OLYMPIA WEEKEND: Roelly Winklaar On Who Will Be The Winners

OLYMPIA WEEKEND: Roelly Winklaar On Who Will Be The Winners

25.10.2023 3 minutes

Olympia Weekend – the most awaited bodybuilding event of the year where the best of the best meet. We asked legendary bodybuilder Roelly Winklaar, who has also made a name for himself as the people’s champ, directly about his remarks on this event and the shape of the athletes. He has fought his way to the top and knows this tough and uncompromising competition inside out. He told us about his tip for winners, the newcomers and the shape of the champions.

Future champion

Roelly’s favourite is Samson Dauda: “Samson has progressed rapidly at the Arnold Classic Ohio and I believe he will show an even better version of himself at Olympia. He has good size, symmetry, shape and details,” says Roelly. So let’s be surprised if he will get to the top.

Newcomers on the scene

When a new talent appears on the scene, it’s an exciting moment in the bodybuilding world. Roelly’s recent visit to Brazil was full of surprises. One of the brightest moments was his meeting Fabricio Moreira, the star of Men’s 212 Bodybuilding, with whom he had the opportunity to exercise together. “This young man has not only admirable musculature, but also the passion and dedication to the process that every true champion needs. His performance at the Tampa Pro, where he qualified for the Mr Olympia, confirmed that his place is among the best. I’m looking forward to seeing him on the stage alongside Shaun Clarid and other athletes from the 212 category,” says Roelly.

Defending champions: Hadi Choopan & Andrea Shaw

Hadi Choopan, the current Mr. Olympia, is known for his consistent shape and tireless determination. The competition is fierce and everyone is trying to get to the top, so everything is possible. But Choopan’s results speak for themselves.

Andrea Shaw is a strong contender among the women. “Her dominance is unmatched. She’s amazing – she’s going to win.” Winklaar believes Andrea is about to defend the title.

Change of strategy, the way to success

Many of the athletes are very talented. Sometimes they just need to be encouraged and pointed in the right direction, just like Roelly. He experienced how important it is to have the right person by your side. When he came to Oxygen Gym, he was already a good athlete, but it was Askahr who was able to really change his physique and mindset. Then all you have to do is work hard and follow the advice of those who are more experienced.

The change in mindset has helped Nick Walker as well. He has successfully changed his strategy and is concentrating on working out the details as he has already achieved the required muscle mass. Hunter Labrada has also changed his strategy and is showing even better shape and more determination to fight for the top positions in the competition.

At first glance, bodybuilding may look like an individual sport, but in fact it is a teamwork. Top athletes can learn from their mistakes, grow and improve right on the stage. It makes them happy. It seems that these athletes have a bright and successful future in bodybuilding.

Who is Roelly Winklaar’s inspiration?

It’s definitely Ronnie Coleman. “Ronnie is unbeatable. No one else will ever have that kind of muscle mass and details. To me, he will always be the winner,” says Roelly, showing respect to one of the greatest legends of bodybuilding.

This interview with Roelly Winklaar provides us with exclusive insight into what we can expect from Mr. Olympia 2023 and highlights the importance of hard work and determination on the way to success. The bodybuilding world is eagerly awaiting to see who will be the winner of Mr. Olympia 2023.