Interview with Lucia Mikušová: How to grow on social media as a fitness influencer

Interview with Lucia Mikušová: How to grow on social media as a fitness influencer

10.06.2023 5 minutes

Curious about how some people can become social media stars? We chose one of our own that proved it. Almost a million fans follow her passion for fitness. For many, she has become a true icon and helps them make decisions. Want to know how she managed to gain hundreds of thousands of followers in less than a year? Talented fitness influencer Lucia Mikušová revealed her secret to success. Let’s take a look at what life as a fitness influencer is like.

Lucka, what does your typical day look like?

I do everything at the last minute. Since I’m still studying, I take public transport to school in the morning. I go to the gym after school to work out and make videos. I edit them at home, take care of my loved ones and school stuff. I don’t have much time left.

How did your journey as a fitness influencer begin?

Influencer marketing in the fitness industry is more challenging especially because you have to do fitness first. I started exercising when I was 8. That’s the beginning of everything. Back then, social media was not as we know it today. Only later I started to share about my competitions and preparations for them. About 2–3 years ago I decided to go into overdrive.

How long have you been active on social media?

I’ve been on Instagram since 2015. The beginning was about learning and trying. However, it’s only in the last 2–3 years that I have devoted all my time to it. I created a TikTok account. Most recently, I’m also on Facebook and YouTube too.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a fitness influencer on social media?

As these media evolve and change, new challenges arise. Something typical are changing algorithms, negative feedback, bans and reports from haters. My TikTok account has even been deleted. I appealed and they reinstated it, but to this day I don’t know the reason for deleting it. But these things make you sad when you’re committed to something and suddenly it’s gone.

What are your main marketing tactics to attract new followers and fans?

In Europe, Instagram is still the most popular when it comes to collaborations. Quality and well-edited content is important. Keep an eye on what people like – don’t make it monotonous and above all be consistent. Don’t forget to take notes throughout the day. From your morning coffee or run to the moment you go to bed. Through stories you can show food – every activity, even the way to school or work. People are interested even when something just doesn’t go right during your perfect day. After all, everyone makes mistakes. We just need to learn from them. You know how to use motivational quotes and show people your life outside of influencing. Each audience likes something different. You can use collaborations with influencers who have more followers. You never know who you’ll meet. And definitely don’t skip fitness events, visit different gyms and tag them. There is already a community that can share your posts..

I recommend following the trends right from the start. Finding your uniqueness is the first step to success. And to believe in it. A good camera is a must. Either on the phone or make an appointment with the photographer. And then just edit videos; lots of videos. I prefer to use CapCut or Inshot. In my view, courses focused on social media are useless. The process of improvement is really long and a course that lasts a week, four hours a day, can only help a little.

Learning really does take years. It’s been 8 years since I started creating content on Instagram. Only two years in, I’m happy with the stories and content I create. And there is still room for improvement.

Which other fitness influencers or brands inspire you? What content is worth sharing and why?

I follow people in the community. We support each other, we leave comments under each other’s posts. But it’s not only about inspiration. When I see something and I like it, I shoot it.

Do you have a content strategy?

I usually shoot Reels from the gym. It takes considerably more time. It takes me 3–4 hours to edit a video. It’s funny because that’s how long it takes to edit a few second-long output.

How do you keep your followers engaged? Do you have specific tips for community building?

With such a large number of fans, it’s quite difficult. Now the community is living on its own. When there were fewer, I replied to all the comments and engaged more. It is important to react in time. It is definitely not good to reply on the second or third day.

What is your approach to collaborating with other brands and influencers? How do these collaborations contribute to the growth of your profile?

I’ve already had a couple of collaborations. I think if accounts share similar content, it can bring in new followers. But not to the extent that a post has a large organic reach. That’s my way – to try to have the best outreach possible.

Do you have any specific tips for success? What do you think the power of success lies in?

To keep going. It can be a bad time when the outreach is not ideal. No need to give up. You need to consistently add content and wait for it to get better. Create the best quality content and find your way. Don’t copy, but find your uniqueness that your audience will love.

How do you deal with changes in algorithms and trends on social media and how do these changes affect your strategy?

Of course I follow the trends, both on TikTok and in terms of content. On Instagram, it’s mostly music that’s IN and I keep the content to myself :). Algorithm changes are extreme. But they’re the same for everyone, so I don’t mind.

To what do you owe your success on social media?

Many hours of shooting and even more hours of editing. It’s hard to put it in a nutshell. But let’s just say it's about a lot of hard work. As ridiculous as it may sound to some – it’s hard work. But until someone tries it, they won’t understand.

What advice would you give to people who are trying to become fitness influencers and grow on social media?

Find the unique path you want to follow and stick to it. Keep going, keep working and success will come. ❤️