Let' not close our eyes NEBBIA x SEAQUAL™️

Let' not close our eyes NEBBIA x SEAQUAL™️

15.06.2019 1 minute

12 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans and seas every year. More than 90% of the plastic fragments fall to the bottom of the ocean. There is 4,6 billions of plastic altogether in the garbage dumps. 

Spain company Seagual TM is working with fishermen, non-governmental communities and departments focusingon elimination of waste in oceans. This garbage is gathered from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic in Europe. Besides that they added the Atlantic in the West Africa and Java sea in Indonesia. 

SEAQUAL ™ examined this plastic and a used a special techique to process it afterwards. The special technique for waste processing forms PET bottles into flakes and these are then changed into a 100% polyester fibre. This fibre can be used in various ways. In our case it’s used to made active wear. 


We decided to pull together with a Spain company Seagual TM and help with the elimination of plastic. That’s why our new NEBBIA SEAQUAL ™ collection which is made exactly from this plastic originated.


Try to imagine that we use 8 plastic bottles to create 1 pair of leggings. These bottles would otherwise be decomposing for more than 500 years. Instead of pollution it’s possible to change the fibre made of plastic into active wear. 8 plastic bottles represent 200 grams of waste which might seem not to be too many but in half a year we can clean up the area of Barcelona! That sounds better, right? 

By doing this we try to eliminate the waste we produce. Our long-lasting goal is to minimize the waste and recycle. Simply treat our planet better.