TOP 5 perfectly shaping leggings

Leggings are the most comfortable yet absolutely sexy piece of a woman's gymwear essentials. Therefore we are not surprised that you found your favourites in our collections :) Looking through the history, the iconic gym leggings Scrunch butt have always been the bestsellers!!  We are very glad our fitness leggings match all the requirements - functionality, which is a must while working out, the cut details which perfectly highlight the curves so that you feel extremely eye-catching and last but not least the chosen materials which bring a maximum comfort while wearing. This is exactly what we,...

15.07.2019 2 minutes

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We started the revolution! FITNESS MEETS FASHION

On Saturday June 15th, there was this magnificent show in Refinery Gallery where we introduced our great new collection. The fashion show came with the idea FITNESS MEETS FASHION, which perfectly describes what our designer Stanka wanted to express by the new collection. MEN ...

19.06.2019 1 minute

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Let' not close our eyes NEBBIA x SEAQUAL™️

12 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans and seas every year. More than 90% of the plastic fragments fall to the bottom of the ocean. There is 4,6 billions of plastic altogether in the garbage dumps.  Spain company Seagual TM is working with fishermen, non-governmental communities and departments focusingon elimination of waste in oceans. This garbage is gathered from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic in Europe. Besides that they added the Atlantic in the West Africa and Java sea in Indonesia.  SEAQUAL ™ examined this plastic and a...

15.06.2019 1 minute

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NEBBIA at the last expo ever!

We consider you part of our family, and this is why we have set off to meet you. This time we visited FIBO, one of the biggest global fitness and bodybuilding exhibitions in Cologne. Our primary goal was to collect as much feedback as possible from you, our customers. We are willing to recommend you the best, and that would be impossible without you. It is like a holiday to us to exchange ideas and experience. Thanks to enormous interest in our products, which we are grateful for, we had the opportunity to collect a lot of feedback that we will process, so that we can improve continuously. The best part of it was meeting you all in person. ...

10.04.2019 2 minutes

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Fake will never be enough. Choose original.

Would you buy an imitation of a prestigious brand, whether it would be glasses, watches or sneakers? I think most of you would answer my question without hesitation: „No, I wouldn‘t.“ Nevertheless, most of us have some fakes at home and we don‘t consider it as that bad. I personally never thought about fakes and I took them as a part of holiday destinations. Well, only until that problem started to concern me directly, until I started to realize how huge this problem is.When the first NEBBIA imitation appeared three years ago, we were kind of flattered and it was an indicator for us that we started to be worldwide. But three years later it's different. We find new sellers in the market every week, and we estimate monthly production of NEBBIA fakes in thousands. I don‘t...

26.03.2019 3 minutes

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This recipe is so easy to make and only needs 2 ingredients and 10 minutes! Banana pancakes are one of my favourite breakfasts, they are healthy, unbelievably tasty and I love how I can have different toppings on them every time.INGREDIENTS (MAKES ABOUT 4 MEDIUM SMALL PANCAKES) large banana about 150g2 eggsMETHODMash the banana with a fork and place in a bowl. Break the eggs, add them to the banana and whisk well (or throw everything into a blender). You can mix in baking powder as well if you want fluffier pancakes.Heat a non stick pan, pour in the mixture and allow it to cook. Once small bubbles start to appear, flip the pancake and cook the other side.Serve them...

05.02.2019 1 minute

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Christmas at NEBBIA

Christmas holidays are coming and with them the time full of comfort, love and pleasant atmosphere. In times so hectic as it is now its very hard to stop and enjoy those moments, which are so important. Our company is not an exception. We work hard throughout the whole year and we do our best, so that everything works just as it should. That’s why we decided to make December better by organizing thematical Christmas Fridays during whole month. We choose different topics for every Friday and during lunch we all gather around one table and we eat, chat and laugh. It helps us to forget about all the stress at least for a little moment and after that we are ready to work on 120% again.  During this year Fridays we...

21.12.2018 1 minute

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Valerija Slapnik "My favourite piece is definitely new bikini that Nebbia launched this summer. My all time favourite cut for rounder booty, perfect V shape, to make your legs longer and waist smaller.  New NS shorts are really my favourite ever! They suit perfect for your bottom, the sewing is again nicely done to make it more rounder. I adore them. You can see a lot of leggins from different companies, and all might look same or very similar. But those are really unique. And of course NS Leggins- mint and salmon! You can see a lot of leggins from different companies, and all might look same or very similar. But those are really unique. Believe me… all eyes on you, Gorgeous!" ...

14.12.2018 2 minutes

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Dream come true! We opened a new franchise store NEBBIA in Czech republic.

Last week we opened our third franchise store in Ostrava. There are so many people in Czech republic that we would like to motivate to fulfill their dreams. The whole process of opening a new store wasn’t easy but we had a clear goal and we went after it. We are more than proud that we achieved this together! It showed our team spirit, hardwork and determination. We are looking forward to see you in Ostrava.   ...

29.11.2018 1 minute

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Find your motivation!

Each of us has big or small dreams. Someone dreams of traveling, someone wants to have an eight-figure sum in the bank account, or Ferrari in the garage, someone dreams of a dream job, a perfect partner, or ... of a dream body ☺ But not everyone is willing to live for their dream. Because it's easy to dream, but it's harder to go all the way to our dreams, with the knowledge that the result is uncertain, even though we believe in it with all our hearts. Maybe you, like me, are dreaming of the perfect body (and I do not mean a body with which you are able to stand on a competition stage, but one that you will be happy with yourself, and which you always desired or dreamed of). It sounds terribly easy to say that you are going to do something with yourself,...

22.11.2018 2 minutes

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„We didn’t want to create just a new collection. We wanted to start a new era in fitness clothing!“The main idea of the new AW Line, which drops in the fall of 2018, is to bring new trends into men's fitness fashion, to create something bold and at the same time possible to wear, while maintaining the functionality and qualities that are most important for fitness wear.For more than a year, we've been working on creating a new collection for all men who want to be stylish and care about fashion. It is full of modern and trendy pieces, yet it also provides inherent comfort in exercise. AW Line is sporty clothing in which the man will look good not only during training but also on his way to the gym. The elegance combined with modern and...

08.11.2018 5 minutes

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We asked our perfect beast ROELLY WINKLAAR which gym outfit is his favorite. And he was pretty sure about what it’s gonna be :) Let's be inspired by Roelly - the people's champ at the Mr. Olympia 2018 and winner at EVLS Prague Pro 2018!   ...

12.10.2018 1 minute

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Ice cream is in the summer my most favourite ever so I started making my own one. It is better as I can control what ingredients I use as I don’t add sugar, and also for the nutrients, because ice cream doesn’t have to be unhealthy and it still can taste awesome. Try this simple and quick homemade blueberry frozen yogurt. Ingredients: 250g blueberries 250g greek yogurt 1 tsp honey (optional) Method: Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend together until smooth. Pour the mixture into a plastic bowl, cover it and freeze for an hour. Take it out and stir it to break up any ice crystals and place back in the freezer for another hour. Take it out and enjoy....

26.07.2018 1 minute

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Asparagus is a great vegetable. Not only it taste amazing, but it has loads of health benefits, such as high iron content, which strengthens our immune system. Asparagus helps to detoxify our body or it helps fight inflammation. And its currently in the season so just try this great asparagus soup.Ingredients (4 servings) 500g White Asparagus (you can use green asparagus as well)2 Onions1 Spring Onion50g Spinach2 cloves Garlic700 ml Vegetable Stock2 tsp Olive Oil4 Tbsp Tvaroh4 Eggs Method1. Wash the...

28.05.2018 1 minute

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INGREDIENTS240g wholegrain spelt flour or oats flower7g baking powder20g nuts (I used almonds or walnuts)1 tsp salt1 tsp honey4 very ripe bananas3 eggs2 tsp coconut oil2 tsp vanilla extract1 tbsp lemon juice METHOD 1. Preheat the oven to 180’C degrees celsius and prepare a baking dish by placing an oven paper inside.2. Mix well 3 bananas, eggs and coconut oil.3. Then add flour and honey and mix well.4. Then add salt, vanilla extract and chopped nuts and mix well.5. Then add baking...

17.04.2018 1 minute

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INGREDIENTS 1,5 L chicken stock 2 chicken breasts or chicken leftovers 2 TBLS rice wine 2 TBLS soy sauce 1 TBL Worcestershire sauce 5 slices fresh ginger 3 cloves of garlic 1 pack ramen noodles 1 carrot 100g seaweed 100g enoki mushrooms 3 eggs 2 spring onions chilli pepper METHOD 1. Cook ramen noodles and seaweed by the instructions on the pack.2. Clean the carrot and slice it into long thin strips.3. Boil the eggs.4. Cook chicken breasts in water or use...

31.03.2018 1 minute

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New NEBBIA store in Bratislava!

Opening a new store in Bratislava means a lot to us in NEBBIA. Our products are currently sold in more than 40 countries worldwide and today we are one of the world's leading fitness brands.This did not happen overnight and our journey to the top was not easy, it was a journey full of falls and mistakes. But thanks to our tenacity and the goal, which we had still on our mind, we made it! That's why I am so proud to open our store in our capital city Bratislava. There are many people living in Slovakia who, like us, have an ambitious plan and we want to show them that it is worth to be persistent, to follow their dreams and do not let themselves be discouraged. I am looking forward to see you in Bratislava JCEO...

07.02.2018 1 minute

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What does the New Year mean for you?

The arrival of the New Year is for many of us the time when we balance what we have done in past and we give ourselves a preference for everything we can change in our lives from 1st January. Someone wants to lose weight, stop smoking, go to their first competition, or become a new Mr. Olympia. Whatever your preference is, it is very important to have a goal in front of you, not just for the New Year's Eve. Not having goals and dreams is like swimming in the sea and not knowing where the land is. And when you swim without knowing which way to go, in the first crisis, you’ll give it up. Even in Nebbia we have our dreams and goals, and for the year 2019 we have a few, but one goal is above all the others. Maybe for somebody it...

02.01.2018 1 minute

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My trip to New York

Why and with whom did I go on this journey? Those of you who are following me know that this year I will take part in the world's most prestigious bodybuilding competition Mr. Olympia. I see this participation as an absolute privilege, moreover because of my age and the speed with which I have managed to get to this top of the world. I'm really looking forward to it, and I know I will enjoy it to the fullest! However, as at all previous competitions, I want to get the most out of this, to win the best place and to move further with my career. I take it as a great new beginning. Therefore, this also carries some concerns. What would they say about me when I am a novice at this competition? How will they look at me as a foreigner from Europe? They have to know about me before Olympia!...

14.09.2017 10 minutes

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20 years of our, your NEBBIA

In every birthday blog I write basically same things :) NEBBIA wouldn‘t exist without you, our customers, and without our team. I was wondering if I should write about the same theme this year too. I don‘t want it to look like a cliché. Finally I decided to stick with it. With the growth of a business there is always an increase in the number of people working for the company. We are no exception and today we have jobs in the company that we didn‘t even know they exist. I‘ve always emphasized how great team in NEBBIA is. But when the company started to grow rapidly it didn’t occur to me that the great team begun to slowly fade away. It's like when you were twelve years old and you had three great friends. That was amazing. You knew everything about each other, you were still...

22.08.2017 4 minutes

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Why does NEBBIA love fitness? We asked our CEO Maťo!

On many of our promotional materials we say that we love fitness. We even have it printed on our special wallpapers in stores and in our office J Many companies use different advertising slogans which are designed for them by various marketing and creative agencies, and it is often the case that their slogan becomes a purposeful cliché over time. Nebbia has a love for fitness in her DNA! If my and Stanka’s life wasn’t all about fitness before 1997, Nebbia wouldn’t exist today.Fitness, however, is not business for me. I like the competitive atmosphere and the rush of big exhibitions. But this is still not the right reason why I love fitness. That feeling when you come to the gym, you feel the smell of iron, even the heavy air you sometimes smell, all of this is a...

13.06.2017 1 minute

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Roelly Winklaar - The man behind The Beast

Name: Egberton Rulove „Roelly“ Etienne-WinklaarJob: IFBB professional bodybuilderHeight: 169 cmDate of birth: 22.6.1977Place of birth: Curacao, CaribicWeight on-season: cca 122 kgWieght off-season: 130 kgNicknames: Dutch beast, The Beast, SamuraiCognitive marks: posing grimace, tattoo on the belly (name of his son)What is the story behind a pro bodybuilder who could dethrone Phil Heath this year?Roelly was born on a small island in Caribic – Curacao. When he was...

31.05.2017 4 minutes

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Posledné vyjadrenie ku "kauze" rasisti

Najskôr k otázke, či bolo naším zámerom vzbudiť rasistické diskusie a vďaka nim sa marketingovo zviditeľniť... NEBOLO! Je len na vás, či tomu budete veriť alebo nie. Nebbia (napriek tomu, že väčšina z vás nás predtým nepoznala) je jednotkou v segmente fitness oblečenia v Európe, pričom máme celosvetovú pôsobnosť. Preto sa nikto z nášho marketingového oddelenia nezamýšľa nad tým, odkiaľ športovec je, alebo nebodaj, akú má farbu pleti... Nebbia je slovenská spoločnosť, ktorá vyrába svoje výrobky len v EÚ! V textilnej brandži je to už pri našom rozmere rarita, spoločnosti našej veľkosti už dávno vyrábajú v Ázii. My si vážime našu krajinu, chceme dať prácu našim ľuďom a vďaka tomu pre nás dnes pracuje, či už priamo alebo...

13.02.2017 11 minutes

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NEBBIA against prejudice

According to me, people cannot be divided between good and bad, but rather between good and stupid. The next article is devoted to the second group...so read carefully!The man on a photo is our good friend Dennis. He is European, just like you and I. He graduated from the university, he has a body physique you won’t ever have and also a beautiful blond wife. Dennis‘ fantastic shape and his sport results were the reason why we chose him to became a part of our team. This happened more than a year ago. In the meanwhile, Dennis earned his PRO card, took a part in few fitness events and competitions with us (FIBO, Arnold Classic) and we didn’t even realized, not even once, that his skin has a different colour. He’s just Dennis,...

07.02.2017 2 minutes

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