There is only one original

Nebbia is fitness brand and our business is very similar to sport. In sport you get nothing for free. You have to test everything on yourself to find out which exercises are good for you, which food is the most suitable. At the beginning your idols are at your local gym. Once you reach their level or you become better, you aim higher… to be the best in your country. If you are lucky enough and you succeed, there comes another goal… to reach the absolute top. Of course, in competitive...

27.10.2016 2 minutes

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NEBBIA TEAM through my eyes

Nebbia is surrounded by many amazing athletes. We sponsor fitness world stars and we are also working on two team projects – AESTHETIC WARRIOR TEAM and ELITE TEAM. We are trying to put together people with same goals and dedication for fitness.With the benefit of hindsight, I know that you can’t force or tell someone that he or she must be a friend with him or her and thus they would naturally support each other. Friendship is...

13.10.2016 2 minutes

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