Quick Power Snacks to Boost Your Energy

Do you need a fast and effective way to recharge before your workout? These delicious snacks aren't just tasty but also full of nutrients to fuel your performance. Get ready for an instant return of vitality!Beetroot Spread ToastsIngredients: 200 - 300g beets (pasteurized)70g ricotta cheese80g...

18.01.2024 1 minute

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How to meal prep and keep your meals fresh in the fridge!

Meal prep is not just the practice of pre-cooking meals for one or more days, it's a way of life for many of us. It allows us to manage our diet in an effective, cost-saving and healthy way so we can build better routines and keep track of our calories.Stick to these rules! Always plan...

01.10.2024 4 minutes

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What is a moodboard and how can it help you with motivation?

A great way to stay motivated and inspired to achieve your goals is to have your own mood board. Information processed using images is much more effective. They affect our psyche, evoke emotions and help us relate better to our ideas. If your dreams, goals and visions are still only in your head, now is the right time to get them out. We'll show you how to easily create your own moodboard. Moodboard is a visual presentation of your...

22.01.2023 4 minutes

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How Many Calories Should You Eat? Calculate Your Daily Calorie Intake + 2 sweet FIT recipes

Diet plays a key role in all processes in the body. With the help of metabolism, food is transformed into energy, which the body needs for its proper functioning. The quality and balance of the diet affect the condition of each organ in the body and how it functions. But you probably already know this, so let's move on to the more important facts.   What does the daily calorie intake include, why is it...

20.01.2023 4 minutes

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6 Most Underrated Leg Day Exercises and Tips for Strong Legs

Strong legs will support you during your performances. Most exercisers for men typically focus on shaping the chest, biceps, shoulders and back. But legs are often missing from the training plan. Muscle imbalance will occur if you load the upper body disproportionately to the lower body. And it's not just about aesthetics. Health problems, such as muscle shortening and disruption of movement stereotypes, can also occur, which can lead to injury. Unfortunately,...

19.01.2023 5 minutes

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Lack of minerals and vitamins A, C, D, E, K and their symptoms - find out if you suffer from a deficiency too

In the past, malnutrition and lack of vitamins or minerals was a common part of civilizations around the world, whether in poor African areas, among seafarers and explorers, or in remote areas with a lack of raw materials for their population. Today, we would say that similar problems with a lack of vitamins and minerals do not threaten. After all, every day we come across a number of nutritional supplements that are available to everyone, or the principles of a healthy...

19.01.2023 4 minutes

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6 exercises for her: Your new full-body training!

The beginnings of training can be difficult for many. You keep asking yourself: “Am I doing it correctly?”. Which is why we prepared training videos for you, showing you how to exercise your whole body and enjoy movement without injuries. The videos will be useful to more experienced men and women seeking inspiration for new exercises. Check if you are working out correctly and make progress quicker! Squat The king of exercises and one of the basic...

19.01.2023 4 minutes

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Even diets are subject to fashion. What are the current trends in eating and dieting?

Food is what unites us all, but also divides us. It's nothing new that even eating is subject to trends, according to which we follow, try different regimes and diets, test whether they suit us, and maybe even experiment a little with our body. Are you curious which trends are currently dominant in nutrition and dieting? Let's take a look at it together with nutritionist Zuzka Líšková.   Limit carbohydrates to...

16.01.2023 4 minutes

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7 ejercicios para glúteos súper efectivos que aún no has probado

Las mujeres siempre se han esforzado por conseguir la figura soñada, o al menos la han anhelado en un rincón de su alma. A diferencia de los hombres, que se esfuerzan principalmente por tener músculos desarrollados en la parte superior del cuerpo, nosotras anhelamos una cintura estrecha, unos muslos más pequeños, pero sobre todo unos glúteos firmes y redondos. Así que vamos a repasar juntos algunos ejercicios inusuales, que tal vez no conozcas, pero que sin duda te ayudarán a...

14.01.2023 3 minutes

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Benefits of strength training: Build muscles efficiently and speed up your metabolism

If you thought strength training was only for chubby gym-goers, you were wrong. Strength training is for everyone who wants to have a quality and healthy life. This type of exercise represents an important pillar for our organism, whether it is on the physical side (development of the body) or on the psychological side (development of the mind). It brings you several benefits: strengthens the skeleton and increases bone density, strengthens joints and tendons, improves...

13.01.2023 7 minutes

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The original recipe for the popular caesar salad will not take you more than a few minutes

When you switch to a healthier diet, you often worry about whether preparing healthy meals takes too much time, or whether your cooking skills are sufficient. See how simply and really in just a few minutes you can prepare an original caesar salad - a very popular tasty dish. A few ingredients, ultra-fast preparation and a nutritionally balanced lunch or dinner are...

13.01.2023 1 minute

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How to build a sculpted chest? Remember these 5 exercises. (PS: Bench press alone won't cut it)

Is a sculpted chest one of your New Year's goals? Bench press should definitely not be missing in your training plan. Having a strong chest shows how seriously you take your training. But this proverbial exercise is definitely not enough to shape your pectoral muscles aesthetically from every point of view. It is important to exercise the chest at different angles. That is why we have prepared an ideal combination of strength and...

01.12.2023 3 minutes

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Healthy salmon with rice noodles

Treat your body well and provide it with much needed omega 3 fatty acids. This recipe makes the job easy for you because 150 grams of salmon contains about 6 grams of omega 3 which is a bit more than the daily recommended dose of 2 – 4 grams. Why is it so important to get enough of them? Our bodies cannot synthesise them therefore omega 3 must be obtained from diet. They have amazing health  ...

01.09.2023 1 minute

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10 Rules Of a Healthy Lifestyle

Lenka Havlíček, nutritional coach, yoga instructor and fitness trainer in one, will explain how the most effective observance of ten simple rules, which are naturally the best lifestyle for our body, can manifest in practice. Our ancient ancestors naturally followed the rules of a healthy lifestyle that were in accordance with the "programming" of the human body. These rules worked perfectly for people tens of thousands...

01.06.2023 12 minutes

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A quick exercise routine to improve body mobility

Trainer Martina Takáčová considers body mobility to be one of the key areas to which not only those who do sports in any way, but everyone who wants to have a healthy body should devote themselves. Mobility affects our quality of life and is related to all the activities we perform during the day. Come and learn a simple exercise routine with us, which you can practice, for example, after sitting for a...

01.05.2023 1 minute

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HIIT Workouts: How to Do HIIT Correctly?

If your workouts feel tedious and never-ending, switch to HIIT - the high-intensity cardio option. In this article, we will tell you how to prepare and do your maximum. You can experience truly intense training anywhere, even at home. With HIIT workouts, you can reach maximum health benefits in a minimum time. You say you have no time at home and are not interested in doing an endless number of reps? Well, we promise it will take 30 minutes at most, and you will definitely not be bored. In...

01.04.2023 4 minutes

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¿Te gustan las Oreos y los donuts? ¡Esta receta es para ti!

¡Prueba estos donuts con galletas! Esta receta combina el sabor de tus galletas blancas y negras favoritas con la suavidad de los donuts. ¿Qué puede ser mejor? Quizás el hecho de que el bajo número de calorías no perjudicará tu figura. Nuestra bloguera de comida fitness Lucka ha utilizado ingredientes nutritivos y de alta calidad, lo que significa que puedes acompañarla con el café o como un desayuno sano y...

01.03.2023 1 minute

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Fitness basics: How to set up an effective training plan?

How often should you exercise? Setting up a training plan correctly is so important, and we often make mistakes while doing it. That is why we called upon our NEBBIA girl and fitness trainer, Klaudia Mikitková. In this article, Klaudia will clarify the training basics and advise on how to get started."Since I first entered the gym, I wanted to develop abdominal muscles (SIXPACK) like Michelle Lewin. However, I can humbly dare to say that I have acquired a certain strength...

01.02.2023 6 minutes

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How to properly set a healthy diet? Learn the basics to achieve your goal

In our January challenge, we focused on two main goals - improving your condition or increasing your strength. We know that your goal can be a bit more specific. Maybe you want to strengthen your body, run a marathon in the summer, lift more weight, maybe you want to lose a few kilos or vice versa, gain a few kilos. Thanks to Martina Procházková, a successful bikini fitness expert, come and learn the simple rules by which you can set the right diet and learn basic...

01.01.2023 9 minutes

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¿Estás tomando los suplementos adecuados? ¡Consulta nuestra guía sobre los suplementos básicos!

Los suplementos son una parte esencial del culturismo. Algo así como las pesas y los discos. Cada año hay algo nuevo en el mercado que teóricamente promete resultados increíbles, pero a menudo sólo ofrecen el efecto placebo. Sin embargo, puedes encontrar suplementos que son realmente beneficiosos para la salud y rendimiento. ¿Cuáles son? ¿Qué cantidad hay que tomar? Estamos aquí para responder a todas tus preguntas y compartirte una introducción a los suplementos. ¡Estos...

15.12.2022 6 minutes

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Active regeneration after an intense workout

You have just finished your intense training. Now, it is time to regenerate, which is often underestimated. Training is only a piece of the puzzle to reach your dream figure and physical shape. What you do in the remaining 23 hours is just as important. In this article, you will learn about the influence of active rest on your next workout.Passive vs. active recoveryPassive rest does not require any...

12.12.2022 2 minutes

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¿Cómo elegir la proteína adecuada?

Con todos los suplementos de proteínas en el mercado, uno puede marearse bastante. ¡No se deje paralizar por la amplia selección y elija la mejor proteína para usted! ¿Será suero de leche, vegetales o carne de res? Lo descubrirá en este artículo. Proteína de suero Este es sin duda el rey de las proteínas con el que no se puedes equivoca. El suero se crea como un subproducto de la producción de queso,...

10.10.2022 7 minutes

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