Fake will never be enough. Choose original.

Fake will never be enough. Choose original.

26.03.2019 3 minutes

Would you buy an imitation of a prestigious brand, whether it would be glasses, watches or sneakers? I think most of you would answer my question without hesitation: „No, I wouldn‘t.“ Nevertheless, most of us have some fakes at home and we don‘t consider it as that bad. I personally never thought about fakes and I took them as a part of holiday destinations. Well, only until that problem started to concern me directly, until I started to realize how huge this problem is.

When the first NEBBIA imitation appeared three years ago, we were kind of flattered and it was an indicator for us that we started to be worldwide. But three years later it's different. We find new sellers in the market every week, and we estimate monthly production of NEBBIA fakes in thousands. I don‘t want to complain that this is how we lose money, I do not see it as this kind of problem. If a customer, for me it is not a customer, call him a "dude", orders leggings for 12 €, while our cost is 50 €, probably he/she would not buy from us even if he/she didn‘t have the opportunity to buy our imitation. Even the majority of girls who "boast" with the imitation of handbags of prestigious brands would never buy the original at the cost of the car Fabia.

So where do I see the problem is? In damaging the brand name and in no interest of our society to deal with this problem. Who thinks that, as seen in news reports, how greatly the customs administration fights against imitations, or cigarettes without tax stamps , it's just populist marketing.

When you buy an imitation of NEBBIA (we also bought a few of them), their quality is poor, the materials used are second-class, and in most cases you can say that it's a fake. But if a guy wearing the fake works out in the gym and his t-shirt is pulled out, twisted all the way down, the logo is colored, most of his friends don't know that this guy buys cheap imitation. They just see that he is wearing NEBBIA t-shirt that doesn't look good, and they see the quality is not good. Unfortunately, they will not make an objective opinion as they do not have all the information. The opinion they make is not to buy NEBBIA product because it's bad! Well, and this already touches us...

The second problem I see and feel sad about is our helplessness. There is no way to effectively fight fakes, even though we have an international trademark valid around the world, and we are constantly busy addressing this problem to out patent lawyers. Even the helplessness have two sides. One is smaller, one through which we can get over with ... and it is the knowledge that the fakes are sold in Asia and on aliexpress. Asians are "skilful" and they do what brings them money and it is a fight doomed to take a very long time, if it could be called a fight at all. What we cannot deal with, however, is the dealers in our home country, who are happy to sell our imitations, despite the fact that we try to fight against them and draw the attention of state institution to them. Here I say, what is it all good for? To try to build a brand, work on a customer service when someone who is basically without any punishment can parasitize you ...

Why am I writing all of this and what am I waiting for? I do not expect anything, over time I understood that nothing would change. Actually, I expect it to be even worse. That is why we just have to go ahead, our products must be so good that even the „dude“ will understand what is right and what a brand like NEBBIA represents!

And I also write it to ease my burden...

P.S .: And it worked :)