femininity, for example, our Aloha Babe or Honey...

28.10.2020 3 minutes

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Honey Bunny Is Here!

It's finally here! Sunday 4.10 was one of the most exciting days for NEBBIA as we launched our feminine collection Honey Bunny and our #NEBBIAGIRL Karolina Huvarova appeared on the cover of Playboy. To spice it up a little bit, together with Playboy we organized an unforgettable PLAYBOYxNEBBIA show. We even brought in dancers to shake up the floors and hypnotize the audience with intriguing visuals and choreography.When...

11.10.2020 3 minutes

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When PLAYBOY CZ approached us to have NEBBIA pieces featured in the October issue of the magazine, we were flattered. And our excitement was doubled a few days later when we found out that our own #NEBBIAGIRL Karolína Huvarová will be the PLAYMATE of the issue!NEBBIA X PLAYBOY Not only we admire PLAYBOY and its iconic legacy, but we also like the direction they took with their...

24.09.2020 1 minute

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7 Most Popular Fitness Poses on Instagram

Not every selfie is created equal. When you snap a picture with a goal to publish on social media, you're automatically open to public reaction, and will instantly realize its success or failure in terms of popularity. And for this reason, we decided to dive in to the world of fitness  posing and fashion selfies and do a little analysis on our own Instagram profile that features tons of user generated content and professional photography to find the secret behind what makes a post popular....

09.09.2020 2 minutes

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NEBBIA Store Now in Brno

Grand Opening The opening of the fourth NEBBIA store in the Czech Republic, this time in the largest shopping center in Brno came with a bang - a celebration full of special guests, loyal customers, and fans of...

26.08.2020 2 minutes

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The Secrets of a Personal Trainer

Hi to all NEBBIA fans! I am Laura Takácsová - personal trainer and fitness model. I am happy to share here the insights from my professional trainer's life as well as motivation for fitness and regular exercise.  Work As A Hobby If you do what you love, and...

19.08.2020 5 minutes

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Let Yourself Bloom in the Aloha Babe

"Let yourself bloom!" is not only the motto of NEBBIA's first floral print mini collection but also our message to all women who are not afraid to show their femininity and figure. The intricately designed 3-piece sportswear set including a sports bra, leggings and Brazilian style bikini bottom in a Hawaiian inspired print screams "I am here to bloom and share my beauty with the world!" The Inspiration Behind NEBBIA's First Floral Mini Collection And how did the...

08.08.2020 2 minutes

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3 Tips to Choose The Perfect Sports Bra

A supportive sports bra is one of the most important pieces you need as an active woman. It is as essential as a pair of good sneakers and it really pays off to invest in proper support. Plus, the expectations are even higher than of our regular bras - the expanded range of movement and sweat associated with exercise put more demands on the quality and characteristics of the fabric. Most of all, sports bras should be functional, comfortable, and obviously, stylish:) Let's have a look...

23.07.2020 2 minutes

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