Christmas at NEBBIA

Christmas at NEBBIA

21.12.2018 1 minute

Christmas holidays are coming and with them the time full of comfort, love and pleasant atmosphere. In times so hectic as it is now its very hard to stop and enjoy those moments, which are so important. Our company is not an exception. We work hard throughout the whole year and we do our best, so that everything works just as it should. That’s why we decided to make December better by organizing thematical Christmas Fridays during whole month. We choose different topics for every Friday and during lunch we all gather around one table and we eat, chat and laugh. It helps us to forget about all the stress at least for a little moment and after that we are ready to work on 120% again. 

During this year Fridays we could try tropical Christmas, movie Christmas, retro and cheesy Christmas. We wear Christmas sweaters and listen to Christmas songs. It all peaks with a Christmas party just before the holidays.

Why do we do all this?
Such opportunities help strengthen the working team. It is a way how to get to know your colleagues better someplace else than at the working desk. It’s an opportunity to make friends of colleagues. Thanks to that we have a very friendly atmosphere where everyone is getting along very well and this reflects positively on work performance. There’s nothing better than to have colleagues with whom you can have lots of fun. Each of us works hard every day and a little relaxation helps us to gain new energy. By these words we wanted to inspire you to make your working environment more enjoyable. Try it the way we do it. Organize random meetings, parties or thematical days at work. Every one of us deserves to enjoy Christmas time. It worked excellent with us! 

The whole Nebbia team wishes you the most wonderful Christmas spend with your beloved ones!